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The Ethiopian Human Right Commission, a partisan to promote the interest of one group

By: W. Yilma       January 3/2021

In Ethiopia currently, it is fair to say that the so-called EHRC, the ministry of peace (better to call it ministry of conflict promoter), the Ethiopian Election Commission and the entire judiciary systems should be abolished. They are parasites of the people. This does not mean others ministerial offices are working for the interest of the Ethiopian people. They too are working against the interest of the country. I closely listened and read the recent EHRC report regarding the massacre of innocent people in Oromia regional state following the assassination of renown Oromo singer Achallu Hundessa. As we know, in Ethiopia since Abiy came to power Ethiopian citizens are assassinated and massacred by perpetrators, but not a single crime committed settled in court so far. This indicates that there is a government involvement behind each crime committed. The reason why the crimes committed against innocent Ethiopians, including Achallu do not get court decision is because the country does not have credible judiciary systems, and credible human right organizations free from any kinds of political, religious and ethnic affiliations or government interference. What is strange though is that all these government agencies are organizations and are occupied by one ethnic group, and their main organizational responsibilities are to conspire against other ethnic groups, in particular against Tigrians. It is obvious, that many of the individuals appointed in these various organizations have deep resentment against TPLF officials. But because their hate is deep, they are actively participating in any actions that affects negatively on the people of Tigray. The decisions coming from these organizations are not based on rules of law, but based on the interest of the government in power, which is to inflict more harms to the people of Tigray. The report released by EHRC recently and beyond is an example to what extent this organization is violated its own organizational principles and conducting selective investigative activities, but with no avail to bring solutions. The recent report contains various detailed information, but failed to reach a decisive conclusion. The report also failed to reveal the truth to the Ethiopian people and in particular to the families of the victims. Simply, the report showed that Dr. Daniel is not only “sitting on the fence”, but also, he is not interested to do his job with impartiality. If the 6-month investigative report is not revealing truth and bring clear result, how credible it will be the Mai-Kadra report which was completed within less than a week? My focus will be on this issue. I truly believe that the crimes committed in Mai- Kadra should be thoroughly investigated by foreign independent organization. I said this because it is vivid that EHRC is not a credible organization to investigate this crime independently. Why it takes for EHRC few days to conclude its finding in Mai- Kadra and on the other hand it took more than 6 months to “conclude” what was called massacre in Oromia post Achallu assassination?  What is the relationship between the head of EHRC and one of the staff working for Amnesty International office in Kenya? Is it a coincidence or it is deliberate two relatives decide hurriedly to accuse the ethnic group in which both of them are venomously hate, in this case Tegarus?  Why Amnesty International failed to understand the conflicts of interest when it comes to a sensitive issue like this and unaware to examined thoroughly before the information released? As we know the Mai-Kadra is in Tigray regional state. How can it be more than 700 ethnic Amhara killed during that particular time and place? To me as a human being, the crime which was committed is incomprehensible and need to be examined thoroughly. To clear the cloud, and to avoid misleading the world communities, first, we should understand the conspiracies of Abiy and Isayas and their hard-core followers; the level of hate towards Tegaru by Amhara nationals, and second the close affiliations of government agencies, including EHRC with these two monsters’. To me the reason why the government hurriedly come to a conclusion to Mai-Kadra massacre could have two reasons. The first reason which I assumed is to hide the crime committed by mercenary invaders and their followers Fota-Lebash Amhara Fannos. The second is to justify and to show the Ethiopian people that most of the residence in Wolkait areas are the Amhara nationals. And third is to cover-up the ethnic cleansing and genocide that are committed on Tegarus by the Axis of evils.  But all these false accusation does not hold water! Imagine, when the world communities are loudly outcries about the suffering of the people of Tigray, and all the ten legal definitions of genocide are executed by Abiy and Isayas against the people of Tigray, why the EHRC which claimed that they are neutral, burying their head in the sand like an Ostrich? Why the EHRC go hurriedly to Mai- Kadra and unwilling not only to investigate but to talk about the massacres going on in Tigray by their boss Abiy and Godfather Isayas on children’s, elders, and women? Although we do not know the level of destructions, and looting, of private and government institutions, religious places, industrial and manufacturing installations, Abiy and Isayas are busy in covering up their crimes by bribing individuals to accuse TPLF as if it is TPLF who causes mass destructions and massacre of the Mai-Kadra. Because they are worried about the level of destruction, Abiy and Isayas are forcing the local people to go into the buildings they demolished to shoot photos, and videos to show the world that it is the local people who looted and cause damages to manufacturing buildings. The people of Tigray have very rich tradition, high moral standards and deep religion beliefs. Leave alone to looting their own properties, they will not think for a second to cause destruction to other people’s properties. Even during drought times, with starving stomach they keep their lines with patients to take their share without causing problems for the aid workers. The world communities should be aware of about the innocence and decencies of the people of Tigray and on the other hand the evilness of the two replica Abiy and Isayas criminal activities. Abiy and Isayas the two evils, slaughters people mercilessly but accused others to escape accountabilities for their heinous crimes they both committed against humanity. The crime committed by these two evils are not out of the eye of EHRC, but they give deaf ears and blind eye to these crimes. Therefore, the world communities should take this into consideration, and the information coming from the EHRC should be considered as Abiy and Isayas office report.
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