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An undue wedding!

H. B. Tesfai

Mekele, Tigrai May 18, 2019

Wedding is a social phenomenon that has been practiced in society since long ago. The purpose of the wedding is to bless individuals or couples who arrange the ceremony so that they could have everlasting mutual understanding in their life. However, many individuals have wrongly practiced it everywhere in the world though there are differences in the attitudes of the performers as well. The wedding actually depends on various issues like wealth, status and personality of the people. Although the wedding is the engagement of two individuals with different sexes, as far as the cultural view I know, the celebrity takes various styles. Some people want to celebrate it by inviting a few people, and others may do by inviting too many guests that they think it will add the value or image in their respect ion. What forces me to write this letter is that people have misused the meanings and ethical concepts of the subject as far as the social culture is concerned. Most of them use it for propagating their image to print in the minds of the society though it has no importance to societal development as a whole. Last week I saw a video of a wedding celebrated in Amhara region with an extravagant manner, and that wedding may be the first in its type. I have never heard a wedding celebrated costing such a huge amount of money in the world and I would say that it should be written in the genius book.  This wasteful wedding cost twenty million birrs as far as the information I heard and what could be its advantage to teach the nearby community no one knows. The question I want to raise here is what could be the source of this much amount of money? What could be the means of income of the person who arranged the marriage? What relation does this person have with very high officials as vice-PM Demeke Mekonnen together with his guards was there as one of the invited guests? This wedding has some sort of intention that wants to positively or negatively convey to the community. There is no definite agreement to the scope of the wedding for it depends on the economic capacity of individuals.
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