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Ethnic Politics vs. Citizenship Politics in Ethiopia
Assefa A. Lemu 3-29-19 - Ethnicity is a socially constructed category that has a shared cultural heritage, language, history. As defined by OkwudibaNnoli (1978:5), Ethnicity is “Social phenomenon associated with the identity of members of the largest possible competing communal groups (ethnic groups) seeking to protect and advance their interest in a political system.

Boeing Ethiopia crash probe 'finds anti-stall device activated'
Officials probing the crash in Ethiopia of a Boeing 737 Max have preliminarily concluded that a flight-control feature automatically activated before it crashed, the Wall Street Journal says.The newspaper, citing unnamed sources, says the findings were relayed on Thursday at a briefing at the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Ethiopian ethnic rivalries threaten Abiy Ahmed's reform agenda
But enthusiasm for .Mr Abiy, 42, stops in Tigray, Ethiopia's northernmost state and a dominant force in national politics since a Tigrayan rebel army overthrew the hated Marxist Derg regime in 1991.For many of the 5m-plus residents of Tigray, Mr Abiy is not so much saviour as threat. If the gloss eventually comes off the prime minister's story, that process will have begun in Tigray. To the region's people, Mr Abiy's shake-up of the Ethiopian state, which has targeted Tigrayans in top positions, is widely seen as biased and vindictive.

EFFORT Statement- March 2019
March 2019 - The Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT) board statement in regard to the decision passed by the Tigrai regional government, for EFFORT board to report to Tigrai Parlament!

The Need for State Intervention in the Regional Urban System of Tigray
Yohannes Aberra Ayele(PhD, Associate Professor) March 27, 2019 - Grave concern has been aired since recently about the rapid, but spontaneous, urban growth in Tigray; particularly the excessive primacy of Mekelle City. Social and economic ills have also been reported which require not only short-term crisis management but also structural changes enabling sustainable management of the urban system of the Region. Urbanization in Tigray has...

These tough-looking monkeys eke out a living at 11,000 feet
With regal manes, hairless scarlet chest patches, and intimidating canines jutting from their mouths like scythes, it would be easy to think gelada monkeys were the rulers of their mountain domains.That would be wrong.No one gets off easy on nature's grasslands.To understand just how difficult survival can be on a treeless grassy landscape, consider the world of the gelada, sometimes called the bleeding heart monkey. .

Ethiopia: Africa's next powerhouse?
Ethiopia has been one of the continent's best economic performers, growing at a rate of 10 percent for the past 15 years. It has been a model of state-directed development with a government that permitted no political opposition but invested heavily in infrastructure, agriculture, education, and other sectors....
If Ethiopia's economy has been growing with such rate and the country was also investing heavily on infrastructure what is the problem with such kind of growth rate and economic model? What will privatization of a few key sectors do to such a model?

Ethiopian Wins the Prestigious 'African Champion of the Year' Award

Addis Ababa, 26, March 2019 Ethiopian Airlines, the largest Aviation Group in Africa and SKYTRAX certified Four Star Global Airline, wins the prestigious African Champion of the Year Award on March 26,2019 at the ongoing Africa CEO Forum in Kigali which is being attended by more than 1,800 delegates.

GAME OVER ያልኩት ገና ነው!
ኡስማን ሙሉዓለም፣ 3-26-19

Preliminary Report on Boeing 737 Max Crash to Be Released This Week, Ethiopian Official Says
(ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia) - An Ethiopian official said a preliminary report on the plane crash that killed 157 on March 10 will be made public later this week. The final report may take months to complete but a preliminary report may be released "anytime soon," said the spokesman for Ethiopia’s transport ministry.

Ethiopian Airlines is The New Spirit of Africa
Tewolde GebreMariam Group CEO, Ethiopian Airlines March 25, 2019 - It has been more than two weeks since the tragic crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302. The heartbreak for the families of the passengers and crew who perished will be lasting. This has forever changed their lives, and we at Ethiopian Airlines will feel the pain forever. I pray that we all continue to find strength in the weeks and months ahead.

Experimenting on the Living Flesh of Ethiopia-the Case of the TEREKs
( Part -1)

Samuel Estefanous 25 March 2019 - The other day I was listening to one of the 'sanitized' hot TV stations-a.k.a. Fana et Walta - and found myself asking an apparently simple question but failed to come up with any measure of concise and meaningful answer.What had happened a year ago? Why are we in such a hurry to 'drag' the Reform to the gallows?

