Hatsani Daniel

July 8, 2019

Listen to a video of a Weyannie Afar veteran, speaking during PM Abiy visit and meeting in Semera, When PM Abiy was trying very hard to humanize and improve his Derg, Higdef and EPRP friends image. It so happens that the Afar people, at least the part of Afar kilil that was in Tigray province have experienced all of PM Abiy new friends.

-We the Afar people have a decent culture. Even our bad leaders are respected and treated with dignity till the day and time no more. If they choose to resign and retire, they are even treated better than the days when they were in power. We were two organizations during the struggle. Hizabwi Weyannie Afar and Afar Liberation Front. After the defeat of Derg, we united all our people from 6 desperate and separate administrations where they were scattered. We brought our people for the first time in history,  under one government, under one court, under one language, under one culture and under one self preservation and one development plan. We accomplished all this and united the two organizations into one. That is now gathered with you the Afar people’s Democratic party/organization. Every step of the way from beginning to achievement of our greatest success, TPLF stood by us, worked with us, fought on our side, died and got berried with us, worked with us in working from the first ever school in Afar to the University of Semera. It will not be good for the country and definitely not good for our people, if you try to isolate TPLF by allying with the likes of Derg. We also would like to remind you about our brethren suffering in Eritrea and those who came to Ethiopia and are here with us. -

PM Abiy face was turned ashen. He was so angry for being caught red handed and went to extreme to justify his attitude towards Derg and the anti Derg fight/struggle. PM Abiy stated: Derg failed and was defeated by its own faults and shortcomings....I will not do anything with Isayas, trust me on this. I will not do anything to hurt the (Red Sea) Eritrean Afar.
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