"History Will Judge".

Libanos Beyene Gebremedhin


Modern warfare weapons of mass destruction have been used on the Tigray genocide for the last eight months. It is heartbreaking that regardless of reveal evidence of brutal massacre of hundreds, if not thousands of civilians in Mai Kadra and all over Tigray, actions have not been taken by the UN, EU, humanitarian agencies and by international communities at large. Sadly, justice is still not a guarantee for rape, sexual violence, and blocking humanitarian assistances being used as weapons. Nearly four out of five people need humanitarian assistance and millions of lives have been torn apart by the fighting.

Fascist Abiy Ahmed Ali and dictator Isaias Afeworki's miscalculations and desperately seeking military helps from East African countries and from the Arab world have no exit from the unforgivable ethnic cleansing war, they started using chemical weapons and ammunition introduced in 21st century. In fact, the world is watching that their machineries being captured by TDF and thousands of their military personnel have been held as prisoners of war.

Moreover, fascist Abiy Ahmed and the Amhara Elites are frustrated, fearful, and call all capable citizens to fight in the Tigray war. Not only that but fascist Abiy Ahmed Also has little time left to achieve his dream to become the king of Ethiopia. Even though he is still running to Asmara and to Turkey if they can protect him miraculously, there will be no power to save him from the genocide war crimes committed against humanity for trail in the international criminal courts.

Our defense forces are marching forward with the full support of the Tigray people and will continue the work thinking about all of the countless Tigreans whom gave their lives for the rest of us. No one can stop the war until the enemies are totally out and secure a more perfect Tigray for us and for our children futures to come.

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