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Note: The Internet is shut down across the country and there is news posted that prominent politicians Bekele Gerba and Jawar Mohammed were arrested earlier. Stay tuned!
Back in the dark: Ethiopia shuts down internet once again
Yesterday evening, June 29, prominent Oromo musician and social activist, Haacaaluu Hundeessaa, was shot dead in Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa. Following his tragic death at the hands of unknown assailants, it is reported that numerous protests sprung up in Addis Ababa and surrounding areas, with people taking to the streets demanding justice.
Hachalu Hundessa: Popular Ethiopian protest singer shot dead
Demonstrations have broken out in Ethiopia following the shooting dead of musician Hachalu Hundessa, well known for his political songs.Two people have died during protests in one town, a doctor told the BBC.Hachalu's songs often focused on the rights of the country's Oromo ethnic group and became anthems in a wave of protests
Hachalu Hundessa, Ethiopian Singer and Activist, Is Shot Dead(NY Times

DW TV: An amazing account of the current sad state of diplomatic failure regarding GERD. DR Hadush Goyitom from Mekelle University discuss on the issue with Nigsti Hailu from Dimtsi Woyane (Amharic)

Martyrs and Elections
Sponato 06-29-20 - The first multiparty elections in Ethiopia following the demise of the Derg, a military regime that ruled the country with an iron fist for 17 years, were held in May 1995. I, together with my Ethiopian TV crew, was deployed to the town of Sheraro and its environs. This area would later get international media attention due to the Ethio-Eritrean war of 1998-2000.
Dr. Tsegazeab k. A (MD, MPH) 06-28-20 - IFor all realistic and practical purposes, the current state of Ethiopia can be considered to be the work of two prominent political forces; The Minilik'ites and The EPRDF'ites, namely. That is setting aside the role and influences of foreign actors. Both forces had left a significant; may be an irreversible, political foot-print of theirs on modern Ethiopia.
Mesmer or Medemer?
Aesop 06/27/2020 - In Les Miserables, Victor Hugo, French poet/novelist, said armies cannot stop an idea whose time has come. This is because "one resists the invasion of armies; [but] one does not resist the invasion of ideas". Hugo was trying to explain howgreat ideas (liberty, equality, and fraternity), conceived during the French Revolution, became universal values. These enlightenment ideas continue to live to this day.

Addis Abeba, June 29/2020- Back in February 2020, after Ethiopia refused to sign the US drafted deal that Egypt immediately initialed, apparently unhappy about USA's attempt to rush an agreement, the GERD negotiations were interrupted for some time. During the interruption, Egypt wrote a letter to bring the issue to the attention of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) triggering Ethiopia and the Sudan to write their own responses to the same body.
Arat Kilo's options against TPLF
Asmelash Yohannes Teklu 06-29-20 - The simmering tension between the regional government of Tigray (Mekelle hereinafter) and the federal government (Arat Kilo hereinafter) would reach its climax if Tigray proceeds with its threat to hold a regional election.

DW TV- Gize Discussion. June 2020

African Migrants in Yemen Scapegoated for Coronavirus Outbreak
BEIRUT, Lebanon - The Yemeni militiamen rumbled up to the settlement of Al Ghar in the morning, firing their machine guns at the Ethiopian migrants caught in the middle of somebody else's war. They shouted at the migrants: Take your coronavirus and leave the country, or face death. Fatima Mohammed's baby, Naa'if, was screaming. She grabbed him and ran behind her husband as bullets streaked overhead.
Tigrai Will Rise, Shine and Make another History (Part II)
G. Amare, June 27, 2020. Yes, Tigrai will rise, shine and make another history but if and only if every Tigraian clearly understands and foresees the dire consequences of failing to fightagainstCOVID-19 and the wishful unitary preachers, deceivers, plotters, betrayers, thugs, and shithole politicians whoseonly dream is power by hook or by crook.

What is wrong with Abraha Belay? Is he that much a fool person to be the running dog for Abiy Ahmed? Let Abiy ridicule himself and defend his action, weyeley! We do not see Abiy sharing the limelight with you when an opportunity arises. It is Isaias Afeworki that is invited when EPRDF projects are inaugurated. I have not seen you around during such events! Why share his shame?

Egypt, Sudan: Ethiopia won't fill disputed dam before accord
CAIRO (AP) - The leaders of Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia have agreed that Ethiopia will refrain from filling its new hydroelectric dam on the Blue Nile next month and return to talks aimed at reaching an agreement among the three nations on the use of the river's waters, according to statements Friday from Egypt and Sudan.
The silence from Ethiopia in the face of the concerted Egyptian campaign to remain the sole controller of the Nile river is very telling about Abiy's priorities these days. It also affirms our well-founded suspicion that Abiy has already agreed to hand over control of the Dam to Egypt. In the end, Abiy will sign on the dotted line Egypt and Uncle Sam have prepared for him. We never thought not even for a second Ethiopians will be this weak to do nothing when their country's fate is at stake. Did not know Apathy is this crippling!
Nasser's Dreams and Strategies
Sponato 06-27-20 - The Ethiopian writer, Sebhat Gebregziabher, once wrote a profile on Gamal Abdel Nasser. This is how the author introduced the Egyptian statesman to his readers: "Some people realize their childhood dreams and aspirations when they grow up. The Egyptian Gamal Abdel Nasser (1918-1970) was that kind of man".
Detailed legal and logical arguments submitted to TDA Board
Concerned Diaspora Tegaru TDA Supporters, June 27, 2020. (Tigrigna)
June 27, 2020 - During the pandemic, Ethiopian Airlines, Africa's largest airline, was the go-to airline for essential travel, repatriation flights, and airlift of medical and personal protective equipment (PPE). With the easing of travel restrictions across the globe, Ethiopian is pleased to announce that it’s happy to welcome back business and leisure travelers with programs aimed at safeguarding their health and safety..
Joint Declaration of The Eritrean Political Forces
(English) (Tigirnya)
Joint Eritrean Forces 06-27-20 - No one disputes the sad fact that the state of Eritrea, whose independent and sovereign birth was achieved through unparalleled sacrifices, is today being led to a dangerous path by a selfappointed repressive autocrat whose misrule has been repressing and displacing the people for decades without a constitution and the rule of law.
አያም በሉ
ሰሎሞን መዝገቡ 06-27-20 (Former TDA Chair and Executive Director )

