that was aired on Tigrai TV which had caught my attention.  It is a single incident but tells a lot about the intrinsic social values and moral principles of the Tigrai people. On 29 November 2020, the Tigrai forces claimed to have shot down Ethiopia saw the pilot descending with a parachute. Once the pilot landed, they

When I listened to what the people who captured the pilot were saying, I couldn Readers, please pause and ponder, just for a minute. The pilot was on the air to indiscriminately bombard and kill them (the innocent civilians). You expect these people to be enraged, infuriated, and get engaged themselves in actions of retaliation. Surprisingly, that wasn be of good cheer

Imagine this pilot to be a Tigraian, whose fighter aircraft got downed and captured by the individuals of the enemy side.  From what these morally corrupt chauvinists
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