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An urgent message to his excellence Mr Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., 46th President of the United States of America, from Tigray.

From Governance Forum Mekelle, Tigrai  Jan 22, 2021

This is Mebrat, a 3-year-old child from Humera, western Tigray, Ethiopia, Africa. She is admitted to a hospital in the Regional capital city Mekelle, with severe acute edematous malnutrition. She also has accompanying severe anemia which could be observed from the pale foot (plantar side). Her two brothers and a sister too have similar signs of acute malnutrition.

So do hundreds of thousands (if not millions) more in Tigray!

An entire Ethiopian Federal army; more than three-fourth of Eritrean army(estimated at 16-20 Divisions- numbered at more than 150,000); Amhara Regional special Forces; Amhara militia ; Fano-an informal youth killing squad; Somalia(Formajo's) Federal forces; Ethio-Somali Regional Special forces; Afar Regional Special forces, etc.- generally 500,000-600,000 soldiers and armed squads, with Ethiopia's and Eritrea's mechanized divisions, and with UAE's lethal drones, invaded Tigray, and burnt towns and villages in Tigray down, massacred innocent children, women and elderly men in their tens of thousands. They burnt down hundreds of thousands of houses in rural areas (in most of the villages 100 % of the houses there), turning everything in the houses in to ashes. They burnt down their cereal crops in the fields too, and intentionally (it may be for this purpose that they started the war at the beginning of November- a high time for any farmer in Tigray to harvest and collect his/her annual food.

They left nothing at home- Nothing!

Tigray today, is nothing but rubbles, dust, and ashes. Majority of its towns and villages are deserted. Everything from the smallest spoon in private household to the largest Almeda textile, Addis Pharmaceutical Factory, Goda Glass Factory, Semayata Marbles e.t.c are looted by Eritrean government and Amhara Forces, and taken to either Asmara or Gonder. What could not be disassembled and taken to Asmara or Gonder was completely burnt down to ashes by Eritrea's and Amhara's forces.

Millions in Tigray are now starved to death; 4.5 million people in Tigray are now in acute need of humanitarian aid. People have already started to die of starvation, in some instances and entire family!The government of Ethiopia did not do anything to save the people in hunger.

Even more, Ethiopian government and Eritrean forces are doing everything possible to prevent a help from reaching to the people in urgent need. While the international community goes long way to save the people in starvation and send large bulk of humanitarian aid, Ethiopian government does everything to make sure that the help doesn't reach the people in need, and that these millions in starvation die of it!

Ethiopian government is intentionally buying time because Ethiopia's government knows starvation doesn't give time. Yes, Ethiopia is using starvation as a weapon of war, and committing war crimes and crimes against humanity including genocide.

And this is done in the dark- with no access to the media, to international observers- with no internet entirely; and no electricity and telephone services in more than 90 % the places.

More than 60 % of Tigray land is now controlled by Eritrean Forces and Amhara mercenaries. They continue to daily massacre hundreds to thousands innocent people, raping women, looting every household in Tigray to Make sure that no house is left with a thing to eat.

Ethiopia's and Eritrea's governments with the help of UAE government and Ethiopia's regional forces, continue to commit war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide- in all their varieties and colors.
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