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HakfenMedia : Qerro Movement in Ethiopia Jul, 2020

TPLF Executive Statement (Amharic) - July 8, 2020

DW TV (Amharic)- July 8, 2020
On Abiy and Media closure. Abiy must be resenting what he uttered before on media freedom! The emperor is naked really!

TMH live with Getachew Reda- July 6, 2020

DW TV - Dr. Tsegaye Arrarsa said the struggle is against tyranny, not an individual.

After a half-day hiatus, Dimtsi Woyane is back on the air. You can find it :
Satellite Ethiosat/Eutelsat

Three Ropes Round My Neck!
Yared Huluf

Rara Media - Getachew Reda on Current Issues - Jul 2020

TMH: The killings in Ethiopia July 2020

Climbing the Towers of Tigray in Ethiopia

Adventure films have been in short supply recently, in part because most of us haven't been able to actually go out on an adventure. One of the clips that truly caught my attention-not to mention my imagination-is this beautiful film shot in Ethiopia, as they visit the dramatic landscapes of the Tigray region.

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The Unimaginable Has Become More Conceivable: A Warning to the International Community.
Elias Dawit 07-12-20 - In most countries, the decision to delay an election is a clear sign of authoritarianism. Yet, the Ethiopian Prime Minister's decision to postpone elections, first scheduled to take place in May 2020, because of COVID-19, is judged "good governance" by the government's Western allies. Conversely, the decision made by Tigray to hold its regional elections is viewed as unconstitutional because the National Electoral Board refused to grant permission to the people of Tigray to exercise their constitutional rights. In most countries, a government that deploys its security forces to fire on protestors, killing at least 239, is a clear sign of repression. Abiy Ahmed, however, is given a pass. After all, he won the Nobel Prize for Peace.
The Right Honorable Justin Pierre James Trudeau MP, Prime Minister of Canada
Oromo Canadian Community Association 07-12-20 - We, the members of the of Atlantic Canada, and the Oromo Community Association of Nova Scotia, are writing this letter to bring to your attention and express our deepest concerns about the continued mass killing, evicting of farmers from their land, arbitrary arrest without due process, torturing of innocent civilians, raping of girls and women in front of their families, burning of crops, and the killing of opposition parties’ supporters and party members in Oromia by defense forces, Federal Police, Federal Security, and Special Forces of the Ethiopian government lead by Dr. Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia..
Oromos say Ethiopia has become a 'dangerous country for us' at Paris rally
Abiy may think he has silenced the Oromo youth in Finifine, but, all over the world, Oromos and supporters are protesting highlighting his regime callous disregard to life in Ethiopia.

The Looming Civil Strife in Ethiopia: Putting the International Community on Notice

Global Society of Tigrai Scholars (GSTS) 07-11-20 - It is with profound sadness that the Global Society of Tigrai Scholars (GSTS) expresses its concern about the ever-increasing killings of innocent civilians, targeted assassinations of high-level officials and prominent personalities, massive detentions, and the excessive use of force by security forces in Oromia and other parts of the country.
Democratic elections, self-determination and federal system of government are the only choices for Ethiopians to coexist in peace as one nation.
Teum Mezgebo 07-11-20 - Ethiopian people have never had any luck of a good leader since Atse Menelik II. Amara and Oromo nationalists seem to blame the people of Tigray and TPLF for what is happening now in Ethiopia. The Amharas extremists started ethnic violence, killing, and ethnic cleansing against Tigrayeans and Kemants in Gondar. Kemant and Tigrayean-owned businesses have been attacked...

Moody's: Ethiopia political tensions are credit negative
LONDON, July 10 (Reuters) - Ratings agency Moody's said on Friday that the latest bout of political unrest in Ethiopia following the murder of a popular singer threatened to further slow already stalling economic growth and was "credit negative". Moody's downgraded Ethiopia's long-term issuer rating to B2 from B1 in May.
... And the governing party name is 'prosperity' ወይ መዓልቲ!!

