Aggression Against Tigrai: What happened on Tuesday?

(Aigaforum) Nov 5, 2020 - November 3rd, 2020, a date which will live in infamy.  The date when the impulsive Abiy Ahmed declared a war against Tigray. What really went wrong for Abiy (and for Mr. Isayas) to declare war on Abiy’s Facebook/Twitter account?

It is becoming clear now that Abiy Ahmed and Isayas had a plan of extracting the northern command army and its heavy equipment (at least some of it) by creating a safe corridor into Eritrea. The Eritrean army was going to receive them with open arms and then and only then they will open a new war theatre from the Eritrean side.

In order to divert the attention of the Tigrayan’s from the Eritreans border, Abiy Ahmed sent an ill- equipped Amhara’s regional state’s militia to surrounding areas of Dansha, western Tigray. At this point in time, all well-meaning Ethiopians should use your imagination to think about Abiy’s sinister plan of sending militia units from Amhara instead of sending the regular army.

Big time Abiy and Isayas’ plan failed except for a few members of the army (from the Adiyabo area) who crossed to Eritrea.  Abiy Ahmed’s road to his twitter account started at around midnight.

For the last two years, the northern command was the only command that stayed above the political fray by stating the command’s mission of defending the country from external forces. You could only imagine how they reacted to Abiy/Isayas plan. The rank and file of the northern command who were aware of the plan of crossing the border to Eritrea were furious and angry at Abiy Ahmed.  Let alone crossing to Eritrea, a significant number of them had been filing their disagreement about Isayas’s hands in Ethiopian affairs. All these converging events led to an understanding and cooperation with the Tigrayan regional government.

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