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Congratulations Mekelle-70Enderta!!

Despite all the obstacles it faced over the year team Mekelle 70 Enderta is the champion for this year! Coach Gebremedhin has managed yet again another team to be Ethiopia's premier league Soccer Champion! We were told the coach was also last year's champion Jimma Kenema coach! We really do not want to politicize the win but it feels good to know the team was the winner this year. To have successful revolution experts say subjective and objective realities must be present. To anyone following Ethiopia's politics, last year's Ashenda event was a starting point to know how much the people were determined to own their destiny politically or otherwise! Nothing seems to demoralize them to compete and win! Congratulation again!- Aigaforum July 7, 2019

Shield Mekele 70 Enderta from St. George's Lance
Guanche 7 July 2019 - Local media reported this week that the Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) has awarded three points and three goals to Fasil Football Club (Fasil) after St. George failed to show up for the scheduled match between the two teams in Gondar- the former's home town. The news of the forfeiture was received with disbelief and dismay across Ethiopia. Supporters of Mekele 70 Enderta Football Club (Mekele City) were particularly flabbergasted.

Democracy and the Future of Ethiopia's Developmental State Conference
Professor Francis Fukuyama, Stanford University July, 2019 - Thank you for the warm and generous introduction. I am really delighted to be here, in Addis, today. I actually, about 15 years ago, was given a copy of Meles Zenawi's Master's Thesis, that he wrote as a correspondence student for a Dutch University, which was an extended critique, basically, of the reigning neoliberal development paradigm. I remember reading it back then and being absolutely astonished at how somebody that was actively a commander in a civil war could take the time to study...

Putschism and the Deepening Crisis of Amhara Nationalists
Makonnen Tesfaye; 5 July 2019 - The illegal attempt by Brigadier General Asamenew Tsige to take over power in the Amhara Region by eliminating the political leadership (including the Regional President, Ambachew Mekonnen, Ph.D.) of the ruling Party, ANDM/ADP, and by defying and challenging the Federal Government is yet another major milestone in the ever extreme ...

Sudan crisis: Military and opposition agree power-sharing deal.
Sudan's military leaders have reached an agreement with the opposition alliance to share power until elections can be held, mediators say.The two sides agreed to rotate control of the sovereign council - the top tier of power - for at least three years.They have also pledged to form an independent technocratic government and to investigate the violence of recent weeks, the African Union (AU) said..
See Also:&nbsp Why Sudanese leader, Al Bashir was removed - Analysis of politics in Sudan and The Horn of Africa.

Ethiopia needs to act fast to solve its internal displacement problem
Ethiopia's president Sahle-Work Zewde recently reaffirmed her government's efforts to support refugees and internally displaced people in Ethiopian territory. She also called for the cooperation of continental and international actors.Unfortunately, he has not done the same for the country's internally displaced people. More than a million Ethiopians were forced from their homes by ethnic violence in 2018 and 2019.

Can Meritocracy be a Solution for Ethiopia's Political Problems?
Assefa A. Lemu 7-4-19 - As the election period of May 2020 is approaching in Ethiopia, it would be better to start discussing the qualities that Ethiopian politicians should possess and the type of government to be formed in Ethiopia. Some argue that the current approach for the appointment of government officials which is based on quota-like should be replaced by merit-based appointment.

Late Development Paradigm Alternative
Dejen H 7-4-19 - Since the mid-1990s, growing concerns have been voiced about the overall failure of the neo-liberal laissez-faire agenda to promote growth and contribute to poverty reduction. Development policies and discourses have moved away from the so-called Washington consensus, which was based on the idea that growth is threatened more by government incompetence ...

Your Comment
Some of you have emailed us your reservation about Abiy government appointment of Daniel Bekele to head Ethiopia's Human Right Commission. Some of you have also emailed us your opinion about the recent appointment of the NISS and Cheif of Staff positions. Here is one comment that is worth sharing with you all.
"The appointment of Daniel as well as Birtukan is of little concern to the people of Tigrai since both institutions will have little to do within Tigrai. The people of Tigrai are completely in sync with TPLF! No matter who supervises the election, TPLF will come out as the absolute majority winner! The people who should pay attention if the two former Kinjit supporters will be honest brokers are the people of Oromia and Amhara. The two communities will have to decide who to give the power after the next election. Both communities have multiple organizations trying to represent them. Daniel and Birtukan will be watched closely how they handle election regularities in these regions. Will they favor the ardent neo-liberal proponents or those who are divorcing from revolutionary democracy without a clear vision and ideology like the ANDM/OPDO? In a nutshell, Tigrai will careless who Abiy appoints to these two institutions! "(Aynalem 7-2-19)

Mekelle City Admin to be commended; yet an effort has to be made to do things right.
Tesfai Hailu, July 03, 2019 - It's uplifting to see Mekelle City Administration's designation of new one-way streets on the City's busiest sections such as the 16 Kebele in order to ease vehicle and pedestrian traffic; help prevent accidents; reduce vehicle emission with the ultimate goal of protecting public safety and health as well as support the economy.Nonetheless, some important factors appear to be overlooked ...

