Open message to Eritreans: Confused Eritreans doesn’t know the location of the enemy camp.

Kalayu Abraha 04-01-21

When Dina Mufti put in words the probable reason for the confusion of Eritreans with correctly identifying their real enemy the often-carefree Eritreans exploded into fury against him. Of course, what he said provokes outrage in people who fought for 30 years to liberate Eritrea. However, if one tries to examine the underlying drivers of such kinds of statements on Eritreans, I argue that the drivers are the logical outcomes of what countless Eritreans are doing and saying. TPLF's standpoint on Eritrean independence has never flinched in all those years. One of the reasons for TPLF to lose its grip in Ethiopia has been its unwavering support for Eritrean independence. Some even considered TPLF as more Eritrean than the Eritreans. In Ethio Forum interview of Aboy Sebhat last year the interviewer asked if Aboy Sebhat supports the re-unification agenda of Eritrea with Ethiopia as an idea entertained by Isaias and his group, he answered "No!". This surprised the interviewer and was almost in a mood to laugh at Aboy Sebhat. He wore a sarcastic smile. Why sarcasm? Obviously because the interviewer took Aboy Sebhat as more catholic than the pope.

It has become a conundrum what Eritreans want from Tigray and where Tigray failed them. What could Tigray pay more than life in Sahel and a firm stand in favour of their liberation for nearly half a century? Should Tigray have invaded the entire Eritrea after its Badme victory and committed atrocities on Eritrean civilians? Was it wrong for Meles to order the withdrawal of troops from Eritrea out of respect for Eritrean territorial integrity where the non-Tigrayan members of the Ethiopian army (current dear friends) wanted to take Asmara and Assab and declare Eritrea as an Ethiopian province? Meles lost significant political ground in Ethiopia for not allowing at least the return of Assab using this opportunity of a militarily defeated of Eritrea.

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When at last Isaias, who is still popular among no less than half of Eritreans, joined Abiy and the Amhara political elite, who are arch enemies of Eritrean independence, against TPLF and Tigray, the bastions of Eritrean liberation. Isaias was cheered as no Ethiopian hero ever was. Was so many Ethiopian’s cheering for an independent Eritrea when Isaias was unequivocal about the need for no boundaries and a possible unification? What Isaias, Abiy, and the Amhara and their millions of fans were saying and doing and how they sidelined and vowed to punish TPLF and Tigray, cannot appeal to Eritreans as something favorable for them. If Eritreans really jealously guard their independence what has been happening all through cannot be interpreted as Eritrean independence-friendly!  What is the hardest to understand is how and when Eritreans trusted Ethiopian politicians for respecting their independence and in what logic Tigray became their enemy and brutalized it in a manner that is far from being the action of grateful people?

By their enthusiasm for the evil group Isaias, Abiy and Amhara and their bitter hatred against Tegaru, Eritreans have been sending wrong signals to the world that they love those that hate their independence, and they hate those that love their independence!! This would lead any person, including myself, to conclude that "Eritreans must have problems with their independence and they want to get rid of it". This could have convinced Dina Mufti to make such a statement. He has a degree in political science, and he can read between the lines. If Dina's statement has really angered Eritreans, then they have to take more than half the blame for knowingly or unknowingly creating such impressions about their independence on others. Eritreans need seasoned analysts who can see the logic in politics of 1+1=3. Hasty, unprocessed, emotional, and imprudent politics will irreversibly harm Eritreans. Although as a human being I would care less about what happens to Eritrea, given the horrendous actions Eritreans troops are taking in my home state, the carelessness of Eritreans in their own and in Ethiopian politics is going to affect us all. I wrote this article out of awareness of how confused Eritreans have become on what it takes to protect their independence and who their real enemies are. My awareness was triggered by the reaction of Eritreans to what Dina Mufti said. Eritreans are rudely awakened from their sweet sleeps about what is on the verge of happening to them. They were foolishly busy allying with their enemies and destroying their friends. I am surprised, still Eritreans are accusing Dina Mufti as an individual and almost demanding their "dear Abiy" to punish him for saying something which "is not in the policy of the Axis of Evil". Given the widespread confusion among Eritreans, which is dangerously reinforced by their feeling of having complete grasp of events and trends more than anyone else, it is possible to conclude that they will not wake up to the reality even after they have lost their independence for good. Is this going to affect Tigray adversely? I don't think so. It may even be a blessing in a bad guise. I feel bitter with myself saying this; but if Tigray is considered as an enemy and treated brutally for upholding Eritrean independence, then it will have to leave Eritrea to Eritreans to worry about. Blessed be our almighty God Tigray certainly have its way out of this mess.

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