Visible efforts and generosity of Diaspora Tegaru in strengthening and modernizing health service provision system

(TDA) 8-30-19 - In the past 30 years TDA, together with Diaspora Tegaru of different countries, has played a pivotal role in boosting the coverage and quality of health service in Tigrai.

It is worth remembering that strengthening and modernizing the system of the health service in Tigray through importing a 25-million-birr medical goods is one of the objectives of the 3 years’ strategic plan (2011-2013) TDA is working on.

Having received the donation from the generous and farsighted couple Mr. Tsegay Hailu & his wife Mrs. Letay Gebregziabher residents of North America, and USA Cure Project, TDA and regional health bureau have officially delivered the medical donation worth 14 million birr to Edaga Arbi Primary Hospital.

During the delivery ceremony were Dr. Hagos Godifay, head of regional health bureau and Mr. Solomon Hiluf, director of planning, monitoring and communication directorate of TDA as well as administrative officials and residents of woreda Edaga Arbi.

Appreciating Mr. Tsegay and his wife along with Cure Project for their assistance, Dr Godifay on the occasion addressed that the donation would no doubt solve the existing problem, which was previously studied by USA Cure Project. He then urged the gathering to properly utilize the equipment in order to give long-time service.

Mr Solomon Hiluf, director of planning, monitoring and communication directorate of TDA on his part reminded that TDA has thus far donated medical equipment and medicines with the aim to support the effort of the government of Tigrai in expanding the coverage of health services. He also mentioned that TDA is always ready to work with other fellow Diaspora Tegaru who want to do likewise, after lauding the generosity and concern of Mr Tsegay and his wife Letay, and Cure Project.

Having expressed their honour to all engaged in such kind deeds, Priest Lisanework Woldeyesus and Sheik Abdulwasie Mohammed residents of Edaga Arbi witnessed that in the past they had to travel faraway to get better health service due to scarcity of mattresses and other equipment; and now hoped that the donation would address the shortage.

Delegated manager of Edaga Arbi Primary Hospital Mr Gebreyesus Girmay and Sister Rigbe Gebresilase on the occasion recollected that previously it was difficult to give better service to their patients in the hospital. Having thanked the donators, they happily said that they are optimistic that no longer would equipment scarcity exist.

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