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Days after Ethiopian ICT officials made public pledges to improve net access, the government began playing on-again, off
Days after Ethiopian ICT officials made public pledges to improve net access, the government has shut down (almost completely). Data provided to TechCrunch from Oracle's Internet Intelligence confirmed intermittent net blackouts from June 11 to 14, with connectivity returning for brief periods during that time-span.
When the Internet was shut down during the national exam week during PM Hailemariam time, it was because the national exam was stolen and the government wanted to avoid cheating. Then, the communication minister was at least telling the world why it was shut. Even though we are told the current government is more democratic and accountable, there is no word why the internet is shut down now! In fact, ask any minister or official the common answer is 'I do not know why only the government knows!' It is a pity the country is being run by ministers who think of themselves as not part of the government! Can't wait how the private companies itching to join the market will feel when they are told to shut down come next year! Who is stealing the national exam again? Jawar any clue?

The Quintessence of Developmental State Paradigm Alternative
Dejen H June 14, 2019 - The orthodox model of Anglo-American development paradigm employs a universal, a contextual model of development. Nations which failed to develop were urged to employ this neo-classical model of development since this has been purportedly already proven to be successful. Yet the main shortcoming of the neo-classical model of development is that...

Despite Historic Rapprochement With Ethiopia, 'Nothing Has Changed' in Eritrea
ASMARA, Eritrea-The streets of Eritrea's capital in the runup to this year’s Independence Day celebrations on May 24 were unusually quiet. But cafes and restaurants were full of many Eritreans from the diaspora who had traveled back to mark 28 years of national independence. Most of the people I know who put up with life in Eritrea the whole year, however, do not feel like celebrating.

Ethiopia's Dismal Ranking in the Global Peace Index (GPI)
Makonnen Tesfaye, 12 June 2019 - The just-published annual Global Peace Index (GPI) Report for 2019 confirms what many Ethiopians already know, that is the sorry state of peace and security in the country. Ethiopia is ranked 131st peaceful country out of 163 countries in 2019. This is a further decline from its 119th ranking in 2016, which was the begging of the civil unrest that led to the downfall of the Hailemariam Government in 2018 (GPI Reports, 2019 and 2016).

State projects leave tens of thousands of lives in the balance in Ethiopia - study
A giant dam and irrigated sugar plantations are "wreaking havoc" in southern Ethiopia and threaten to wipe out tens of thousands of indigenous peoples , a US-based thinktank has claimed. The Oakland Institute says
Hey! Al Mariam and company, tell your old friends at the Oakland Institue there is a new government in town and not to bother PM Abiy! If you love PM Abiy you will have to inform International Rivers and Oakland Institute to leave Ethiopia alone so that you do your thing to develop Ethiopia! Or are you working from within with them to disrupt the remaining mega projects similar to the Hedase Dam? Zeru Hagos June 13, 2019

Eritrea's 'ice bucket' bid to oust Isaias Afwerki
Thousands of Eritreans are waging a social media campaign - modelled in part along the lines of the viral ice bucket challenge - to force change in the one-party state.They hope that the overthrow of neighbouring Sudan's long-serving ruler Omar al-Bashir will give impetus to their efforts to oust President Isaias Afwerki.

Sudan opposition says to nominate members for transitional council
KHARTOUM (Reuters) - Sudan's opposition plans to nominate eight members of a transitional council and name a prominent economist to head a government, a leader in the alliance of protesters and opposition groups said on Monday.

Online Registration for Tigrai Festival 2019
Time is fast approaching register online!

CPJ joins call for UN to continue scrutinizing human rights situation in Eritrea
The Committee to Protect Journalists and 29 other civil society organizations today sent a letter to members of the United Nations Human Rights Council urging them to continue to scrutinize the human rights situation in Eritrea. The letter was sent ahead of the 41st session of the Human Rights Council...

PM Abiy Visit to Axum - June 2019
TPLF and Tigrai Government must unequivocally tell the people of Tigrai where it stands in regard to the Abiy government. Many digital Woyane and many regular activists and in fact the vast majority of Tigreans detest Abiy for many reasons. One of the obvious reason is that Abiy is harassing and jailing innocent Tigreans and former leaders simply because they are TPLF. If TPLF and the regional government is okay to work with the current federal government despite all the wrongdoings by Team Lemma then say it out loud so innocent people including Digital Woyanes are not hurt waging an unnecessary campaign! There is no good reason to continue dealing with Abiy government with a "no war no peace" approach anymore! If TPLF thinks Abiy has shown remorse for past mistakes then tell the people and let the people support him in earnest so he can defeat the rightwing elements in Oromia and Amhara. Otherwise, do not shower him with love when he does not love us! People need to know either way. Alula June 10, 2019

We write to convey our most sincere congratulations upon your country's normalization of diplomatic relations with Ethiopia. This is a development much appreciated by all Africans of goodwill.We write to you in our capacity as citizens of Africa to pledge our unequivocal solidarity with all the people of Eritrea. This includes the many Eritreans we see enduring all manner of risk and suffering in search of a better life outside their homeland.

Yohannes Gebresellasie (Ph.d) Addis Ababa June 10, 2019 - Football: The beautiful game as it is popularly called is the most popular and the most widely watched sport in the world. It is also by nature and as a definition a peaceful and decent sport. Everybody anywhere enjoys playing or watching football and every child almost anywhere grows up playing football irrespective of gender, race, religion, culture, and tradition.

Nationalism in Ethiopia
Assefa A. Lemu June 9, 2019 - The concept of nationalism was emerged in Europe when freedom from religious restrictions led to the enhancement of national identity in the mid-15th century ...We heard several times EPRDF saying it has been decayed, but we didn't expect that the leaders of the decayed EPRDF contradict its core principles like multiculturalism and federalism and vilify the constitution in which EPRDF members put lots of effort to bring into effect. EPRDF leaders' lack of interest to respect the constitution and its core principles shows...

AU issues security alert to staff members
Following the increasing number of criminal activities in Addis Ababa targeting its staff members, the African Union (AU) issued a security alert notice telling its employees to take extra precautions, The Reporter has learnt.In an alert issued last week via its security service department the AU said that, "There is a rising incident of crimes in Addis Ababa and caution should be exercised."
How do you carry a huge project of 'greening Addis' while such day time robbery is the norm in Addis? Shouldn't the Abiy government spend the huge cost of such project on real development where the youth and the destitute can be employed and shun risky and illegal activities?

የሰሜኑ ፖለቲካ ወዴት ማምራት አለበት?
(Dagnew Mache A. ዳኛው ማቸ ኣስገደ) 01/10/2011 ዓ.ም

Statement from Association of Tigrayan University Students - Mekelle Tigrai
Mekelle June 2019 - Statement from the Association of Tigrayan University Students about the ongoing persecution and displacement of Tigrayan students all over Ethiopia.

Sharing your favorite food with the world isn't easy. Ask Ethiopia.
Just before midnight every night, a truck rumbles out of a dusty industrial suburb of Ethiopia's capital, bound for the airport with a precious cargo on board.Inside, dozens of cartons are loaded with injera, the spongy, sour, pancake-like bread that is the foundation of Ethiopian cuisine.

Ethiopia is at a Crossroad - What will TPLF and Tigrai Government Do Next?
Hiyab Natey June 6, 2019 - As you can tell Ethiopia is sliding into chaos. The everyday news is filled with killings, day time robbery, and displacement of people. Ethiopia is number one in the world in internal displacement and soon it may be one of the largest countries that have become a failed state. In the old days, university students were at the forefront of many popular and ideological campaigns to bring change. Today university students are ...

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