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TPLF January 05, 2020 - Concluding statement from TPLF Extraordinary Congress- Mekelle, Tigrai
Key takeaways from the statement: It says -
  • The newly formed party Prosperity is illegal and the process by which EPRDF was dissolved was flawed.
  • TPLF shall continue to uphold the principles behind EPRDF and multinational federation.
  • TPLF shall form both a tactical coalition and strategic partnership with current legal political organizations.
  • TPLF leadership should start a legal process to recover its share currently owned by EPRDF
  • TPLF should continue to use peaceful and legal means to define the relationship the State of Tigrai will have with the remaining government in Ethiopia.
  • TPLF should continue to work with all legal oppositions in Tigrai and work towards improving governance.
  • TPLF should continue to fight head-on those trying to put wedges between the proud people of Tigrai in the name of regionalism
  • TPLF should continue the people to people engagement between Tigreans and Eritreans.
  • It reminds the international community and those involved in Ethiopia's internal affairs to play a constructive role. If not decease from their interference as it is becoming a hindrance to further democracy.

    Yohannes Gebresellasie (Ph.d) Addis Ababa 01-04-20 - Conflict occurs anywhere unfortunately. It is often inevitable in many situations. Conflicts may concern petty ones to the more serious ones which can lead to hostility among individuals and groups. The fact of the matter is that conflict is something that we live with. One cannot expect two people or groups to agree all the time. In one way or another, we are faced with many types of conflict ...

    Chinese FM to visit five African countries
    BEIJING, Jan. 2 (Xinhua) -- Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi will pay official visits to Egypt, Djibouti, Eritrea, Burundi and Zimbabwe from Jan. 7 to 13.This is the 30th consecutive year since 1991 for a Chinese foreign minister to visit Africa at the start of every year, Geng said, adding this fine tradition fully reflects China's high priority on developing its ties with Africa, which is strong proof of the time-tested solid friendship between China and Africa.
    Is China moving away from Ethiopia or making sure Ethiopia can not move away from China?

    Will Iran's Response to the Soleimani Strike Lead to War?
    Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force, was one of the most influential and popular figures in the Islamic Republic and a particular nemesis of the United States. He led Iran's campaign to arm and train Shiite militias in Iraq-militias responsible for the deaths of an estimated 600 American troops from 2003 to 2011

    U.S. Strike in Iraq Kills Qassim Suleimani, Commander of Iranian Forces
    Iran's top security and intelligence commander was killed early Friday in a drone strike at Baghdad International Airport that was authorized by President Trump, American officials said. ... In Iran, the leadership convened an emergency security meeting. And the country's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, issued a statement calling for three days of public mourning and then retaliation.

    Abiy supporter wish for Eritrea!-Amazing!!
    Do you know who this person is? Is he an Abiy protege? Eritrea is an unfortunate country. Despite all the sacrifices made over the years by its people, it is still a pariah country no one respects. Of all the people how can Abiy allow his followers to bad mouth a friendly neighbor government and country? Our brothers and sisters from Eritrea happy new year and know that this too will pass and you will have a democratic and developing country soon. Zeru Hagos Jan 2019

    People have Spoken! The road ahead is clear!
    TPLF's bedrock foundation is the Tigrean masses. It spent almost two years to reason out with the Abiy regime so democracy works and the country is saved. All for nothing it seems. It has decided now to go back to the people- its bedrock foundation and ask for guidance. And the people have spoken! For two days Tigrean representatives gathered in Mekelle and discussed many current political issues. Encouraged and upbeat with what the people have said in no uncertain terms, TPLF has called for an urgent TPLF congress to be held this coming weekend (Jan 4-5, 2020). Ethiopia is entering a new political phase. We urge both camps to give peace a chance and work for a win-win outcome. Ethiopians should not allow an illegal government to govern the country nor should they allow the country to become a battlefield. The Tigrai people have spoken and there is no way TPLF congress will decide contrary to the people's wish. No one should doubt what lies ahead. The road ahead is clear.