Ethiopia's week of unrest sees 239 dead, 3,500 arrested
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) - At least 239 people have been killed and 3,500 arrested in more than a week of unrest in Ethiopia that poses the biggest challenge yet to its Nobel Peace Prize-winning prime minister. In the Oromia region, the toll includes 215 civilians...
Does Elias check his stories for truth or simply repeat what officials say? If he said, businesses in Oromo are opening, he surely must have visited some places. Why not name the cities he visited?
Call a Spade a Spade: MP Abiy a Dictator!
Temsgn Kebede 07-09-20 - We came a long way. It was not easy; we did not expect it to be. We paid dearly every inch of the way. No family was left unscathed, some suffered beyond one could imagine but at last, we were free; free at last. We broke the chains and stormed the Cimmerian Dark Age dungeons of autocratic one ethnic domination bondage the rest of Ethiopia was shackled with and kept under.
DW TV(Amharic) - B/G Kassaye Declares the Killing of the Oromo Youth Protestors and Military Campaign Against Tigrai - July 9, 2020

I will be dumbfounded if the recent Abiy actions and the blunt genocidal declaration by the Derg General are left unchallenged. Both actions deserve a measured response unless the Tigrean and Oromo people are lead by weak leaders who believe giving the other cheek for a slap when slapped is a good thing!
ዓቕሊ ወያናይ ዘዉድእ ዘረባ!! I understand Woyane has limitless patience but something has to be done soon! [Zeru Hagos July 2020]

Jawar Mohammed: The Ethiopian media mogul taking on Abiy Ahmed
(BBC) - Having previously warned that Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed risked turning into an "illegitimate" ruler, Jawar Mohammed, 34, has now become the most high-profile opposition politician to be detained since the Nobel Peace laureate took office in April 2018. An ethno-nationalist with a Facebook following of nearly two million, Mr Jawar is...
Update 07-08-30 - Both TV Tigrai and Dimtsi Woyane TV are up and running on the air. Both can be accessed via Ethiosat/Eutelsat. Check their social media footprint for detailed instructions on how to setup.

Ethiopian Announces Resumption of Regular Service
Addis Ababa, 8 July, 2020 Ethiopian Airlines, Africa's largest airline is resuming service to Dubai further to the ending of the lock-down and its opening for leisure travelers as of July 8, 2020. Djibouti has also announced that it will end lock-down on 17th of July. As a result, Ethiopian will resume normal service to Djibouti on the 17th of July.
The Ants Hurt
Aesop 07/08/2020 - The PM uttered a phrase that I, hopefully for the last time, agree with. He said: "leading Ethiopia at this juncture is akin to carrying a million ants on one’s shoulder. It hurts!". I think he is right!Armies of "ants" (to use his metaphor) are crawling all over the PM these past few days. The PM managed to stave off a serious...
4G internet balloons take off over Kenya
A network of giant internet-enabled balloons from Google's sister firm Loon is to provide internet access to remote areas of Kenya.It will provide 4G coverage so people can make voice and video calls, browse the web, email, text and stream videos..
While Kenya moves on to become the hub of technology in East Africa Ethiopia is becoming the dark spot in East Africa. Internet in Ethiopia is shut off and the "gilgel" dictator in town is jailing people left and right to extend his illegal power grip.
Political Ad hominem
Temesgn Kebede 7/7/20 - I am not going to waste your time what Brian Washing means and the psychological means of achieving it. But one thing is clear. This science is extensively applied and definitely has been observed that it works in manipulating people into doing things the protagonists wanted to achieve both in selling products and inculcating beliefs.

The man is sick. HE IS NOW CALLING ETHIOPIANS ANTS? Ethiopians did not ask him nor elected him to lead them- right? Why doesn't he leave power if that is so? This must not pass unpunished, shame to the enablers of this regime and this man! [Zeru Hagos July 7, 2020]
Tigrians living in Australia and New Zealand, the Union of Tigrian Associations in Australia and New Zealand (UTAAN) wishes the successful conduct and conclusion of the election 2020
(ANZ) July 2020 - It is clear that our government is doing all necessary preparations to conduct the 2020 regional elections in Tigray in an inclusive, fair and free manner. Therefore, on behalf of all Tigrians living in Australia and New Zealand, the Union of Tigrian Associations in Australia and New Zealand (UTAAN) wishes the successful conduct and conclusion of the election.

Arrests follow protests that killed at least 166 in Ethiopia
A leading opposition party representing Ethiopia's Oromo ethnic group said Monday that five senior members had been detained following violence last week that claimed at least 166 lives.The opposition politicians from the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) were seized by security forces in the capital, Addis Ababa, party chairman Dawud Ibsa told AFP. They include Chaltu Takkele and Gemmechu Ayana, senior political officers, and Kennesa Ayana, a member of the party's central committee.
Plea for Help to Stop Ethnically Motivated Political Imprisonment and Gross Violation of Human Rights in Ethiopia
July 2020 - We are a group representing Canadians of Tigray origin (North Ethiopia) and kindly writing this letter to plead with you to put pressure on Mr. Abiy, the Ethiopian Prime Minister, to stop harassing, selectively imprisoning, and waging Nazi-like propaganda campaign against the Tigray nation of Ethiopia. His bellicose narratives and actions have reached dangerous levels that would inevitably create havoc in the already volatile region of the horn of Africa.
DW TV- Latest Qerro Statement - July 2020

Back to the Future: It was not long ago the Oromo youth was demanding change all over Oromia. Their civil disobedience was the main reason PM Hailemariam resigned and Abiy Ahmed seized power. The Oromo youth deserves a future in Ethiopia! They must exercise their right to elect their representatives and leaders. It is sad to see the Oromo youth yet again protesting.