The two posts below are a clear indicative Ethiopian politics has turned for the worst! The color revolutionaries that basked behind the facade of Oro-Mara coalition are realizing the hard fact that Ethiopia's problem can not be solved by a superfluous coalition of the two large ethnic groups! The 11th hour is here and Abiy's run is coming to a finish. Will Abiy and the Oromo elites realize their marriage of inconvenience with known Derge leftovers is taking them down to the abyss and chart a new plan to save the federation or succumb to the Kinjit leftovers and let the Fano of Bahirdar and the Qerro of Burayu kill the country! If I may where were Esiknder supporters when the Qimants were massacred and Tigreans were killed and uprooted from Gondar and elsewhere? Who said two thieves do not fight while stealing... they only fight while sharing? Condominium....! Yawum 'Woyane mengist' yeseraw Condominium atalachew Eko!" Zeru Hagos March 24, 2019

For Africa, Chinese-Built Internet Is Better Than No Internet at All
The Chinese telecommunications company Huawei has made huge inroads in Africa in recent years even as the United States urges its allies around the world to avoid working with the firm over cybersecurity concerns.Huawei has built about 70 percent of the continent’s 4G networks, vastly outpacing European rivals, according to Cobus van Staden...

Bekele Gerba vs. Individual Freedom
Dr. Yohannes Aberra Ayele 3-24-19 - In this world, there are as many interests as there are people. Some individual or group interests may be anathema to the moral principles of humanity, but still imposed regardless by exerting negative pressure on humans. Other individuals or group interests are realized by persuasion without involving violence or fear.

Ethiopian Airlines was a symbol of national pride. Then disaster struck
Hong Kong (CNN Business)Ethiopian Airlines unveiled plans last October to build a mega-airport south of Addis Ababa. The new hub, it claimed, would handle 80 million passengers a year - the same volume as Heathrow in London.Airlines don't normally build airports. But the project reflected the ambition of Ethiopian Airlines, which has turned itself into...

Ethiopian Airlines Refutes the Baseless Allegations Published in the Washington Post.
Addis Ababa: 22 March 2019 Ethiopian Airlines strongly refutes all the baseless and factually incorrect allegations written in the Washington Post dated March 21, 2019. All the allegations in the article are false defamations with out any evidence, collected from unknown and unreliable sources and meant to divert attention from the global grounding of the B-737 MAX airplanes.

Saudis Spiral Deeper Into Isolation Amid U.S. Ire Over Khashoggi
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman's U.S. trip a year ago was packed with the sort of events most world leaders struggle to secure: a meeting at Bill Gates's home, a tour of Inc.'s headquarters and a private visit to Virgin Galactic’s hangar in the Mojave Desert.The murder of Jamal Khashoggi destroyed all that, leaving the 33-year-old heir to the Saudi throne shunned...

"የተራራቀ ትውልድ"
ፀጋዝአብ ለምለም ተስፋይ 3-22-19

Ethiopian Airlines Refutes the Wrong Reporting.
Addis Ababa: 21 March 2019 -Ethiopian Airlines would like to refute the following wrong reporting of the New York Times titled "Ethiopian Airlines Had a Max 8 Simulator, but Pilot on Doomed Flight Didn’t Receive Training" Ethiopian Airlines, one of the safest and most dependable airlines in the world, is pleased to confirm that Ethiopian pilots have completed.

Ethiopian Airlines Had a Max 8 Simulator, but Pilot on Doomed Flight Didn't Receive Training On It
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - Ethiopian Airlines surpassed many carriers by becoming one of the first to install a simulator to teach pilots how to fly the new Boeing 737 Max 8, but the captain of the doomed Flight 302 never trained on the simulator, according to people close to the airline's operations. Ethiopian Airlines tweeted a statement challenging what it described as "wrong reporting" without specifying what was incorrect.The statement said its pilots had been "made aware" and had been "well briefed on" an emergency directive issued by the F.A.A. following the Lion Air accident. The airline also said that its simulator "is not designed to simulate the MCAS system problems."

Federalism and the Ethiopian Constitution.
Bekele Berhanu March 20, 2019 - Federalism is one of the most misunderstood concepts in Ethiopia... Reasonable people will also agree that federal regions/ states should be constructed based on language, culture, geographic positioning and other related points. This is not unique for Ethiopia. In Canada, for example, geographic positioning as well as culture and language (Quebec) are used to establish the federal provinces.

First Online Marketplace for Cars Launch in Ethiopia
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia -AfriCarGroup, part of Emerging Classifieds Ventures, an Australian startup, leader in operating online marketplaces for cars and real estate in early stage emerging markets around the world, managing more than 110 websites in 90 different countries,has launched the first online market place for cars in Ethiopia,called

OPEN LETTER to Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael Regional President of Tigrai
Asegedech Mekonnen MARCH 18, 2019 - As a way of introduction, I would like to convey my sincere appreciation for the mature, principled, and strategic leadership role you are playing in Tigray in particular and in Ethiopia in general. Those vast majorities of Ethiopians who have benefitted from self-rule are within your circle of influence. When push comes to shove the only shelter for them is the federal system and the constitution.

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