ለፓለቲካ ስልጣኗ አለንልህ ያሉት በአንበጣው ወረራ ድምፃቸው ጠፋ!
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Request for Emergency Support to fight locust invasion in Tigray, Ethiopia
TDA 10-19-20 - Dear all local, national, and international partners and concerned organizations. Recently, a large part of Tigray regional state is facing the worst desert locust swarm outbreak in decades. The swarms are extremely dangerous and threatening the lives and livelihood of millions of people in the region, destroying the food security and all the other positive developments made during the last two to three decades. Given the COVID-19 disaster, the people are now subjected to a 'double pandemic', the combined effect of which makes the situation hopeless.
DW TV(News): President Debretison stern warning to anyone attacking, humiliating, and undermining Tigreans anywhere in Ethiopia. During a speech, he gave at a special force's graduation, he said no excuse will exonerate them from being accountable in the end. Oct 18, 2020

The disastrous disaster risk management in Ethiopia
Yohannes Aberra, PhD 10-18-20 - The nearly fifty years old natural disaster risk management in Ethiopia is like the Amharic saying "ከርሞ ጥጃ" or "አድሮ ቃርያ" (almost means perpetually infantile). The same thing happens again and again and again as if it is the first-time disaster strikes. It is always a surprise and always crisis management. The lessons from past disasters are never learned exactly in the same way as lessons from past political mistakes are never learned.
A Strategy to fight desert locust infestation in Tigray!
Hagos Berhe 10-17-20 - Instead of being proactive, the fight against the desert locust infestation was rather reactive. There were early warnings of the looming invasion by both local and global institutions. But we all, bottom-up, are acting as if we had just heard the news now.
Africa's largest dam powers dreams of prosperity in Ethiopia - and fears of hunger in Egypt
A colossal dam is near completion on Ethiopia's stretch of the Nile, a project so large that it promises to set the country on a path to industrialization that could lift tens of millions out of poverty.
Indeed, the Dam owners the EPRDFities/Woyentis, and Ethiopians at large were hoping the Dam to become key to the country's economic success, but thanks to sellouts and Abiy enablers the Dam is at a precarious stage today. God forbid if it is true, but Abiy and his enablers have compromised the Dam already. They have acquiescence to Egypt's demand behind closed doors. Unless Abiy is removed from power, Egypt will have an agreement it likes soon. It has promised not to make the agreement public until Abiy power-based is secured.

Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya face devastating drought

The next rainy season in East Africa is forecast to fail, jeopardizing food security for millions of people. Act now.
Oh, Dear Meles! All of the meticulous development and mitigation plan you and your government planned and executed to withstand drought are being tarnished by color revolutionaries. Guess what dear Meles! Aregawi Berhe is now continuing your legacy as head of the Hedase Dam! Gud! I will never forgive, Adisu, Seyoum, Kassu, Berket, Aba Dula, Amb Girma, Samora, and Getachew to mention a few for their dereliction of duty. Teteyeqeti eikum!! [Zeru Hagos 10-15-20]
Contextualizing the Plague in Tigrai

Aesop 10/15/2020 - Tigrai is fighting at least four formidable invaders this year. These are COVID-19, the desert locust, and the dictatorships in Addis and Asmara. While this brief essay focuses on the latest threat, the desert locust (Schistocerca gregaria), it is important to underscore the fact that these dark forces are interdependent. The eminent development economist, Amartya Sen (1999), tells us how the absence of democracy triggers cataclysmic disasters like famine and pestilence in the following terms:
GSTS Letter to the Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN-FAO), Rome, Italy
GSTS 10/15/2020 - Ethiopia is facing a massive Desert Locust invasion to the extent the country has not seen in the last 25 years. The situation is especially troublesome as swaths of crop and pasture land have already been destroyed, and conditions continue to deteriorate because of recent successive breeding in Yemen and Afar Region of Ethiopia, risking millions of people in the sub-region to hunger and famine.

The Tegaru Mindset
Lebelo Hailesilassie October 15, 2020 - It is probably or maybe even possibly easy to brag about your identity, your upbringing, your heritage or whatever you call it yours, but it is very hard not to be proud as being "Tigraway" specially the Mindset of Tegaru to be specific.
An Urgent need of Changing the Education Medium in Tigrai.
Gebre Selema 10-14-20 - I know most of our people may not get this message. I have raised this issue almost every day. But there is not any awareness among our people. The education medium in Ethiopia was introduced by a British advisor to Emperor Haileslassie. The rationale for making English as medium of education in Ethiopia was because the British advisor believed Ethiopian language cannot be used for science and Technology.
U.S. Africa Policy Needs a Reset
The Trump administration hasn't ripped up the Africa playbook-but U.S. Africa policy does need a reset. U.S. policy has largely failed to account for the fact that in the largest African states-notably Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Ethiopia-power has seeped away from capitals toward regional power centers
(Glad to see international analysts realizing power is shifting away from Addis!)
Amanuel Asrat shares PEN Pinter Prize 2020 with Linton Kwesi Johnson
Eritrean poet, critic and editor-in-chief of the leading newspaper Zemen, Amanuel Asrat has been named International Writer of Courage at the PEN Pinter Prize ceremony. The Writer of Courage is awarded to someone who has been persecuted for speaking out about their beliefs.
Eritrean troops round up Afar families
(Martin Plaut) 10-12-20 - I am receiving information that the Eritrean Government is conducting raids and arresting entire families in the Galalo District in the Afar Red Sea region (Eastern Eritrea, Dankalia).
The Afar corridor is critical to maintaining peace and stability in the horn region. Any responsible body in the region must not cede the Afar corridor to Isaias Afeworki and his running dog Abiy Ahmed. Make no mistake about it. Abiy will pay for his crime he is committing in Ethiopia. Like Aigaforum said the North remembers and Abiy's callous act against Tigreans during this trying moment will be remembered for eternity. He should ask Isaias Afewerki while he has him in Jimma today (10-12-20) what TPLF did to him in the end for his criminal act during the 1977 famine. Oh Ya! The North remembers!! Hayelom Nigus Oct 12, 2020
Muferiat's "mesken": Better late than never; out from the restrictive domain
Yohannes Aberra, PhD 10-11-20 - Every soul in Ethiopia wants to spend as many nights as can be made possible without the stressful thoughts of war and disintegration, except for the political cowboys who cannot make peace even with themselves. In Ethiopia, we have reached a stage where we center our debates on the interpretation of constitutional articles rather than on the caliber of our guns and bullets. Wasn't this a blessing?!
Fire from the Ashes? Or Ashes from Fire?
Aesop 10/09/2020 - One fact that Meles correctly understood, inter alia, is on the people of Tigrai: this ancient land, this ancient soul, and these ancient people! He said: "እንቋእ ካብዚ ሂዝቢ ተፈጠርና!" These ancient people, Tegaru, deserve freedom from poverty! The TPLF has to relieve them from, above all, FGM (legally ban Female Genital Mutilation) (See 2020 WHO figure below-our sisters should never be among the 74%), early marriage, gender-based violence, and boost ደ/አንስትዮ representation in STEM ( ሳይንስ ቴክኖሎጂ፡እንጅነሪግ) simply because most of the voters that catapulted TPLF to power were ተጋሩ ደ/አንስትዮ (አጒላት)- check the poll number! Now, the TPLF carries the burden of banning FGM, early marriage, & አመጻ (including domestic violence and prostitution
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