International Community: Quickly Walk your Nice Talk.

Kalayu Abrha 04-05-21

We Tegaru will remain grateful forever to you for attending on time to our plight in the hands of beastly invaders. This has given us hope and emboldened our resistance against the huge odds.    In spite of the global roar against the callous twin dictators based on tangible evidence of war crimes we are still fully in the hands of the enemies who are angered by the exposure of their actions to the world community. The risk delay of a decisive action by the international community poses to the very existence of the people of Tigray is hard to imagine. The dictators are using the delay of action by the international community to tactically obliterate evidence of the crimes committed and to do more acts of brutality on the people and their livelihoods to the point beyond any possibility of rehabilitation. They are repeating the sick mantra: "law enforcement against those who attacked the northern command" and this has dulled the senses of Ethiopians as it is an emotional appeal to patriotism. The invaders are not stupid. They are determined to evade anything that would drag them to the ICC. Dictators love themselves more dearly than the nations they rule. As long as they can save themselves, they would not care to see their nations going down the drain. This is what is happening to Ethiopia, Eritrea, and the Amhara; they are melting under the feet of the dictators. Every minute passing without effective action by the international community is a blessing for the invaders and a curse for the victims. Being proactive reduces the cost of difficult and complicated restoration in Tigray. When Sadam Hussien invaded Kuwait USA did not give a chance for Iraq to dismantle Kuwait beyond repair. The lightning military action saved Kuwait and USA the possibly expanded war theater in the Middle East. The reservation by the international community out of respect for the sovereignty of Ethiopia and Eritrea may be understandable given the need for the application of the diplomatic formula. However, if the receiving end of the respect abuses it and uses it as a smoke screen to go away with crimes against humanity and destroy the viability of the ancient nation of Tigray then it is not wrong to violate rules to protect morality. Rules are made not to tolerate vice but to protect the virtues of human dignity. We can see vividly what the invaders are doing in the territories of Tigray they occupied. They are resettling Amhara population in the west by displacing the native Tegaru in hundreds of thousands; they are changing the school curriculum; especially the medium of instruction; they are dismantling the former administrative structure to the level of grassroots and instating their own; they are establishing their own security structure and policing. Unless this is stopped early enough, and the Amhara militia forced out of Tigray as soon as possible the war of the restoration of the territories of Tigray is going to be extremely bloody. TDF may not be restrained by Federal boundaries if force is involved in returning the west to Tigray. TDF may want to push to Gondar in hot pursuit of the Amhara Militia. Timely intervention and the peaceful return of the west to Tigray can be less costly for all sides. Even if this generation of Tegaru fail to return its annexed territories the following generations will. There will not be any peace for the occupiers any time in the future. It is most likely that Abiy Ahmed may be planning to use the annexed western and southern Tigray as a bargaining chip for a possible negotiation with TPLF to get concessions to freedom from being sued for crimes against humanity. Abiy has admitted that he commanded the Amhara Militia to invade Tigray and will never hesitate to use the Militia to invade other regional states as well. He is using them as his private army because he knows their craving for land has cleaned them of their integrity. Eritrea is the key actor in this war theater. Since Isaias is the mastermind, who got trust from Ethiopians by beating his chest to the mention of the name Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed and the Amhara chieftains will find it impossible to handle the scheme if Isaias and his troops leave Tigray. None of the former have a full grasp of how they started it and what is going to happen next. The role of Abiy and his Amhara allies was to inadvertently open the lid and let the Jinni out of the bottle! Although it is difficult even for him it is only Isaias that can somehow manipulate the Jinni. For Isaias, return to Asmara may mark the beginning of the end of his dictatorship. For Abiy and the Amhara chieftains it could open the gates for TPLF to be restored to its elected position and start securing its legitimate territory in the west and south. Such failure of Abiy a few months after his cheered victory speech will shake the ground beneath him and lose even the sham election he planned for June. He had counted his chicks before hatching: "Destroying TPLF, controlling Tigray under PP, and then crack his whip at the rest of submissive Ethiopia!
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