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Carrots and Sticks for Ethiopia's Election 2020
Assefa A. Lemu 03-21-20 -The carrot and stick approach has been used for years in politics and management. It is the method of inducing a desired behavior through carrot (reward) and punishment (stick). It is based on the idea of cart driver who extends a carrot hanged on a string from the far end of the stick in front of a donkey but out of the reach of donkey’s mouth. Attracted by the sight, the donkey moves forward...
Putting the spotlight on defending the sovereignty of Eritrea
Petros Tesfagiorgis 03-21-20 - First let me congratulate the brotherly/sisterly people of Tigray and their vanguard TPLF for celebrating the 45 years anniversary of the beginning of their armed struggle. The TPLF defeated the military Junta (the Dergue led by of Colonel Mengistu Hailemariamand brought to an end the Ethiopian feudal Empire that was built on the total power...

A hidden war threatens Ethiopia's transition to democracy
Abiy Ahmed's crackdown in Oromia is bloody and lawless. In the corner of a restaurant in Nekemte, a town in western Ethiopia, Fisaha Aberra unfolds a piece of paper on which he has scrawled the names of 11 men he says were shot by soldiers last year. After this came mass arrests. Fisaha and two siblings fled their home in Guliso to Nekemte...
Yeneta TV - With Getachew Reda, TPLF Executive Leader- March 2020

In the interview, Getachew covers Tigrai/Amhara relationship, Abiy, EPRDF and his personal take on many other issues.
Note: As a top leader and someone very influential Getachew should hold more interviews from his office. Image matters when it comes to TV interviews! Short on the go interviews may be hard to plan and organize but a long extended interview can be planned and organized. Just an opinion.
Zeru Hagos March 2020

A Remarkable Challenge for Diaspora
Desta, Asayehgn (Ph.D), 03-18-20 - The 1995 Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia was promulgated with the assumption that the formation of a federal union in Ethiopia would not only enhance the celebration of self-rule and shared-rule, but also rekindle ethnic autonomy, diversity, and inclusion, and serve as a framework for resolving ethnic conflict.
The Trump Presidency Is Over
What I explained then, and what I have said many times since, is that Trump is fundamentally unfit-intellectually, morally, temperamentally, and psychologically—for office. For me, that is the paramount consideration in electing a president.
Government official: Coronavirus vaccine trial starts Monday
WASHINGTON (AP) - The first participant in a clinical trial for a vaccine to protect against the new coronavirus will receive an experimental dose on Monday, according to a government official. The National Institutes of Health is funding the trial.

From Pariah to Statesman: The Failure to Rehabilite Eritrea's Despot
Elias Dawit 03-13-20 - For decades, Isayas Afewerki was considered an international pariah. Known as the "North Korea of Africa," Eritrea remained trapped in the fog of its own mythology-led by a narcissistic despot who managed to crush the once celebrated spirit of the Eritrean people through everyday cruelty and mendaciousness. The pettiness of his tyranny and the parsimony of his authoritarianism overtime exhausted the people of Eritrea, leaving them choking on their own wasted potential.
U.S.-Chinese Distrust Is Inviting Dangerous Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories
Rumors thrive on fear and uncertainty, and the outbreak of the novel coronavirus offers plenty of both. Within weeks of the pathogen's appearance, social media lit up with suggestions that the virus was a biological weapon-either a Chinese one that had escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan or an American one inflicted on Wuhan.
Battle of Adwa:Winning essay in the competition held in Addis Ababa University and The National Archives this past year
G.E Gorfu 03-14-20
Ethiopia won't be forced by US on dam, foreign minister says'
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) - Ethiopia refuses to be pressured by the United States into signing a deal with Egypt and Sudan over its controversial dam on the Nile River, says Ethiopia's foreign minister.
WE hope this is true. If not true, it is a travesty Elias is also becoming a mouthpiece for a government that is selling Ethiopia's future to the Arabs!

Ethiopia's Ambo city:'From freedom to repression under Abiy Ahmed'
Ambo has turned from being a symbol of freedom into a symbol of repression, as the security forces try to curb the growth of ethnically inspired rebel and opposition groups that threaten his "coming together" vision. Ambo, which has a large student population because of its university, was at the center of mass protests that saw Mr. Abiy rise to power in April 2018
If Abiy is losing support from the mightly Oromo people who are supporting him to maintain his power today? The Amhara Elites? Who?
Healing the Wounds and Bridging the Rift
Samuel Estefanous 11 March 2020 - I will have to note this from the very outset. Breaking a Nation hardly requires any effort. You have only to quit exerting the regular or extra regular effort to keep it. And it would be vain to expect this would come about without zeal and patience draining challenges. The point is to persevere in the fight against the odds.
The Prosperity Gospel Comes to Ethiopia
Elias Dawit 03-10-20 - It comes as no surprise, given the origins of Abiy Ahmed's rise to power, that the gospel of prosperity is being used to mobilize Ethiopians to join his new political party. Indeed, connecting the dots from Washington, DC to Addis Ababa, from the evangelicals in the U.S. Congress to the Pentecostals in Silver Spring, Maryland to the churches attended by Hailemariam Desalegn and Abiy Ahmed in Addis Ababa and ending at Menelik's palace.
ብሔር አልባ እስረኞች
Tedros Negash(Mahdere)03-12-20

Egyptian FM kicks off regional tour to boost support in Ethiopia row
Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry kicked off a tour of seven Arab countries March 8, seeking support for his country's long-running dispute with Ethiopia over the future of a massive hydropower project on the Nile.
After securing the US to be on its side, Egypt is now emboldened! It is roaming around the region to influence leaders. And what is Ethiopia doing? Nothing! Abiy singlehandedly has alienated AU, Rwanda and all the riparian countries. The UAE and Saudi two close friends of Abiy have sided with Egypt! Thanks to our Amhara elite politicians who are supporting Abiy, Ethiopia, the proud nation, has become weak and is to be run over by the Arabs this time!

"Tigray people's destiny in their hands": In theory not in practice
Yohannes Aberra, PhD 03-08-20 - It is customary among TPLF leadership to make bold statements without caring a bit about what the general Tigray public opinion is. Such things as "We have evaluated and criticized ourselves for neglecting the people of Tigray, for rampant corruption and maladministration", implying that no more talk about it...
North Star Trade Share Company Vacancy announcement
North Star Trade Share Company is legally registered company in Ethiopia to be mainly engaged in transport and logistics (including air transport) sector. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to be selected by the Board of Directors is the top operational decision maker in the company. Chief Finance & Adimn. Officer (CFAO) is responsible for undertaking various accounting and reporting functions across the company’s business. All applicants who fulfill the requirements are invited to send their complete CV, academic credentials to

UTNA 03.09.2020
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    Tadele Girmay 03-03-2020 .
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    Tekleab Shibru Associate Professor of Geomatics, Chicago State University 03-03-2020
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    W.Yilma 3/1/20
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    Tekleab Shibru Associate Professor of Geomatics, Chicago State University Feb 29, 2020
  • Election Campaigns and Voters' Responsibilities for Ethiopia's 2020 Election
    Assefa A. Lemu 02-28-20

  • Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2020 All rights reserved.

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