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The adverse impacts of Mekelle’s human and vehicle population growth and solutions.

By Tesfai Hailu, May 01, 2019

Although, to my knowledge, up-to-date population or a reliable vehicle registration data is not available, a drastic population increase in human as well a vehicle (including those with license plates from outside Tigrai) has been starkly visible in Mekelle, particularly for the last year.

However, while this growth is a testimony of the city’s ability to offer a sense of security, peace, tranquility and economic opportunities, the growth also has its undesirable side-effects.

Not only is Mekelle an old city with mostly narrow roads but also, unfortunately, many of the newly constructed, such as the Addi Shum Dehun Road, have been ill-advisedly made to be as narrow.

As a result, several roads are without or with very small sidewalks, thus vehicles and pedestrians share the road. Sure enough, as detailed below, this creates or exacerbates problems in more ways than one.

1. Motor vehicle accidents as well as other safety and security risks

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