Ethiopia at a Crossroad

Anchiye Belay 04-05-21

It is with regret that I heard this morning Getachew Reda member of TPLF leadership that the only option of Tigray in the current Ethiopian Crisis is Independence from Ethiopia. Given the fact that what the hell the people of Tigray are going through not only the Tigrayans, but any reasonable Ethiopian or foreigner justifies their want for Independence, but 3 things also came to my mind too. 1)TPLF should not throw in the towel on Ethiopia at this heated time of history. 2)the fate of Ethiopia should not be held hostage by renegade EPRDF (prosperity Party), expansionist and die-hard Amhara's and Isaias Shabia group. 3)The Arabs, Shabia and Extreme Amhara's will be rejoicing at this potential declaration of Tigray Independence as it would herald the breakup of Ethiopia as we know it. So, if we see genesis of what happened in the last 3 years it could shed light to what predicament Ethiopia has fallen into today. While the crisis in Ethiopia was brewing 4-5 years ago due to corruption and the system unable to continue due to large unemployment and lack of democratic ways EPRDF was struggling to cleanse and self criticize its organization and engineer itself out of the mess it was in. On the other hand, behind the scenes a group mainly led by Abiy and Lemma called Team Lemma and another led by Gedu and Demeke called Team Gedu successfully hijacked the EPRDF organization and the Government apparatuses to its side. This team once it accomplished that mission was itself hijacked by Abiy Ahmed. Once Abiy was on the helm he enabled the Main Foreign Sponsors to come into play Primarily the Arabs and Shaebia network gripped the country. For his Sponsors Abiy was splendidly magnificent. A brilliant spellbinder and a con artist of the 21st century Abiy successfully outsmarted not only the Ethiopian people but the World including Nobel Peace Prize committee, the Western World Leaders and the Wold Media fin the initial year. Abiy had this unique ability that made different groups claim he was one of” theirs”. The Pentecostal thought he was one of them So did the Amhara's so did the Muslims, so did the Oromos etc. Abiy's “Waterloo” lay bare and begun its beginning of its end when he and his Eritrean buddy Iasayas invaded Tigray. The X project of the main Sponsors from the beginning which could be over 10 years in the hatching was Tigray and TPLF. These Arab and Eritrea Sponsors of the Abiy's Government believed and targeted that TPLF was a force to reckon with. In the previous decades prior TPLF/EPRDF successfully built Ethiopia into an Economic Political and Military powerhouse of the East Africa and beyond. This had to be stopped at any cost they believed. So abundant Finance was allocated, penetration of EPRDF high echelon was done, organizing Extreme Amhara disgruntled group was made. Above all the propaganda and false narrative on EPRDF by this group which was left unchallenged got hold of the new generation. TPLF was overwhelmed by what was expiring before its eyes, as it failed to predict what was coming, managed to retreat to Tigray for soul searching .in hindsight the two camps Abiys camp and Debretsion camp were preparing to fight the final battle. So Abiy with the Amhara regional state aligned with foreign force mainly Eritrea and UAE made their final assault on Tigray in the name of Law and order and bringing TPLF leadership to justice, but the Arabs and Eritreans participated because they believe once they hit that core historical part of Tigray and the brave and strong people of Tigray that will be the end of Ethiopia. The Federal System that TPLF/EPRDF has installed for the last 30 years was the best thing that ever happened to Ethiopia. This is and will be Certified by the now gagged Ethiopian people once freed I am sure. The last 27 years of EPRDF has brought untold Peace, high and fast Development country with abundant infrastructure growth.This has been pain for the enemies of Ethiopia . TPLF and Tigrayans should not fall for this trap of pushing Tigrayans for separation that will only appease this three Axis of Evils. While the victory of Tigray is inevitable leaving Ethiopia will defeat the purpose that TPLF and Tigray has stood for. Historically for thousand of years Tigray has been the core of Ethiopia. The two religion Christianity and Muslim came through Tigray to the rest of Ethiopia. The civilization, the alphabet, the Amharic language, and the sacrifice that Tigray made to keep the Independence of Ethiopia and the attachment of People to People of Ethiopia is at stake. I repeat Ethiopia and Ethiopians should not be held hostage by these 'Axis of Evils'.
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