COVID-19: A Disease of Everyone, Everything and Everywhere; and Election: Tigray Deserves “Policies” More than “Cry Fouls.”

Yes, Tigrai will rise, shine and make another history but if and only if every Tigraian clearly understands and the wishful unitary preachers, deceivers, plotters, blindly, greedily and speedilydriving Ethiopia either into a dictatorial rule or towardsa dangerous and irremediableethnic conflicts, civil wars and balkanization.

The situation is getting tougher and tougher but Iam strongly confident that the Tigrai people resilience and resistance to sustain difficulties and defeat their enemies.“

In regards toa few deviant Tigraians, please think twice and free yourselves from the spider web you are trapped in. Don’t continue to serve the prats and puppets being engulfed in their tit-for-tat, hodge-podge, awkward, and reckless politics.  Don’t allow yourself to be on the wrong side of history. If your intention is only to revenge TPLF, it won’t help you win the political war and the hearts and minds of the Tigrai People. My university professor used to say, “If a donkey kicks you, and you kick the donkey back, then you area donkey too.” If you think TPLF is bad and tyrant, you need to be good and democrat. Otherwise, what you mouthed off so far hasn’t proven and reflected anything of good and democratic nature.

CO rona VI rus D isease 20 19 ( COVID-19): A Disease of Everyone, Everything and Everywhere

COVID-19. The name coronavirus is derived from Latin, corona, which means “crown” or “halo” (characteristic appearance seen by electron microscopy). disrupted the teaching-learning process, productivity, income, business, and investment. In short, COVID-19 has impacted everything-social, political and economic aspects of everyone and anywhere. The world is in a state of anxiety and confusion because it lacks effective weapons and ammunitions to defend this boundless and borderless invasion.

cases get well with rest, by keeping themselves hydrated, and using medications to help reduce fever and relieve pain, COVID-19 causes serious illnesses and there is no any drug proven to cure or a vaccine to prevent COVID-19. Drugs such as hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine and remdesivir have been authorized for EUA) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, FDA has recently revoked the EUA use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine because these drugs lack any evidence of effectiveness. Remdesiviris still in use in suspected or confirmed severe COVID-19 cases because some clinical trials reported that it shortens the time to recovery in hospitalized adults.

Another drug of interest is dexamethasone. A preliminary result from the RECOVERY Trial reported dexamethasone to be helpful by reducing the risk of death among patients with severe respiratory complications. A number of clinical trials are underway in search of drugs to cure or treat and a vaccine to prevent the infection. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!!

challenges associated with COVID-19is that individuals infected with SARS-CoV-2 may not see the symptoms immediately after being exposed. The incubation period ( period between exposure and the appearance of the first symptoms) is on average 5 days but can take up to 14 days and even longer, in rare conditions. This means that during the incubation period an individual may stay pre-symptomatic (develop symptoms later) but transmit SARS-CoV-2 to others, prior to the onset of symptoms. Many patients who have SARS-CoV-2 exposure/infection may remain asymptomatic (never develop symptoms) but transmissions of infections to others continue to occur silently while others may develop and experience clear signs and symptoms of COVID19 and transmissions to others occur concurrently in absence of precautionary measures which include but not limited to frequent hand wash with soap; avoid to touch eyes, nose, or mouth with un washed hands; covering coughs and sneezes; and avoid close contact with sick people.
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