Not Just “Misery Index,” and “Shitholes,” Africa has a “House Negro” Problem too!

Journalist Yayesew Shimelis of Ethio-Forum

A couple of years ago, the President of the United States, his Excellency, Mr. Donald Trump, called just about every country populated by black people “Shitholes.” At the time, a lot of people, especially those rogue leaders, tried to link the president’s remarkwith an insult to the ordinary black people living in those counties.  But nothing can be further from the truth so goes the saying.  Let us be honest!Afterall, the conditions the President termed as “Shitholes” were not created by the people but by the mindless thugs who rule over them! And so,let us get it straight, that the “Shitholes” reference wasto those thugs who bring so much shame to black people the world over! 2014, the superrich African thieves and their accomplices stole and stashed in tax havens to the tune of $500 billion.  This has mushroomed into a staggering amount by 2017 when about 165,000 super rich Africans thieves, stole and hid away in foreign havens $860 billion. That is, an increase of $120 billion/year. How do they do it?  Through the lawless countries they rule, and through vampires who link them to other corporate vampires, hidden in the West and East! No doubt about it.  In the Olympics of corruption and failed states, Africa sweeps all the gold! Because of these “shitholes,” Africans are not only unable to live a peaceful and productive lives in their home countries, but also just about every other country in the world, wants none of us in their countries!  We are hated everywhere in the world! But that is not all. About 5 million children under the age of five die each year due to lack of healthcare, high levels of poverty, and infectious diseases such as malaria as well as other water borne infectious pathogens.  After at least fifty years of independence, what do we have to show for it?  Very little! In fact, we are the first world in underdevelopment hence why referred to “shitholes!”  There are those who have written us off as the continent of lost hope.  Some say some fifty years ago, many African countries had a leg up on many of the East Asian countries. But, guess what happened some fifty or sixty year later?  The East Asian countries are economic tigers, but the African countries are stuck in their “shitholes!” Yes, and ofcourse, the president was not aiming at the ordinary people in those countries but at those thugs, those rogue leaders who have reduced those countries into a dumpster of human waste. He was referring too, to the dictatorship, lawlessness, corruption, wars and mismanagement which has turned many of the countries into permanent hell on earth for the citizens.  One may fault the President for his other short comings, but on his observation about the countries run by these mindless thugs, he was dead on, on target and on the bull’s eye!  And given that the reality in these countries is perfectly aligned with the President’s characterization, in a way, the president was talking about the plight of our people so desperateto a level of what Charles Dickens would call people condemned to just about to “eat the stew of the human residue!” Why? Keep reading! How long has it been since many of these countries became independent? Except for one or two, all have been independent for at least half a century. Since then, coupd’états, wars of all types, ethnic cleansing, genocides, and corruption have just about destroyed so many lives along with the infrastructure of these countries, such that one is forced,sometimes,to wonder of the unthinkable, and consider the possibility of what the colonizer once said about his slaves! Of course, our predicament is not a function of the great people of Africa! It is not ordinary Africans that is the problem but those brutal thieves which devour them.  We have to remember that if the people were allowed to run their affairs, that is, if they were governed by a government with their consent, and with governments with strong democratic institutions, the Africans everywhere would have reached the highest heights, competed with the best of the best in the world, and would have achieved great things! After all, the historical footprints across the continent speak of heritages so innovative and advanced, nowhere in the world, is there anything like what our ancestorshad built? The timeless wonders so built by the Axumite Empire/Ethiopia, the pyramids of the black people of Egypt, the Sudan (Kingdom of Kush/Nubian kingdom), Mali Empire, Zimbabwe, the Kingdom of Benin, Kingdom of Ghana (Wagadou),the Mali Empire, are but a few of the great living evidences of what our free people achieved. And in this 21 st century, Africans, given the chance to do their thing would have innovated in just about every field and would have transformed their countries into economic superpowers. But, thanks to those brutes, how can they? Remember too, Africa is not poor but rich!  It is blessed with so much natural resources, such as gold, diamonds, oil, coltan, bauxite, uranium, iron ore and other valuable resources, oil, coffee, cocoa and so many others.  Had it not been for the dysfunctional institutions, that is, had there been rule of law, democracy and accountability, its children would have transformed Africa into the economic tiger of the world! Sadly though, thanks to those headless monsters, rich Africa is reduced into poor Africa!  It is estimated that 50% of Sub-Saharan Africa live on less than $1.25 a day!  According to the UN, as of June 18, 2020, the population of Africa is about 1.4 billionpeople (16.72% of the world population).  That means, about 700 million people survive on $1.25 per day! And yet, if you see the thugs driving around their colony, even though their people are about to eat the “stew of the human residue,” they ride in dozens of some of the most expensive cars in the world and live in opulence that would put the richest American or European to shame!
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