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Zeru Hagos Sep 2, 2021

As it is, the road we all are traveling to reach the promised land is long. It will be even longer if we do not put our acts together. Now is the time to march forward not to sit down and contemplate about tomorrow. There will be no tomorrow for us unless the enemy is buried never to rise again. I believe the last 10 months have taught us what a wounded enemy can do if given enough time. We gave Shaibia and even Derge leftovers all the time to recuperate while we were squabbling about democracy and nation-building. We should be all ashamed for not realizing what was developing in front of us over the last 27 years.

Don't you realize now there was no country to build nor people to govern in Ethiopia the last thirty years? By now we all should realize Ethiopia was and is a myth. There is no iota of commonality between the people(s) of Ethiopia. We all have a different understanding of what a nation means, what sovereignty means, and what the moral standards of human decency entail. Yet, we all were working hard to build the Ethiopian nation while our enemies were re-energizing and conspiring to kill us all.

Stop bickering and support the Tigray resistance to succeed. Enough with playing semantics between TDF and TAF. Tigray Army is under the command of the Tigray government that was elected a year ago. It is stupid to think Tigray Army is better to be without a political organization to guide it and organizing its rear base support. How shortsighted can one be to underestimate TPLF role in this struggle?

I am ashamed to hear any Tigraway complaining about democratic space in Tigray now while his and her brothers/sisters are sacrificing life across Northern Amhara land. Shame to those of you sitting in Mekelle and Diaspora land playing with the populist agenda of the day. Tigray and Tigrayans will not be free by a populist slogan. First thing first, secure Tigrayan freedom and security. There is time for gemgam and redemption not to mention for a public discussion to chart our future as a nation and people.
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