The myth of foreign backing to Tigray's struggle for freedom

Kalayu Abrha 09-13-21

Bacha Debele and Sahlework Zewde exchanged pleasantries on their shared illusions on the external backing for the freedom struggle in Tigray. They contradicted their own actions, which spoke much louder than the words, that the invasion of Tigray and the mass extermination attempt by alternating methods of using bullet and hunger was nothing similar to what one does to fellow compatriots. While the two and their associates are mobilizing the people of Ethiopia to fight as  if the war is against a foreign aggressor, and did not mind the fact that Tigray is still an integral part of Ethiopia, they are confusing us as usual that the war is an internal war "among ourselves" but with external backing. The political mess in Ethiopia is such that Tigray on some occasions becomes a domestic rebel and on other occasions it is referred to as foreign aggressor to an extent that the fight against it is considered as similar to the battle of Adwa against Italy. The spirit of Menilik is summoned to the minds of Ethiopians so that they would all take even kitchen knives to fight the "ancestral enemy": Tigray. They have even named the war as a crusade against the "enemies of Ethiopian religion". The tabots are abused to the extent that they are taken to the war fronts to boast the morale of the army fighting against the army which has come from the cradle of Christianity (lol). One cannot help laughing and crying at the same time about the sheer absurdity. Giving Tigray a bad name under all circumstances is an established tradition of Amhara rulers and the ill-natured elites. TDF fighters are the proud descendants of the brave Tegaru who repelled the Italian, Egyptian, and Mahdist aggression directed at all of Ethiopia. Those who are accusing Tegaru as collaborators with Ethiopia's foreign enemies have a bloody history of betrayal stabbing Tegaru from behind. Carrying Tabots and lying are not compatible in the eyes of God. It has to come to the realization of the deaf, blindfolded, Godless Ethiopian politicians that God is helping Tigray to do such miraculous things after emerging from where it was deeply buried. TDF don't need to carry a Tabot. God is on their side already! Any Christian in Ethiopia who drew sword against Tigray must repent before it is too late for God to bestow mercy upon them. Tigray is a Holy Land for Ethiopia and Africa as well. Christianity and Islam set their first foot on Africa in this part of the Continent. Who is on the side of evil inciting war and taking bloodshed as the only solution to all problems in Ethiopia? Who is disapproving democratic elections and attacking elected governments? Is it Tigray which changed a Ministry of Peace into a second Ministry of War? Who unleashed the full force of a cruel foreign army against fellow Ethiopians in the north? When the Axis of Evil invaded and destroyed Tigray, they were absolutely sure that it will never revive. It went beyond their mental power to explain the sudden and devastating rise of Tigray from the ashes and are now engaged in outrageous speculations about external support for the TDF. Even if many know the potential of Tigray to be indestructible like the Atom, and victories need to be no surprises, they are desperately looking for an inflammable face-saving excuse. They know from the bottom of their hearts that Tigray never intends to harm Ethiopia. They are fabricating lies about the collaboration of Tigray with the enemies of Ethiopia because that is the last thing Ethiopians would like to hear and such maddening propaganda makes Ethiopians completely irrational and fatally aggressive. The truth, which is hopelessly being distorted to justify the extension of the blockade of Tigray, is that the West led by USA is supporting Tigray not to harm Ethiopia but to defend its right to survive as a Nation. It is easy but immoral to misrepresent the good intentions of the West just to serve one’s own evil intentions on Tegaru.
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