The Making of Tigray East African Giant
Sisay A. Teklu 06-25-20 - One who visits the town of Aksum definitely, has to raise questions and issues seeking more information to learn what happened in Tigray before 2000 years. Why is Tigray the only place in Sub- Saharan Africa that was capable to have its own letter, number, currency, written language and huge traces of engineering and medicinal knowledge?
Something wrong with the Eritreans? Isaias in Sudan.
If you look around the Horn of Africa, except for Eritrea, every country including South Sudan has seen different leaders at the top since Isaias came to power. Does Isaias Afeworki know shame? Does he think people will not notice how cruel and ignorant he is when he meets new leaders around the Horn? He has outlived his best buddies Gadaffi and Mursi and has seen leaders come and go either by election or coup. What is wrong with Eritreans? They are the most oppressed and yet they can't remove this guy?
Jawar is back!!
Not that we care anymore but Jawar is back! Last time he told the world he was the architect behind the Qerro movement and the coronation of Abiy Ahmed, not many believed him. No one can blame them since Jawar is neither in the Menelik palace nor the head of any authority in Oromia today!
However, it looks, Jawar has a second chance to convince them otherwise now!
And it looks he may convince us too!
His page is full of campaign materials to rally the many Nations and Nationalities in the South. Almost all the nations and nationalities in the South are demanding regional autonomy. They are ignoring Abyi's plan for the region that was cooked by Aba Dula recently. The fools in Arat Killo may be laying the ground for the ' one Ethiopia' Atse Menelik and Hailesselaise left them behind even though, almost every nation and nationalities want none of it. Jawar good luck! But, for heaven-sake admit Woyane has given you a formidable tool to use! Imagine where and who you would have been today had it not been for the heroes and heroines of Woyane. Eternal Glory!!
Basta, you are a hater to your core
Gebru Boj Boj 06-23-20 - It will be an utter mistake, amoral, unethical, and unscrupulous not to say something briefly about our most observed day of the year: the observance of our Memorial Day which is yearly falling on June 20 to remember and thank our giant martyrs that we cherish lovingly and highly proud of. Thus, may I take this very opportunity to pass the following brief message?
ሰማእታትን መረፃን
ብስፖናቶ 06-24-20

Bereket Semon on GERD
Dade Desta: - Two men who constantly make prominence in our memory as related to GERD are PM Meles Zenawi and Engineer Simegnew Bekele. Both are not alive today. If we were to honestly think of a longer list though, Bereket Semon would comfortably make it as he himself was at the center of the very story. We all know he too is not around, though alive and kicking.
Council of Constitutional Inquiry verdict: "Because I said so!"
On 11 June, 2020, the House of Federation ("HOF") fully adopted the recommendations made by the Council of Constitutional Inquiry ("CCI") over the constitutional matters referred to it for interpretation by the Parliament. The CCI released its recommendations to the House of Federation (HOF) regarding the term limits of the House of Peoples' Representative....
We are kind of done promoting our Unity in Diversity because we are disheartened by the unfortunate silent majority voices we hear against the constitutional onslaught. But, if you are not, here is good writing against Meaza Ashenafi. The neo-liberals never fail to amaze us! As if we do not know their role in destroying Ethiopia, they are trying to fool us as a fair arbitrator posting such criticism against Abiy. Didn't they post the blueprint for the next mayhem in Northern Ethiopia as a research report recently? They did the same thing in 2014/15!! The North remembers as they say!!!
እባብ ለእባብ ይተያያል ካብ ለካብ
ርእሶም ኣባኩኖም 06-23-20

Part IV: Debunking Ethiopia's Plentiful Water Resources vis-à-vis Egypt: A Closer Look at Basins' Water Budget
Tekleab Shibru(PhD) associate professor of Geomatics Chicago State University 06-22-20 - Following the construction of Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam, the hydro-electric dam meant to generate electricity, Ethiopia and Egypt are having a fierce battle over the Nile water resource. Egypt alleges that Nile water is the "only" freshwater source, and hence considers Ethiopia's dam as existential threat....
Don't Doubt who sold Ethiopia's interest then and who is selling it now.
Zeru Hagos June 19, 2020 - Atse Yohannes lived and died defending Ethiopia's interest across the northern frontier. He defended the country against colonial Italy and defeated the Egyptians and Mahdist expansionist on many fronts until his death in Metema.PM Meles outmaneuvered and outsmarted the Egyptians and was able to convince most Nile basin countries to stand on Ethiopia's side when he started the Renaissance Dam. The Egyptians could not match...

G. Amare, June 20, 2020
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