Business community of Axum town determined to donate over 6 million birr to TDA

Axum: 08 October 2012 E.C


Mr. Elias Kahsay, Axum town’s deputy mayor, being available at the event, explained that TDA has been helping the society of Tigrai through engaging in education, health and other development endeavours. Reminding the current move of TDA to convert makeshift classes in and around Axum towns to standard buildings, he urged residents and business community of Axum town and its vicinities to support the efforts of TDA in addressing the scarcity of classrooms.

After mentioning 30 years’ tremendous accomplishment of TDA in building different levels of schools, health institutions and other development projects mitigating socio-economic hiccups of Tigrai that in turn improves the livelihood of the society, deputy executive director of TDA Mr. Tesfay Gebregziabher on his part greatly appreciated the business community and administration of Axum town on behalf of TDA and its beneficiaries for organizing such a big fund raising event in support of strengthening the efforts of TDA better ensure the benefit of the society.

During the event, owner of Craft Construction Company Mr Yemane Tesfay and chair of Kalkidanawit Relief Association and Axum Day Care teacher Alemayehu Tsehaye each promised to donate 1.5 million birr to TDA, while TDA Ambassador Asefu Fiseha pavement coffee house owner delivered over 56 thousand birr which she collected from her customers by persuading them. They all pledged that they would continue to work to address the problem of the children.

It is worth pointing that, since the official announcement of TDA’s three years’ strategic plan in February last year, TDA, together with the people living in and out of Tigrai, is engaging in filling the development gaps the government cannot cover. According to Mr. Hailemariam Haftu director of membership mobilization and fund-raising directorate, TDA has planned to solicit over 23 million birr in the previous quarter of this year and successfully managed to achieve 80% of it or 18 million birr, in other words.

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