MY SCHOLARLY ADVICE TO PRESIDENT MUSE BIHI: Establishment of Somaliland National Institute for Strategic Studies

Although Somaliland has achieved good progress in some sectors but still there is limited technical capacity to understand and adopt the best economic strategies and policies practiced by other countries with the similar development background and with the same geopolitical case such as the South East Asian countries.

Somaliland can follow the development path of the South East Asian countries if we minimize the gap of limited expertise to benefit existing opportunities to come up quick development actions with our limited resources. President Muse Bihi has a limited window to decide on best strategies and steps necessary to take for economic development unless he gets a good number of strong experts.

Somaliland lacks a pool of cadre of experts that can provide a clear articulation of the national strategies and create conducive environment for investment, industrialization, job creation, exploiting natural resources and creation of state-owned or private partnership companies.

There is a need to create the nation’s foremost advisory or Think-Tank Platform that can study, analyse and propose solutions for the nation’s critical matters. The Somaliland presidents such as Silanyo and incumbent President Muse Bihi have been using to establish many temporary committees with the aim to bring solutions to some problems at the office of the president.  The presidents are good to seek advice. However, most of their committees were not technocrats with strong qualifications and expertise to conceptualize and come up with quick solutions to the subject matters. Most of the sources revealed that the deliverables and effectiveness of those committees often remind unsuccessful due to lack of coordination, limited time and resources and lack of technocrats involved, limited proper research conducted and reported.

Most of the committee members are selected from the cabinet and thereby they did not exert time and efforts to conduct feasibility studies, research, proper designs and propose written solutions to the president.

Instead of laymen temporary committees, President Muse Bihi needs to get a permanent platform of experts that will provide him scholarly advice and technical backstopping support to make wise decisions of the trends of political and economic development agenda.

To get that platform of experts, I am hereby proposing for President Muse Bihi to establish Somaliland National Institute for Strategic Studies that will comprise teams of experts including nationals and internationals.

The Somaliland National Institute for Strategic Studies will be national Think Tank platform that focuses on the following themes:

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