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Open Letter to Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia - Make Sure Ethiopia's Water Sovereignty is protected and the Agreement with Egypt is a win-win one!
Ermias Hailu February19, 2020 - Following to the launch of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), Egypt has been "the behind the curtain" organizer, financer, and leader of the instabilities Ethiopia has been experiencing. Egypt has developed and implemented a "Grand Ethiopian Destabilization Strategy" to destabilize Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Can't be Ruled by Illiterate Politician: They Are Servants of International Organization
Mahetot Asmelash (Feb 12, 2020)

A piece from my prison memoirs: Remembering TEGADAY and ex-prisoner Mulugeta Hagos Mekonnen
Gebru Boj'Boj 02-18-20 - Blessing in disguise: before I start my main piece, I would like to mention and thank some of the bravest fellow prisoners that I had spent prison time with, who were also prison mates and friends of Mulugetta Hagos. Few years before the maniac, bloodthirsty and lunatic Mengistu regime was crushed for good, I had the "opportunity", yes opportunity, to be a prisoner in the two most notorious prison centers: Maekelawi and alembekagn. When I think about...

Greater love is to lay down one's life for one's friends: How Nile river related Ethiopia to Egypt
Tekleab Shibru Associate Professor of Geomatics, Chicago State University 02-18-20 - Egyptian president Al Sisi said; “Nile River is God’s gift to Egyptian people” in his twitter account on Oct 05, 2019. The president made the statement to reaffirm to Egyptians people and international community that his country is going to take necessary measures to ensure Egypt's water rights in River Nile i.e., Ethiopia cannot use a water from a Nile river flowing for 800 km in Ethiopia before departing to Sudan....

US-proposed GERD deal sets Ethiopia water release at 37 bcm, major disputes remain
A draft agreement prepared by the United States and the World Bank regarding the construction and filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is expected to be sent to Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan on Monday...The US is now pressuring both Egypt and Ethiopia to compromise and agree to an annual release of 37 billion cubic meters from the Blue Nile.
Engineer Seleshi, if you have to resign on protest, do so. Otherwise, do not sign any agreement that guarantees Egypt anything. Do not chain Ethiopia's future to Egypt's goodwill. If you remain silent and sign this deal as is, the future generations will curse you and your ethnic group forever for signing the second Wuchale!
We will pray for you to have the strength to stand up against the Abiy government which is compromising Ethiopia's interest.
Dr. Seleshi, Ethiopia is not in a good position to negotiate such an agreement. Remind President Trump how the US Senate blocked President Obama's nominee for supreme court judge during his last year in office arguing such an important decision should not be left to an outgoing president! Tell the US to give the Ethiopian people time to elect a representative government that can sign any deal.

Open Letter to Dr. Seleshi : GERD: Please no UN, No WB, NO USA
Gebreselema Hailemichael. 02-18-20

መዘዙ ቡዙ ነው ፡፡
ከ አቤነዘር ሰሜን አሜሪካ 02-18-20

TPLF Official Statement on the Occasion of the 45th Anniversary of the Launching of the Armed Struggle of the People of Tigrai,
TPLF 02-19-20 - We are celebrating the 45th anniversary of the launching of the armed struggle of the people of Tigrai against the then-prevailing enormous oppression, discrimination, and violence in our country, Ethiopia. When we do so, we renew our promise to move forward with greater fortitude by remembering the past commitment and various achievements of the people of Tigrai and by charting our future with better clarity and stamina. When the people of Tigrai resorted to raising arms, it was well-aware of the consequences of such an engagement in terms of human...
Finally, the foreign community and the Diaspora youngsters who can not read Tigrigna or Amharic can read for themselves what TPLF is thinking and saying. Kudos! The next challenge is to add an English podcast of main news stories from Tigrai daily! Yika'Al Eyu (can be done)!!
Hizbawinet is global mindset

Aesop 02-17-20 - There is one thing that's important to underline at this stage: Tigrai is Ethiopian! Tigreans are Ethiopians! The current stability and progress in Tigrai are well and good! But it is not enough. Tigreans are part of Ethiopia too. I know some are trying to push us out of our beloved country (Ethiopia) for short term gains. But nobody has the right to do that! Tigrai must contribute to the stability and advancement of Ethiopia.

Tigrians should reinforce their unison to move forward
Molla Mitiku 02-16-20 - The political crises in Ethiopia have become unpredictable as things are changing now and again. The emergence of Prosperity Party (PP) with completely different programs from the program of EPRDF resulted in marginalizing TPLF. Following this incidence, the political situation in the country seemed to be shaped in two: the unitary and the federalism. All other political parties in the country could join any one of these parties.

