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Buying Time for GERD Negotiations: Better Late Than Never
Asham Hagere 03-02-20 - Ethiopia's request for more time to consult on the GERD negotiation came late but better than never. It was late because the negotiation entered into a complicated stage and no one knows how the request for more time would be taken by the powerful country hosting the negotiations and by the other negotiating parties. As it was feared, the latest unilateral statement by the Treasury secretary clearly...

A government destine to cause so many problems, but with no accountabilities!
W.Yilma 3/1/20 - The current political crises in Ethiopia are man-made, created mainly by the government in power. This does not mean to undermine the contributions of others in aggravating the situation. hen we talk about Ethiopian politics, we are directly talking about the elites which mean, the "intellectuals" who are actively participating in the daily political activities of the country. In most cases it is unfair to generalize...

13 Canadians detained in Ethiopia: Humanitarian organization
Thirteen Canadians who work with an Alberta-based humanitarian organization are among 15 people detained in Ethiopia, the charity said Saturday...
Where are these people detained? Has the country collapsed or is this a slap to PM Justin Trudeau's face who recently visited the country?

Nile has been a free-lunch for Egypt, it will be super-duper free-lunch with Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
Tekleab Shibru Associate Professor of Geomatics, Chicago State University Feb 29, 2020 - In economics, "Free-Lunch" depicts a condition where goods and services are attained without any cost an individual. Normally, such investment or condition is none-existent and often the situation come to being when someone else is carrying the cost. It could also be that expenses are obscured or not clearly understood. Out of the total water budget of the Nile watershed...

ሲኖር ግብፃዊ፤ ሲሞት ኢትዮጵያ
(ዳንሾ ሄሮን21/06/2012 ዓ/ም)

Statement by the Secretary of the Treasury on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
Washington - On February 27-28, 2020, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin participated in separate bilateral meetings with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and the Ministers of Water Resources of Egypt and Sudan.Consistent with the principles set out in the DOP, and in particular the principles of not causing significant harm to downstream countries, final testing and filling should not take place without an agreement. We also note the concern of downstream populations in Sudan and Egypt due to unfinished work on the safe operation of the GERD, and the need to implement all necessary dam safety measures in accordance with international standards before filling begins.
The problem with involving a third-party and the very reason PM Meles wanted the Dam to be built by the labor and financial means of all Ethiopians has become very clear now. The US is siding with Egypt. The U.S. is undermining the resolve of Ethiopians when it comes to owning their destiny. No matter what the Abiy government does the horn of Africa will not be peaceful if the U.S. insists Ethiopia signs this agreement. The U.S. was nowhere when poor Ethiopians raise over 13 billion birrs of their money to build this dam over the last few years. Abiy, close to 110 million people are watching you. Trust us, if you sign this deal, the U.S will not save your skin. In the end, your fate will be like Mubarak and Marcos!

Election Campaigns and Voters' Responsibilities for Ethiopia's 2020 Election
Assefa A. Lemu 02-28-20 - The National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) announced that the sixth round of Ethiopia's General Election will be held on August 29, 2020.The previous five general elections which were held in 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2015 were criticized for not being free, fair, and transparent. Could this year's general election in Ethiopia be different from the previous general elections? Are the political parties ready for the election? Do they have alternative and better policies to improve the lives of Ethiopians?

Why Abiy Ahmed is more popular in Norway than in Ethiopia
Abiy Ahmed has won two important votes. In March 2018, Ethiopia's now-defunct ruling coalition made him prime minister. Last October, Norway's Nobel committee, picked him as winner of the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. Now Mr. Abiy must win the election that really counts - in August when he and his newly formed Prosperity party face the Ethiopian people in a general election. If the exercise is free and fair, as Mr. Abiy has promised, there is no guarantee he or his party will win it.
Abiy is right, the electoral map right now favors the federalist, not the unionist. The Federalist will win a majority in Ethiopia. Abiy will be lucky to win his seat in Oromia. Abiy's prosperity can be sure to get votes from Amhara kilil and some parts of Southern Nation, but, the rest of the nation will vote for the federalists. Even in Amhara, the vote Abiy will get is a protest vote against OLF and TPLF at the federal level. Otherwise, Amhara kilil will have a new governing party after the election. This prediction is true if Ethiopia holds free and fair elections. If the election is not free and fair then Ethiopia as we know it is finished!

