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Afewerki, Extremist Amhara and Ahmed's Dreadful Crimes against Retired and Elderly former Tigray leaders
Justice Michael 01-16-21 - The Ethiopian government recently announced that former leaders of TPLF and former government officials of Ethiopia have been killed and arrested in the Tigray region. State-run media outlets and their messengers announced that Ato Abay Tsehaye, Ato Sieum Mesfin and Ato Asmelash Weldeslase have been killed while Ato Sibhat Nega, Ato Abay Woldu and others have been 'captured'.

In Memoriam: Seyoum Mesfin, Ethiopian Peacemaker and Patriot
Seyoum Mesfin, who was killed in Tigray this week at the age of 71, was Ethiopia's longest-serving foreign minister. His untimely death robs Ethiopia of a man who exemplified the country's tradition of enlightened and progressive patriotism. Under other circumstances we would expect a national day of mourning and a state funeral, including national and international recognition of Seyoum's exceptional contribution to the norms, principles and practices of peace in Africa.

Triumph of Chauvinism and the Disintegration of Ethiopia
Aynalem Sebhatu 01-15-21 - The nations and nationalities of Ethiopia are on the horns of a horrible dilemma. On one extreme stands Abiy Ahmed (with helping hand of Isaias Afewerki) who would lead the country to its disintegration sooner than have it fall into a new leader as his successor, while on the other hand, stands Abiy and his party (Prosperity Party) who is crippling the opposition parties to death...

Press Release on the current situation of Tigray
We, Said Ahmed Negash Support Group in Toronto, Canada, are saddened and angered by the unjust war on Tigray and the tragic targeted destruction of the Al Nejashi Mosque and Churches in the region. We are outraged to hear hundreds of civilians were killed trying to protect places of worship from the looting of historical artifacts

Are Eritreans Working for or against their Nations future?
Kalayu Abrha 01-15-21 - Never was there a year in the history of Eritrea in which Eritreans lost the right track and carelessly roamed in the dangerous political wilderness as they are doing now. Eritreans did not fight against Italy not because they couldn't but because Italian rule for them turned out to be a better evil than the much greater evil of betrayal by the regime in Ethiopia.

We need humanitarian access to Tigray as urgent first step towards peace in Ethiopia
15/01/2021 - HR/VP Blog - For more than two months, conflict has been raging in the Tigray region in Ethiopia. The situation is desperate for the local population and the conflict is unsettling dynamics both within Ethiopia and the whole region.

Ethiopia conflict: Outrage over damage to Tigray mosque
The conflict in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region - pitting the Ethiopian and Eritrean armies against rebel Tigray forces since 4 November - has caused concern over its humanitarian toll, with tens of thousands of Ethiopians fleeing to neighbouring Sudan and allegations surfacing of violent crimes against civilians. In recent weeks, outrage has poured in on social media as news emerged that the conflict had also touched one of the region's most revered religious heritage sites: the historical al-Nejashi mosque in the area of Wukro.

How PM Abiy Ahmed Ali Duped the World including the Nobel Prize Organization: Deconstructing Abiy Ahmed's Alternative Facts
Security and Justice for Tigreans in Ethiopia (SJTE), Jan 13, 2020 - Many have praised the peace agreement that was signed between Abiy Ahmed Ali and Issayas Afewerki as a breakthrough that will bring peace and development in Ethiopia, Eritrea and the entire Horn of Africa region. The Nobel Prize even recognized it with its coveted Peace Prize. To the dismay of many...

Farewell Ethiopia!
Hailemariam Abebe 01-13-21 - Some half a century ago, I was in Boston with my American foster grandmother, watching a documentary about the Holocaust of World War 2(WW2).As a teenager in the 9 th grade and as a new arrival coming form that spiritual capital of Ethiopia, Axum, I could not believe that human beings could commit such horrific inhumanity on their fellow human beings.

G/Medhin Blhatu 01-13-21 - The dictionary defines gullibility as "a tendency to be easily persuaded that something is real or true." As individuals, we often fall prey to commercial ads because of our gullibility coupled with our desire to solve, for instance, a health problem, with a miracle drug that is skillfully advertised. In the end, we lose money in the process without getting the benefit we expected.

The following is a Transcript of Tigrai Media House (TMH) English Program Broadcast on 01/12/2021 - An Eye-Witness Account from Hawzein, Tigray
We know that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said 'no civilians have been targeted; no one has been killed; everything is calm on the ground' - but it is not true. And today we have a really powerful story to share with you from an eyewitness who was in Hawzien when the war began. Zenebu is going to share her story and the various atrocities that she saw first-hand.

Open Call to the Norwegian Peace Committee: Please Take your Share of Responsibility
Kaleb Mandela 01-11-21 - This is an open call to ask you take your share of moral and institutional responsibility for the enduring human misery in Tigray/Ethiopia as a result of the injudicious decision you have made to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Mr Abiy Ahmed in 2019. While the primary legal, political and moral responsibility rest on Mr Ahmed himself (and his associates in crime) for waging a war against ...