A tale of twins: the Derg Brothers
Aesop 07/03/2020 - The political assassination of Hachaalu Hundessaa angered most Ethiopians. Oromo elites started calling the government and its supporters neo-fascists. But millions of Ethiopians compare the incumbent regime to Derg 1.0 (1974-1991). Derg is an Amharic term for "team". People who suffered under Derg 1.0 panic when people say: "team Lemma". But the resemblance goes deeper. We all know how Mengistu eliminated his superior comrade Atnafu...

Update 07-06-2020 - According to a source, the Abiy team has decided to shut down TV Tigrai and DW TV. This is a developing story stay tuned. We are not sure if Abiy can technically shut the TV stations but possibly he can pressure Satelite providers to drop both Stations. We are told such drastic measures are considered a red line for the Tigrai government. Aigaforum July 6, 2020
Update 07-06-2020 #2 -
According to sources from Addis, both TV Tigrai and DW can be watched using DSTV at a different frequency. Users need to rescan to adjust to the new frequency.

Hachalu Hundessa: Ethiopia singer's death unrest killed 166
July 2020 - With a government that commits horrific human rights abuses against its own people, plays reckless political games in regional affairs, amidst the ongoing spread of COVID-19 pandemic and a country with one of the weakest health systems, Eritrea is currently exposed to an unprecedented humanitarian and political crisis. We, the undersigned 95 Eritrean Scholars and Professionals, are writing to share our serious concerns about these issues.
The 2020 Manifesto of Eritrean Scholars and Professionals in the Diaspora
A top police chief said 145 civilians and 11 security personnel died in Oromia region alone. Ten people have been killed in the capital Addis Ababa.Hachalu, 34, was killed on Monday, sparking unrest that spread from Oromia where he was seen as a hero.The motive remains unclear. Hachalu had said he had received death threats.
Can Ethiopia bridge its ethnic divide?

(David Shinn kind of said the "Friends of Ethiopia" group is poised to tell Abiy in no uncertain terms this is not the way to go. Expect Abiy to kneel soon and release most political prisoners.)
Defusing Ethiopia's Latest Perilous Crisis
The killing of a prominent Oromo musician has unleashed a wave of protests that have left dozens dead, highlighting anew the fragility of the country's transition. Authorities and opposition leaders should call for calm and engage in sustained dialogue to bridge the bitter divisions.
Sooner or later, the Crisisgroup will have to call a spade a spade and tell the world Ethiopia is lead by an inept and 'gilgel' dictator! Ethiopia is failing and no one but the color revolutionaries is to blame. Crisis group being one of the key sponsors of these sham revolutionaries should be ashamed to keep talking about 'change' !What change?
Covid-19 is No More Force Majeure
Temesgn Kebede 07-03-20 - It is an incontrovertible fact that the country was assembled by bringing together different nations and nationalities to exploit and dominate. This was done by the use of force the local imperial power managed to garner from white colonial powers in return for strategic and material gains they would have for the services they provided.

Hailemariam Abebe 06-30-20
  • Martyrs and Elections
    Sponato 06-29-20
    Dr. Tsegazeab k. A (MD, MPH) 06-28-20
  • Mesmer or Medemer?
    Aesop 06/27/2020
  • Tigrai Will Rise, Shine and Make another History (Part II)
    G. Amare, June 27, 2020.
  • Nasser's Dreams and Strategies
    Sponato 06-27-20
  • Detailed legal and logical arguments submitted to TDA Board
    Concerned Diaspora Tegaru TDA Supporters, June 27, 2020. (Tigrigna)
  • Arat Kilo's options against TPLF
    Asmelash Yohannes Teklu 06-29-20
    June 27, 2020
  • The Making of Tigray East African Giant
    Sisay A. Teklu 06-25-20
  • Bereket Semon on GERD
    Dade Desta:
  • Don't Doubt who sold Ethiopia's interest then and who is selling it now.
    Zeru Hagos June 19, 2020
  • Part IV: Debunking Ethiopia's Plentiful Water Resources vis-à-vis Egypt: A Closer Look at Basins' Water Budget
    Tekleab Shibru(PhD) 06-22-20
  • Basta, you are a hater to your core
    Gebru Boj Boj 06-23-20

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