The Sacrifices and The Struggle Continue

Aynalem Sebhatu


Although the Abiy regime and his cronies are referring to the imprisonment of members of the TPLF as though it is the turning point in the war against Tigray, this is true only on the symbolic level. I have no doubt that Abiy Ahmed and his media outlets will exploit it to a maximum. But curiously reminiscent of the Derg era, such events are not decisive in the immediate sense and in long-range terms.  To put it a little too neatly, the old guards of the TPLF have passed the torch of Woyane to the new generation of leaders years ago. The torch of Woyane which is igniting and inspiring the struggles of the people of Tigray is led mostly by young people. To say this is not, however, to neglect the contributions of the old guards in sharing their experiences and directing the movement.

In light of what is happening now, here are iconic pictures of Sebhat Nega passing the torch of Woyane to the new generation. And Blatta Hailemariam Reda, the leader of the first Woyane movement to Meles Zenawi.  There is an eerie parallel to what is happening today when you think of Blatta Hailemariam’s lifetime imprisonment (1946-1974) by Emperor Haile Selassie.

The Killings and the imprisonments of fighters is not new if one cares to review the chronicles of Tigrayans’ history. The history of the people of Tigray is and always has been the natural habitat of sacrifices for freedom. Tigrayans are who they are because of the sacrifices of self-less fighters in thousands. Tigrayans refuse to sacrifice who they are just because Abiy Ahmed, Isaias Afewerki and the Amhara chauvinists have a problem with who they are as a people. These three cold-blooded political actors are so determined to stamp out Tigrayans’ cultural, historical, economic and political assets in the on-going savage war. Naturally, the people of Tigray could not force reason to the fore and expect the good nature in Abiy and Isaias would triumph. Hence, the sacrifices and the struggle continue!

Let me sum up my point thus far by quoting a Viking saying, “It is better to stand and fight. If you run, you will only die tired.” I will also leave you with the following quote from one of the martyrs from 1970 E.C.

Tigray will prevail!

Eternal glory to our martyrs!

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