Lekatit 11 Mekelle Feb 2020
እውነትም መቐለ መሽገዋል!! Anyone who continues to doubt that the people of Tigrai and TPLF are the same when it comes to Lekatit 11 must be a fool. True, Tigreans are an independent-minded people who have supported the EDU, EPRP, and the Derge. Nevertheless, Tigreans have become one when it comes to defending their identity and Lekatit 11 has become part of their identity.

It is Still Voter Suppression of the Ethiopian Peasantry, Stupid!
Makonnen Tesfaye February 14, 2020 - It may be recalled an article on "Abiy Government's Strategy of Rigging the Ethiopian General Election" was posted. It is argued that holding the Election in the rainy season is tantamount to voter suppression of 80% of the Ethiopian population, namely the peasantry who live in the countryside, by the Government and the National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE).

Have You No Shame? A reminder to Major Dawit Woldegiorgis (Part 2 of 2)
Tibebe Samuel Ferenji 02/14/2020 - During the Red Star Campaign in Eritrea, one of the most vicious campaigns against the EPLF where Dawit was one of the officials who played a critical and leading role, Dawit witnessed when the use of force against those who allegedly supported the EPLF backfired. Because the campaign targeted the Eritrean youth and isolated the Eritrean people, the EPLF was able to recruit more "soldiers" then than at any time in its history.

Not federalism but subjugation!
Aesop 02-15-20 - This may seem crazy, but I don't agree with the mainstream delineation. Most people and sane parties think the 'competition' is between federalist and assimilationist forces. I respectfully disagree! I respect the value and inherent need to portray that picture! ...This crew is neither for this or for that; it is for itself! There are two reasons: if this crew stands for something, why does it change constantly? Why does it keep on disappointing its friends and saw doubt all over? Second, if this crew has a principle, why does it fail to articulate it? Why doesn't it stand for something, i.e., against something? If it supports the Dam, why invite 3rd party? If it is against the Dam, why is it resisting Egypt? If it is for Oromia, why is it fighting in Wellega? If it's with Amhara chauvinists, why is it claiming it destroyed "neftegnas"?If it's working with Tigrai, why is persecuting Tigrean officials? If it is with Addis, why is it suppressing "Balderas"? If it’s with Eritrea, why is it soliciting aid to build a navy? If it is for the poor, why is it a pro-prosperous party? If it is for the Arabs, why is it putting the Evangelist logo?

Amid blackout, western Oromia plunges deeper into chaos and confusion
The government is once more employing repressive tactics to try and stamp out a rebellion, but they may be having the opposite effect. After he was accused of being an insurgent, prisoner Gammachu Garomsa was reportedly beaten to death by Ethiopian security forces and his body thrown into the bush at Yubdo Kebele in Oromia.
If Qerro can stand the "repressive" Hailemariam Desalgn regime and win how can it lack the power to stand against the 'reformist' Abiy regime? Jawar did you leave your fighting spirit in the States or with the laptop you gave to Lemma? " Ye jib chikul qend Yinekesla" alu ... the color revolution was not meant to bring democracy or empower citizens Jawar...! Why all the silence against such repression?

The Boston's extra - ordinary meeting resolution based on Tigraina current condition
Mahteme Demewez 02-14-20

Ethiopia Passes Law Imposing Jail Terms for Internet Posts That Stir Unrest
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopia's parliament passed a law on Thursday imposing jail terms for people whose internet posts stir unrest, a move the government says is needed to prevent violence ahead of elections but which the United Nations says will stifle free speech.

Cultural Power
Gezaee Assefa Feb 12, 2020 - Almost every nation/society in the world is experiencing some kind of political, economic, ideological, social and cultural conflict. Today, these conflicts accelerate from time to time to when they are not forcefully addressed by a society. The common proposal for resolution is in one direction, a direction of self-empowerment and absolute power by one group over the other.

Happy 45! እንቋዕኣብፅሓኩም ኣብፅሓና!
Milkias M Yohannes Feb 12, 2020 - Congratulations and happy 45th anniversary to the TPLF and the valiant fraternal people of TIGRAI! As an Eritrean admirer and witness to the heroic struggle and sacrifice of TEGADELTI TIGRAI and its people, I feel honored and privileged to say...

The Known Unknowns of Ethiopia's Defense Forces in the Upcoming Election
Elias Dawit Feb 11, 2020 - It seems almost certain that Ethiopia is heading towards a cataclysmic turn of events-and sooner rather than later. Tensions are rising on a daily basis as triple threats of ethnic and religious conflict along with power struggles threaten to crack the foundation of the constitutional order and perhaps the integrity of the state itself. Like boxers posturing in their corners, Ethiopia's political actors have volubly expressed their vision of what the country should look like

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