PM Abiy Ahmed has failed to transition Ethiopia to Democracy. He was  fully aware about what was the faults of TPLF led EPRDF brutal regime (as some one working on top in espionage), but he is not equipped with knowledge and skill to  lead, guide and resolve what to follow, the complex Ethiopia's political reality.  His spontaneous,  poorly thought and non prepared response to deflate the public uprising temporarily worked but resulted in mountain of tensions all over the country which resulted in bloodshed.

PM Abiy has poor understanding of the Ethiopian people, politics and what governs the society. His belief on his story kind of illusionary speech with no practical follow up would persuade the majority has spectacularly failed. His obsession of self indulged philosophy and new ideology has blinded him not to see what is happening in Ethiopia after TPLF/EPRDF regime.

PM Abiy Ahmed is responsible for the failure of his regime which resulted in hundreds and thousands of death, millions of displacement and billons worth of destruction of property. PM Abiy has failed to use the support he received following his inauguration as PM after his bold Ethiopianist speech. Instead of using the momentum to work for national reconciliation, forgiveness and people to people dialogue to close the past chapter and work together for future, he got intoxicated with applause and claps he received from inside and outside the country. Instead of forming a transitional government with all stake holders comprising of EPRDF and all opposition, he chose to rule the country by himself with his selected subordinates. Instead of securing peace and stability, law and order, he was in fantasy world beyond reality that a tolerant society will come from the blue sky overnight.

PM Abiy Ahmed foolishly tried to play on both side of the political game. He tried to play the ethnic politics and unionist politics in the same political field which are antagonistic. He is losing the grip from both sides and his supporters from both sides are losing their trust on him. His omission of actions that need to be taken as commander-in-chief resulted in severe consequences resulting death and destruction.

PM Abiy's action and inaction has successfully helped the ethnic hate politics to flourish and dominate the political agenda in Ethiopia. His speech was like children story to hypnotise the Ethiopians unionist people who are currently awakening to strange nightmare happening in Ethiopia.

PM Abiy can be a good person but not a good leader at critical point in time in our history. His failure is resulting in the destruction of our society and potentially disunion of our country. He has lost the political insight and clearly obsessed and deluded by his own political philosophy (megalomania) instead of listening to Ethiopian elders, intellectuals and matured people advice how safely to transition the country to democracy.

The solution at this time before it gets late is for PM Abiy to resign. He has to assemble EPRDF, admit he has failed and as he has no know-how political means to stop and close the gate he widely opened without a lock. He should resign with a condition that who ever to follow to rectify his failure as soon as possible. PM Abiy is now politically lame. His ODP party is infiltrated by OLF and Jawarians who would at anytime dispose him.
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