Ethiopia's worsening crisis threatens regional, Mideast security
With the Horn of Africa increasingly becoming an integral part of the Middle East’s security landscape, the fallout from Ethiopia's current crisis will have a significant impact on states of the region.

The Urgent need of EU to do Military Intervention in Tigrai
Gebre Selema 01-12-21 - Where are now the armies of American journalists who were deafening us preaching about human right, democracy? It is amazing they all disappeared from the scene when it is time to speak up during an active genocide in Tigrai going on since Nov 3 midnight until today. Take note, since Nov 3 midnight until now Tigrai is cut off ...

Sudan: The Tigray are fleeing Ethiopia
Doctors and farmers, students and traders, entire families from the Tigray region had to flee in the conflict against the government. In their home region, Tigray rebels had challenged the government and it hit back hard. This conflict is about the decades-old tension between the 80+ ethnic groups in the country, it is about political influence and land ownership.

Why Abiy let the Eritrean dictator to kill the people of Tigray?
W. Yilma January 10/2021 - To start with, I want to say the following. In the history of mankind, no country in our world allowed a foreign countries to invade its own territory and killed, tortured, raped citizens; looted, destroyed, burned private and public properties, treasures, antiques, and old age artifacts; bombed Churches and Mosques; Ethiopia, under Abiy is the first country ...

Talk about ideas not about leaders.
Kalayu Abrha 01-11-21 - Of course, it is the biggest news in decades that Sebhat Nega is arrested. He was "the master mind" of TPLF's achievements in the last four decades as he is referred to by his captors. It is true that he was a master mind, but one of the many master minds. His captors are singling him out as the only master mind in the TPLF because they wanted to enjoy public approval ...

The Sacrifices and The Struggle Continue
Aynalem Sebhatu 01-10-21 - Although the Abiy regime and his cronies are referring to the imprisonment of members of the TPLF as though it is the turning point in the war against Tigray, this is true only on the symbolic level. I have no doubt that Abiy Ahmed and his media outlets will exploit it to a maximum. But curiously reminiscent of the Derg era...

Report: Hospitals in Ethiopia's Tigray struck by artillery
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Many of the hospitals in Ethiopia's conflict-hit Tigray region, outside its capital, have been struck by artillery during two months of fighting, according to the first humanitarian assessment of the devastation as aid begins to arrive with desperately needed supplies.

Satellites Show Ethiopia Carnage, Showing Conflict Continues
(Bloomberg) -- Satellite images show the destruction of United Nations' facilities, a health-care unit, a high school and houses at two camps sheltering Eritrean refugees in Tigray, northern Ethiopia, belying government claims that the conflict in the dissident region is largely over.

An Insane view of Sovereignty
Aynalem Sebhatu 01-09-21 - For more than two months of denying the involvement of the Eritrean army in Tigray's war theatre, it seemed the Abiy regime's wheels of lies might finally be coming off. In an informal conversation, a growing number of officials and high-ranking military leaders in Addis Ababa and Mekelle are admitting the active involvement of the Eritrean army. At the same time, these officials are denying their awareness of a plan to involve the Eritrean army ...

Crisis in Ethiopia: New conflict threatens the region
Ethiopia features on the International Rescue Committee's annual Emergency Watchlist for the third year in a row but rises into the top five for the first time due to escalating conflict.

Abiy Ahmed and the Consolidation of Ethiopia's Dictatorship
There are no shortage of Nobel Peace Prize embarrassments but Ahmed is quickly positioning himself to be among the Norwegian Nobel Committee's biggest regrets... Perhaps fearing that Tigray's political defiance could spread to Ethiopia's other region, in November 2020, Ahmed ordered Ethiopian Defense Forces to occupy Tigray and oust its elected government. The Tigrayan People's Liberation Front, one of the key forces which overthrew the Derg, dug-in to defend their Tigray's local autonomy and to stymie rumors plans to transfer territory from their region to neighboring Amhara. It has been a brutal fight. Despite Ethiopia's repeated denials, Ahmed appointed his own mayor who now admits that Eritrean forces also joined the fighting, a fact the U.S. intelligence community now acknowledges. Eyewitness accounts describe Ethiopian and Eritrean forces summarily executing civilians and looting property. For Ahmed, power motivates, and for Eritrean dictator Isaias Afwerki, cash does. Few having tasted liberty are willing to forfeit it easily, however, and so unrest continues. On Dec. 27, Ethiopia reportedly lost a general.

Eritrea in the Tigray war: What we know and why it might backfire
There is little doubt now that Eritrean forces are participating in the war in Tigray. Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has denied it and Eritrea's foreign minister has insisted "we are not part of the conflict". But other disagree. On 8 December, Reuters reported that "a U.S. government source and five regional diplomats" told them the US believes Eritrean soldiers have crossed into Ethiopia.

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