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Is Ethiopia a new Congo in the make?
Yemane G Feb 10, 2020 - Some 4 years back, I was in one of the clinics in Addis. One of my clients was a hapless black woman in her forties with her two developmentally retarded girls. She had inconsolable tears of sorrow once she entered my room, deep in her heart was an agonizing pain, and her emotions have taken her. I emphatically soothed her, but can't hide the painful night after...

National pride, national shame
When news broke last October that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had won the Nobel Peace Prize, Ethiopians were somewhat divided. As could be gleaned from headlines, some must also have been ambivalent. Amid these diverse reactions, the strangest were those that tried to defend the award by equating it with national pride. Can the Nobel Peace Prize really serve as a source of national pride for Ethiopians?

On Culture
Aesop 08/02/2020 - Gen. Wedi Worede was right when he said: 'This generation is neither inferior nor superior to its predecessors!' This is best reflected in Tigrean art: the state of the art music videos we've been fortunate to see. The Selamawits', the Edens', the Mahlets', the Kibroms', the Muse Shakur's', the Awots', the Yapi Mapis', the Solomons', the Merkebs', the Waris', etc, etc. This generation of Renaissance has represented!

'In good and bad times': Africa's biggest airline, Ethiopian, sticks by China's side
Ethio­pian Airlines has become the loudest proponent of sticking by China and keeping trade links open, even while six other African airlines including Kenya Airways and South African Airways have suspended their flights."Ethiopian Airlines serves countries in good and bad times," the airline's chief executive, Tewolde Gebremariam, told local media in Ethiopia this weekend.
We are pleasantly surprised the populist government has not forced the Airline to stop its daily flight to mainland China. One would expect Abiy to echo the decision of his handlers from DC! Does this mean Abiy is more worried about money than anything else? If so why doesn't he see the money Hedase Dam will generate in the future? Why is he allowing Egypt to control the Aby/Nile river?

Ethiopia and Eritrea: National Security, militarization and normalization predicaments
Meressa Tsehaye Gebrewahd Mekelle University 02-08-20 - Since May 1998, Ethiopia and Eritrea relation has been resulted in a structural national security crisis defined by two years' war, two decades of 'no war, no peace' stalemate and 'fragile normalization' since June 2018. Their security predicaments are basically results of antagonistic nation building, foreign and national security policies.

Abiy Ahmed is a traitor-in-chief, who allows Issaias to continue his atrocities in Eritrea, And dump his trash in the Ethiopian political soil.
Haile Tessema, Feb 08, 2020 - Before Abiy's rise to the highest office in the land by fluke, the Eritrean President was on a downward spiral politically, and on the verge of collapse personally. Degenerating from hero to zero in the eyes of his citizens; isolated from regional, continental and international politics, Issaias became bitter, paranoid, emotionally depressed, and his physical health deteriorated compelling him to travel abroad more frequently for medical treatment than work visits.

Have You No Shame? A reminder to Major Dawit Woldegiorgis (Part 1 of 2)
Tibebe Samuel Ferenji 02/08/2020 - There are times that you can't just ignore articles you read without responding to it. Particularly articles published with ill-will and with a preconceived design to simply demonize leaders who work tirelessly to make a positive change in our nation. It is particularly difficult to keep quiet when you read false allegations of genocide against a person recognized ...
To read Dawit Article: Time for Machetes

How the Ethiopian refugee policy and the mysterious "peace-deal" with Eritrea are driving fragility in Tigray Regional State?
Tesfahun Abay 05-07-20 - As the data obtained from UNHCR indicates, Ethiopia hosts 905,831 registered refugees from 19 countries which is the second largest figure in Africa (after Uganda) as of 2018 of which Eritreans accounted for 19.2%. At the end of 2018, about 585,900 Eritreans (507,300 documented and 78,600 pending asylum seekers) were registered worldwide by UNHCR. Adding the 1.2 million Diaspora community, the proportion of Eritreans who live outside the country is estimated at about 30% of their population.

A drop in the bucket for disadvantaged creators
In recent times, social commentary and movements are on the tide of the ill advantaged, sparking the conversation of equality and balance, but even in that sphere disabled and disadvantaged still lack access. Around 10 million people – rougly 10 percent of the world’s population- live with a disability, around some 56% (almost 4 billion people) do not have access to the internet ...
Isaias Afeworki Interview
Isaias Afewroki admonishes those who are advising Ethiopia to hold an election. He also said Ethnic Federalism or the rights of Nation and Nationalities is bad for Ethiopia. Isaias said he told EPRDF early on not to approve the constitution that guarantees nations and nationalities the right. Isaias Afeworki is the president of a country that has no constitution nor has a formal government structure for almost 29 years! Yet, he is advising Abiy how to run Ethiopia! Isaias was not shy to hide his anger against the US government for cajoling Abiy Ahmed in the name of economic and political help. Isaias wants Ethiopia to be like Eritrea. According to Isaias, Ethiopia is in deep crisis and Woyane (TPLF) is still the main force behind the crisis despite his 'game over' rant. (Aigaforum Feb 07, 2020)
Comment from Reader- Isaias sounds more Minilkawi(Ahadawi) than Abiy. He also said Abiy should not conduct the2020 election! Amazing!
Open Letter to Dr. Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia - Make Sure Ethiopia's Water Sovereignty is Protected
Ermias Hailu February 07, 2020 - Egypt has been "the behind the curtain" organizer, financier, and leader of the instabilities Ethiopia has been experiencing during the last ten years. Egypt has developed and implemented a "Grand Ethiopian Destabilization Strategy" to destabilize Ethiopia. The strategy was developed after careful study and analysis of the internal weaknesses of Ethiopia, such as the fluid nature of EPRDF ...
The Right Honourable Justin Pierre James Trudeau PC MP, Prime Minister of Canada
Leta Etafa - 05 February 2020- Dear Mr. Prime Minister, We, the members of the Oromo Canadian Community Association of Atlantic Canada, are writing this urgent letter to bring to your attention and express our deepest concerns about the illegal military administrative structure (command posts) being imposed on our people in the Wallaga, Guji, and Borana regions of Ethiopia. As a result of these command posts, the civilian administration has no rights and the military is conducting search and arrest or kill operations against
Addis Ababa - 05 February 2020: Sanad Aerotech (Sanad), the leading provider of aircraft engine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) solutions and part of Sanad - a wholly owned subsidiary of Mubadala Investment Company (Mubadala), ...
Why is Ethiopia all of a sudden interested to make such deals with Dubai based companies? From election ballot to Airplane maintenance Dubai based companies are winning the contracts! Why? We hope the Tewlede's are not becoming enablers of this regime that is short selling the country!

