The world has seen a pair of dictators joined in words and deeds during the last World War: Adolf Hitler and Benitto Mussolini. They believed that they were always right, and the rest of the World was always wrong. They built their power base by maddening millions by hate speeches and elevating their blindfolded followers to the level of a super race. They drove their followers crazily into destructive wars in Europe and Africa. They were sure that they can rule Europe and Africa forever. Even when their arrogance was coming to an end after they devastated the world in five years of war and killed six million Jews, they continued to believe that they had the upper hand. They lied about their defeat to their people until the point in time Berlin and Rome were bombed flat and encircled. Hitler charred himself and Mussolini was dragged behind a car. They died without admitting that they were wrong. Their Neo- Fascist and Neo-Nazi fans still believe that the dictators were right. Dictators are all the same. They have an insatiable appetite for power and they never want to give up until their last breath. Their key method is to poison the minds of the masses because they appeal to emotions rather than to reason. Once exposed to their vicious propaganda and systematic brainwashing the millions of followers reach a point of no return where no logic or truth makes sense to them. When Abiy told Ethiopians that "TPLF massacred the unsuspecting North Command in their sleep" and poured fuel to the fire by adding "How could your protector be killed?" He got what he wanted: everyone including religious leaders descended into insanity. It is Abiy, Isaias and the Amhara political inner circle who know the truth that the war was planned long before and TPLF had to act in self-defense. The dictators and their brainless lieutenants repeat the lie a thousand times in various contexts so much that people avoid listening to the truth. Prior to this convenient event to justify the invasion of Tigray and the destruction that followed both dictators had been engaged in a mammoth PR campaign to tarnish the name of the TPLF and the people of Tigray. They used every media at their disposal and a huge army of face-bookers just to paint the TPLF and Tigray as evil spirit that possessed Ethiopia and Eritrea for 27 years deserving complete destruction. They had actively prepared fertile ground for a complete hate and a burning desire to obliterate Tigray from the map. This land which is closer to God was delayed but not abandoned. The almighty did His miracles through the gallant sons and daughters of Tigray in the bush and overseas and opened the eyes of the world for Tigray although the world is in deep trouble with Covid-19. When the world caught the dictators, red handed and dictated its terms to them they still did not believe that they have lost the game. Since they were sure of victory and had no plan B they are in a mental state of denial which is extremely dangerous unless restraining action is taken against them. They have started justifying their human rights violations publicly. The world has to take drastic action against the dictators so that the world will never grow dictators ever again. They are sick in the head so much that Himmler had workshops that made purses from human skin, Abiy in Ethiopia trivialized gang rape, and Idi Amin ate human flesh, Isaias liberated Eritrea to impoverish it. For how long is the world going to tolerate such human freaks?
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