የእስረኞቹ መፈታት ድራማ
ፋቶ ምዕራፍ ጻድቃናት 02-27-20

Preaching unity but flying solo, Abiy's ambition may stall Ethiopia's transition
February 25, 2020by Rene Lefort - In many, if not most parts of Ethiopia, except in Tigray region, the mengist-together the authority, the power exemplified in governance, in the state apparatus and civil servants-has vanished. Amhara region, as a whole, seems severely affected. Areas north-west of Gondar are still lawless, and the Qemant area remains restive after bouts of something close to ethnic cleansing last year. Since Abiy Ahmed became Prime Minister...
One of the best, if not the only well researched and written critical analysis of the current political dilemma of Ethiopia.

GERD: at the mercy of WB and USA
Molla Mitiku 02-24-20 - The construction of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) which was estimated to cost a total of 4.7 billion USD to be financed and constructed with local capabilities. The President of Tigray Regional State Dr. Debretsion Gebremichel was responsible in leading the entire situation as board chairman of the GERD.

Nile River is "taker of life", say Egyptians but not with Grand Ethiopian Renascence Dam
Tekleab Shibru Associate Professor of Geomatics, Chicago State University Feb 24, 2020 - Previous article entitled, "Grand Ethiopian Renascence dam (GRED) is a blessing in disguise to Egypt", argued how an Ethiopia's project, GERD, is extremely misunderstood by the very beneficiary of it. The project mainly aimed at harvesting cheap and clean energy has a great potential to offset Egypt's dire energy deficit and addictions to fossil fuel and other non-renewable...

Ethiopia asks to delay final talks on disputed Blue Nile dam
Ethiopia has asked the United States to postpone what was expected to be the final round of talks on its Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, delaying the potential resolution of a years-long dispute with Egypt over access to water. David Doyle reports
The Abiy government doesn't seem to understand the significance of the Hedase Dam both to Ethiopia's pride and economy. If Abiy and his functionaries sign this deal it will be recorded in history as the second Wuchale. Make no mistake about it! As history tells us if it was not for Atse Menelik, invaders wouldn't have set afoot in today's Eritrea since Ras Alula was keeping them at bay. And, if it was not for Atse Yohannes, the Mahdist would have burned Gondar to ashes. Let us hope and pray the Amhara elites negotiating this deal will stop Abiy from committing a grave mistake. Dr. Seleshi, do your part and make history. Follow our heroes of yesterday! Remember what Engineer Semegnew and the late PM Meles said - "Egnaw be Egnaw"!.

Ethiopia's naive peacemaking could lead to war
Alas, Abiy appears to have let the prize go to his head and, in doing so, may have forgotten an important rule of peacemaking: timing matters. Sometimes, rushed reconciliation, regardless of the good intentions behind it, can lead to disaster. Consider, for example, the tragedy of U.S.-Iran relations. It was not the Islamic Revolution that paralyzed relations between the United States and Iran. ...

TDA in collaboration with ProFuturo Foundation gave training for 69 ICT teachers to promote digital education
TDA Mekelle Feb 22, 2020 - TDA in collaboration with ProFuturo Foundation is working to promote digital education with the cost of over 85 million birr in 320 primary schools in 3 years' time that has a considerable impact on boosting the quality of education. While the digital education project was initially introduced in 40 primary schools late 2019 by having organized capacity building trainings for 15 ICT teachers, respective teachers and directors, TDA together with ProFuturo has also offered the 2nd phase similar training for 69 ICT teachers

መደመርና ብልፅግና ፓርቲ ችግራችንን ይፈታሉ?!
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ሙሴና አግኣዚ 02-21-20

TPLF Official Statement on the Occasion of the 45th Anniversary of the Launching of the Armed Struggle of the People of Tigrai,
TPLF 02-19-20 - We are celebrating the 45th anniversary of the launching of the armed struggle of the people of Tigrai against the then-prevailing enormous oppression, discrimination, and violence in our country, Ethiopia. When we do so, we renew our promise to move forward with greater fortitude by remembering the past commitment and various achievements of the people of Tigrai and by charting our future with better clarity and stamina. When the people of Tigrai resorted to raising arms, it was well-aware of the consequences of such an engagement in terms of human...
Finally, the foreign community and the Diaspora youngsters who can not read Tigrigna or Amharic can read for themselves what TPLF is thinking and saying. Kudos! The next challenge is to add an English podcast of main news stories from Tigrai daily! Yika'Al Eyu (can be done)!!

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