The Urgent need of EU to do Military Intervention in Tigrai

Gebre Selema 01-12-21

Where are now the armies of American journalists who were deafening us preaching about human right, democracy?  It is amazing they all disappeared from the scene when it is time to speak up during an active genocide in Tigrai going on since Nov 3 midnight until today.  Take note, since Nov 3 midnight until now Tigrai is cut off from electricity, water, telephone, internet, food, transport, health services, all kind public services including public security and safety.  Tigrai is dying as I speak.  I do not know what EU is doing since I know others have no habit of stopping genocide.

The EU has to wake up and stop the active genocide on ethnic Tigreans which is in its third month now. Remember Tigrai has been blacked out from all things, 100%, for 68 days now.  UN has reported 70% of ethnic Tigreans are under man made famine now.  You know a human cannot stay more than three days without food. 70% is also under-estimation. My educated estimate is actually 100% because all Tigreans have no access to anything right now because even if they have money, lives have been denied electricity and any daily life activity.  Can anyone imagine living in Europe, North America without electricity for 68 days?  EU has moral obligation to do rapid, fast, emergency military intervention in Tigrai to stop the genocide.

There is no way one can stop genocide by doing nothing.  Those who commit genocide are not sane humans.  To begin with if they were sane, they would not even think doing genocide during Corona time. So genocidaires are not in sense normal human.  They look human in appearance, but they are human monsters.  Thus, the only method to stop them from doing genocide is only one method.  That method is called force. Albert Einstein said: nice guys because they do not understand normal human interaction because they live in their own world which they have created in their mind.  They will never feel guilty.  You can see the 78 years old primitive and backward dictator of Eritrea waging war for second time on Tigrai.  He has not felt guilty for the Badme war that took the lives of more than 100 000 people in the Ethio-Eritrea war of 1998-2000.  He even said we lost nothing in the past 20 years.  The world must not keep on the planet such sick men. Because their sickness will never stop and must be removed otherwise, they are serial killers.

My argument is there is no way you can stop the active genocide in Tigrai without using force.  Thus, I appeal to EU to take military action on Addis Ababa and Asmara to stop the genocide.  If EU does nothing and let things as they are, it will be too expensive to all human. Thus, this must be stopped now using force only.  You can only solve problems peacefully by communication with civilized people. Savages are in a different mental state and world.  Civilization is weakness and defeat for them. They measure wisdom by the suffering they cause on others.
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