Ethiopian community protest: The State is closed down
Thousands of members of the Ethiopian community and many supporters left Tuesday afternoon to demonstrate in several major intersections and sites throughout the country, from the north to the south, after the funeral of the late Solomon Takka. The demonstrations took place on main roads from the Yokneam Junction...

Impact of PM Abiy's Pardons & Contemporary Status of EPRDF
Berhanu Tsegay, 7-2-19 - At the moment, the four founding political parties of the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) have different political statuses. In a nutshell, the Southern Peoples Democratic Movement (SEPDM)could be likened with...

እየሱስም "የተሰቀለው" ፍቅርን እየሰበከ ነው
ከአብዱራህማን አህመዲን፤ 7-2-19

For the Record
Immediately after the Abiy government invited all kinds of Diaspora extremists and anarchists to the country this forum has been pleading to Abiy's government to make sure the rule of law is respected. We admonished him not to ignore the plea of many people and to hold those openly advocating for genocide to be made accountable. We pleaded with him not to allow the government's propaganda machine to be an instrument of white lie propaganda. Above all, we pleaded with him for almost 7 months to respect the constitution and to release innocent employees the government had incarcerated without any wrongdoing. All to no avail! Now that the country is falling apart and innocent government officials have been killed in broad daylight, Abiy seems to realize his only chance of remaining in power is to save the EPRDF coalition and to respect the constitution. This should not have happened! Abiy was wrong to listen to western analysts and hired lobbyist regarding the peace and stability of Ethiopia and its citizens! He should have known no Arab country or neoliberal has an inkling or desire to see Ethiopia prosper! There is time to mend the wrongs and save the Federation. We again implore Abiy to seize the fertile opportunity before the country falls off the cliff.
Aigaforum July 1st, 2019

The US economy likely just entered its longest-ever expansion - here's who benefited in 3 charts
The U.S. economy likely surpassed an important milestone last month: Americans are now experiencing the longest economic expansion in the nation's history, assuming the data still being collected bears this out.This is certainly good news and something to celebrate. But, as an economist who focuses on income inequality, I believe it's important to look deeper into the data to see who really has gained from this record economy.

Gebresilasie Araya 7-01-19

A new cold war in Africa
Mehari Taddele Maru 6-30-19 Last week, the 12th US-Africa Business Summit, a high-level event attended by 11 African heads of state and government and some 1,000 business leaders, was held in Maputo, Mozambique. During the three-day event, US officials unveiled a $60bn investment agency which will seek to invest in low and middle-income countries, with a special focus on Africa.

Abiy Ahmed's reforms in Ethiopia lift the lid on ethnic tensions
Ethiopia's system of ethnic federalism was always going to be vulnerable to politicians playing on atavistic sentiments.And the speed of Mr. Abiy's reforms has unsettled the four-party coalition that makes up the ruling party. There is acute alienation among Tigrayans .In Oromia and Amhara - the two most populous states - smaller parties have emerged appealing to crude ethnic sentiment
After destroying the country, the Monday-morning quarterbacks are telling us what we warned them a long time ago! No single ethnic is dominant in Ethiopia! The 6% campaign these journalists promoted has caused untold displacement and the killing of innocent Ethnic Tigreans! Don't ever forget that! Zeru Hagos June 29, 2019

Al-Amoudi funding bio-pesticide research to curtail application of synthetics
Mekonnen Teshome 6-29-19 - The Phytolacca dodecandra plantation Ethio Agri-CEFT has developed at its 'Gemadro' farm, South-East Ethiopia Addis Ababa, (Ethiopia) - Ethiopian-born tycoon Sheikh Mohammed Al-Amoudi, the 2nd richest business person in Africa next to Aliko Dangote, is funding the bio-pesticide research conducted on Phytolacca dodecandra L'Herit, a sprawling woody climber plant. Sheikh Mohammed, who also owns a gigantic agricultural farm - Ethio Agri-CEFT PLC – in Ethiopia, has so far invested over...

Ethiopia airs voice of alleged coup leader killed in crackdown
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopia has released a recording of the state militia commander it says led a failed coup attempt last week in which dozens of people, including five top officials, were killed.A state militia commanded by Brigadier General Asamnew Tsige attacked government buildings in Bahir Dar, the state capital of Ethiopia’s Amhara region on June 22.

What to do with Cohen and Al Mariam tug of war? Al Mariam is blaming Choen for masterminding the Eritrean independence(Isaias Afeworki are you reading) while Cohen is blaming people like Al Mariam from the Amhara community for trying to restore the old regime as the people behind the recent killing. Cohen thinks that the old regime is dead and will never come back again! Now what to do with these two gentlemen? Should we say (enho medaw enho feresu) or call Abiy the peacemaker/medemer expert to intervene? Both were his staunch supporters a year or so ago! What is happening in Ethiopia today is the result of a misguided policy of 'medmer' where all kind of extremist and anarchist, as well as a hired lobbyist, were allowed to interfere in Ethiopia's politics.

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