It was on May 28, 1991 when the Dergue regime was defeated and it’s oppressive apparatus dismantled by the gallant forces of EPRDF under the key leadership of the TPLF. Fast forward 28 years, we are on the brink of going back to the pre 1991 dark days and TPLF is no more leading the EPRDF coalition.

While there may be blame to be shared by many of those who were in power for the last 27 years, most of the blame goes to the betrayers in chief in ADP and ODP. In the recent past, with an inside work of conspiracy and tacit support of some Western governments, the EPRDF coalition has become dysfunctional and the dysfunction is leading to the rise of dark forces. These dark forces who portray themselves as saviors of Ethiopia are causing mayhem and potentially leading to the disintegration of the country.  The barbaric killings, mob justice and displacement of millions of Ethiopians are sponsored by these dark forces. They won’t retreat until they succumb to power to revenge for what they lost in 1991. The irony is that some key beneficiaries of the past 28 years (I see those years as years of trial and error to perfect the federal system) have become the main instruments and enablers of these dark forces. The epitome of their barbarism was manifested on the eve of May 28 by killing an innocent Tigraway university student in cold blooded murder. It’s heart wrenching to witness such barbaric act after 27 years of relative peace and order. I’m afraid that the worst is yet to come. If these dark forces control power, they won’t stop unless they see the humiliation and defeat of Tegaru. I am talking about the BerhanuNega, EskinderNega and their followers.

Another irony is the silence of those who benefited immensely from the peace and constitutional order that came through the sacrifices of Tegaru. It is unfortunate that they failed to recognize the fact that their survival as a nation and people is only guaranteed by the constitution. They seem to be waiting on the sidelines to side with the next winning group instead of asserting their rights right now. It might be too late to defend their rights unless they get involved NOW. I am talking about the parties from Gambella, Gumuz, some of the Southern Nations and Somalia.

There is an interesting group that hops from one side to the other. A good example is Lidetu and his EDP. Lidetu doesn’t shy away from taking credit for being the only person who knows what is best for Ethiopia while accusing TPLF of destroying the country. On the other hand, he tries to appease certain groups in case they accept him into their fold. His recent interviews (almost whining) are good examples of how he sees himself as giant while belittling the contributions of TPLF. I am astonished by the fact that he is advocating for the postponement of the next election (very unconstitutional act) until he puts together his party. He doesn’t care whether this is unconstitutional or not as long as it benefits him. I kind of lost all the respect that I have had towards him after I heard him describing the last 27 years as years of darkness almost the same way Abiy did several months ago.
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