Dr. Yohannes Aberra Ayele  5-2-19

I had a chance to see the Berlin wall before it was torn down 1989. It was a scene of irrationality where you sadly observe folks on both sides of the wall hanging their clothes to dry on the balconies of their apartments, less than 100 meters of distance separated by a wall. It was not just 100 meters, but West and East Berlin were worlds apart. There was no way that one can cross to the other side without facing gunfire, barbed wire, and hound dogs. The people in both sections of the same City were not responsible for the separation; but they have bitterly endured the separation of families for over 40 years. People are too care-free to ignite wars. Any irresponsible individual, like Hitler, can trigger it. However, it is the life of the innocent civilians that will be wrecked by the consequences. World War II ended in five years; but the consequences remain forever. For those consequences that luckily could be reversed like the Berlin Wall a lot of diplomatic efforts were made to bring back a united Berlin for a united Germany. Of all such efforts a single four-word request by President Ronald Reagan of USA remained shining brightly in the history of Germany. Ronald Reagan roared with his commanding Holly Wood voice: "Gorbachev, tear down this wall". Two year later the wall was demolished by the people themselves from both sides. It was the greatest celebration Germany has ever seen! Justice triumphed over tyranny. The separation of the same people of the Ancient core of civilization into two was done not only once but several times; but every time with the same goal: weakening the Region. It started with the separation into two of the Region as Bahre Negasi and Tigray. One slice, Bahre Negasi was weakened into subjugation by colonial power as awarded by those who divided it. Tigray, another slice, was subject to persistent instability and abject poverty. History has proved that none of the two benefited from the artificial separation. None of the two were able to regain the Axum-Adulis glory they had experienced for a thousand years. That was what was needed by their enemies. Leaving history to history which we can never undo however hard we try, what we need to do now is expressed beautifully by a Tigrigna saying: "
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