We stand with the heroic people of TIGRAI
Milkias mihretab Yohannes (Eritrean journalist WashingtonDC) Feb 05, 2020 - These are difficult and trying times for the nation and people of TIGRAI. Indeed, it is a very challenging and even confusing time for the people of Ethiopia and its neighbors. The past 27 years ,under the brilliant and magnanimous leadership of MELLES/EPRDF was an era of unprecedented progress and stability ,amazing economic and social change ,peace , national pride , national development and poverty alleviation and international respect ...

Ethiopia's economic miracle ride is set to turn into a bumpy road
Ethiopia's rapid economic growth is one of the great stories of the 21st Century, but there are signs that the country's boom may not be sustainable.In 2000, Ethiopia, the second-most populous country in Africa, was the third-poorest country in the world. Its annual GDP per capita was only about $620 (in 2011 dollars). More than 50% of the population lived below the global poverty line, the highest poverty rate in the world. What has happened since is miraculous. According to World Bank estimates, from 2000 to 2018, Ethiopia was the third-fastest growing country of 10 million or more people in the world, as measured by GDP per capita. It hasn't just been a matter of the rich getting richer. The prosperity has been relatively broadly shared. The country's poverty rate fell to 31% by 2015 (the latest year Ethiopia's poverty level was assessed by the World Bank). Life expectancy rose from about 52 in 2000 to 66 in 2017
PM Meles used to say Ethiopia has no worst enemy than poverty! And, he nearly succeeded in pulling the country out of its extreme poverty before his untimely death. However, since his death, the country is falling apart. No one left from the EPRDF high men were able to manage the economy and political upheavals. Today, its economy is falling apart and its prime minister is busy counting flower stands on the street of Addis not to mention his obsession with the renovation of old buildings! Abiy has neglected the much talked about industrial park development that could help in earning hard currency and is ready to sell profitable government-owned companies. He is on the verge of signing the Hedase Dam to Egypt. Dear readers, we thought Wuchale agreement was one too many! The Amhara community must demand its politicians to deny Abiy the vote of confidence so Ethiopia is saved for the future generation.
The Abiy Government's Stratagem of Rigging the Ethiopian General Election
Makonnen Tesfaye; 3 February 2020 -The Abiy Ahmed Government, working hand in glove with Birtukan Mideksa,the former convicted putschist "Kinigit" leader and current Chairperson of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE), have perfected the art of voter suppression, even surpassing that of the racist Jim Crow laws in the US that deterred millions of African Americans from exercising their democratic rights ...

The Fire No One is Watching.
Elias Dawit Feb 2, 2020 - Foreign Policy has listed Ethiopia as the third of ten conflicts to watch in 2020. And while most observers are focusing on the volatile ethnic tensions that have alarmingly escalated in the past several years, there is little attention being paid to the creeping embolism of radical Islam. There is a popular mythos in Ethiopia that religious tolerance between Christians and Muslims has been a hallmark of its long history...

TeKa 02/02/2020 - Do you even know that Europe is divided alongside language and ethnic groups? Tell me any country that is multilingual and has a federal arrangement that is not language-based. The EU is kind of based on a federal system that relies on this premise. Belgium has a federal system that is divided along with language groups as well.

ህወሓት:- አዎ! የቤተሰብ ስብስብ ነው።(ክፍል ሶሰት)
ህወሓት:- አዎ! የቤተሰብ ስብስብ ነው።(ክፍል ሁለት)
ህወሓት:- አዎ! የቤተሰብ ስብስብ ነው።(ክፍል አንድ)
ሓዱሽ ንጉሰ (አግረሲቭ) 01-29-20
The story of TPLF. Must Read!!!

Dergist and leftovers may not be thankful and without shame but even then, when the choice was between a do or die, TPLF field doctors were professional and kind to threat wounded soldiers humanly. The handwritten letter note is a TPLF field doctor note to derge doctors about the treatment given to a captured wounded Derg soldier released so he gets better medical treatment in the city. The other typed letters are field reports sent to the head office by Dereg field officers.

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2020 All rights reserved.

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