    Ezana Sehay 01/01/2020 - Ever since the soft coup d'état that toppled the nationalist [EPRDF] government, Ethiopia has been facing an ugly stew of problems, so much so, the country's current situation can only be described as an omnishambles –"a state of total chaos, total disorder, and total mismanagement". The prognosis is not promising either. The Manchurian candidate ...

    Will the real prime minister of Ethiopia please stand up?
    Okkat 1/1//2020 - Lately, I feel as if I am behind the two-way glass looking at a line of suspects trying to identify the perpetrator. This is an important stage of a criminal proceeding which needs to be done accurately so that the guilty party is identified and those who have not committed the crime can go free. I am looking at bunch of suspects...

    If Baitona is a Tigray nationalist party, blessed be it!
    Yohannes Aberra, PhD 12-30-19 - I read Baitona's reaction to some unnecessarily provocative statement made by what Baitona suspected to be a significant personality. Before I go any further on the subject at hand I would like to say a few words about writing anonymously. Anyone is entitled to write with a pen name...

    Yohannes Gebresellasie (Ph.d) Addis Ababa 12-30-19 - Some of the options that help stop or at least decreased the refugees' movements in Africa are Voluntary Repatriation, Organized Settlement in first counters of asylum and Re-settlement in second country of asylum.

    Ethiopian Airlines, Boeing partner to help those in need
    Ethiopian Airlines and Boeing are partnering to deliver much-needed aid supplies to organizations across Ethiopia. The airline took delivery of a new 787 Dreamliner from North Charleston, South Carolina in December and loaded the jet with 34,000 pounds of books and 5,800 pounds of school supplies, clothing and medical supplies for the flight home to Addis Ababa.

    Strategies to nullify Abiy's agenda of subduing Tigrai
    Berhane Kahsay 12-28-19 - Ethiopia's current trajectory is worrisome and appears to be entering unchartered territories that could tip it to Yugoslavia type political upheavals which culminated in the complete break-up of the East European Country. In January 1992, the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia ceased to exist having fractured into various independent states, and according to International Centre for Transitional Justice, the destructive war that spanned from 1991 until 1995 consumed the lives of 140,000 people.

    TDA has to embark on development in an all-encompassing and true sense of the term.
    Haile Tessema, Dec. 26, 2019 - I Wanted to write this opinion piece last week, but not to be a "party pooper", held it off till the closing of the TDA telethon. Let me start with my appreciation of TDA chairperson Mr. Taddesse Yemane and his team for their dedicated effort in bringing TDA back to the surface, and making it fairly relevant. Indeed, we have yet to see someone, who is not an elected or public service official, working as hard as Mr. Taddesse has in tackling a social problem on top of a demanding fulltime job.

    ኦህዴድ ከየት ወዴት? ክፍል አንድ
    ከኡስማን ሙሉዓለም 12-24-19

    Collaborative Path to Enlightenment
    Aesop 26/12/19 - The current public-intellectual discourse on Tigrai's interest reminded me of Sowell's "Intellectual & Society"- just the title (I didn't enjoy the content). The relation between intellectuals and society is very interesting. Intellectuals change society by creating and transmitting knowledge. Think of Hamurabi's laws, Euclid's Geometry, ...

    Six Things to Know about Ethiopia's New Program
    The government's investment in infrastructure and education has laid a good foundation for the transition to private sector-led growth. To generate returns from past investments, reforms are needed.
    If memory serves us all, The IMF and World Bank were not generous in their support when EPRDF was building the infrastructure of the country that they now appreciate and want to build on. They opposed most of the Hydro dams and roads built because they thought such investment was a bad investment in a poor country like Ethiopia! There is no homegrown economics today! The IMF is simply lying. The IMF and the Arabs are in control. May the almighty God save Ethiopia!

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