Zeru Hagos June 19, 2020

lived and died defending Ethiopia's interest across the northern frontier.  He defended the country against colonial Italy and defeated the Egyptians and Mahdist expansionist on many fronts until his death in Metema.

outmaneuvered and outsmarted the Egyptians and was able to convince most Nile basin countries to stand on Ethiopia's side when he started the Renaissance Dam. The Egyptians could not match Meles's wisdom and diplomatic acumen. The Egyptians were almost ready to sign on a new Nile treaty unable to withstand PM Meles’s pressure. Meles singlehandedly convince the Egytpians they were going to loose more if they do not sign.  Today, with Meles gone, the Egyptians are on top of the Nile issue almost ready to force Ethiopia and Sudan sign on a new treaty that gives Egypt a lion share of the Nile and veto vote on Nile issue.

For the record, both Atse Yohannes and Meles Zenawi were Tigreans (::)

Today as it were a century ago it is an ill-informed ruler group from our Amhara elites that are selling Ethiopia's interest.

A century ago, Atse Menelik sold Eritrea to the Italians. Now Abiy and his Amhara elite enablers are selling the Renaissance Dam as well as most of the country's most important industries to foreigners.  Let it be known to all, our Amhara elites and politicians are enabling Abiy to auction the country's wealth. Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopian Telecom, Abay/Nile River, and the Renaissance Dam are all being sold.  Abiy is selling the country because Amhara politicians are enabling him to do. If the Amhara politicians can withdraw their support, Abiy will have no other choice but to resign and abandon the auctioning of the country.
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