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Operation Room inside Edaga Hamus Health Center Inaugurated

Operation Room inside Edaga Hamus Health Center Inaugurated


TDA: 27 Lekatit 2012 E.C

The operation room (whose cornerstone was laid in 18 Hamle 2010 E.C) built inside Edaga Hamus Health Center by TDA in partnership with International Rotary (Belgium), Province West-Vlaanderen and people and administration of Saesie Tsaeda Emba woreda has been ceremoniously inaugurated on 26 Lekatit 2012 E.C, in the presence of a delegation of 10 members led by Johan De Leeum, past Governor of Rotary District D 1620, Deputy Executive Director Mr Tesfay Gebregziabher and other woreda officials and residents of Edaga Hamus. It was learnt that the building of the operation room is worth 3,386,349 ETB, which was also well furnished and equipped with the cost of 4 million ETB.

Mr. Johan De Leeum, past Governor of Rotary District D 1620, during the occasion, remarked that he was so pleased with the work done and lauded the combined effort of the community in helping to make the project a success. He also urged the residents to continue to offer similar support for similar projects Rotary will undertake in the future.

Having mentioned the fact that TDA, alongside government and non-government organizations, over the past 30 years has built and handed over to the beneficiary community about 83 health institutions of different levels, Deputy Executive Director Mr. Tesfay Gebregziabher, on his part, enunciated that the operation room inaugurated today would give health service to residents of Edaga Hamus and its vicinities as well as to that of the people who come from its closest neighbour Afar region, and appreciated all the people who contributed to the accomplishment of this project on behalf of TDA and its beneficiaries.

Director of Edaga Hamus Health Center Mr. Mesfin Kidanemariam pronounced that from 1000 to 1165 expectant mothers annually gave birth to child out of whom roughly 165 mothers delivered through operation who often had to be referred to Adigrat Hospital. And that would consequently cause sideline health and financial problems. However, he said that he is now confident that the construction of the operation room in the area would hopefully help address such issues, thanks to TDA and its partner.

Residents of Edaga Hamus Mr. Hagos Gebremichael and Mrs. Tsige Tesfay, recalling the challenges facing pregnant mothers due to the absence of such service, said that mothers and other people who required even simpler surgery were obliged to travel far to Adigrat, Firewoini and Mekelle. However, they said that they are now happy and thanked TDA and its partner International Rotary for building such surgery room nearby.

In parallel, the rotary delegation also paid a visit to the waiting room nearly under completion with the cost of 1,097,895 ETB Agazi Health Center of Hadinet tabia, Saesie Tsaeda Emba woreda, which is part and parcel of the project.

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