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Who is more racist?
TeKa 2-15-19 - One random Saturday morning, I was having a cup of coffee with a friend in one of the stores of Starbucks. As usual, I was having my black coffee Grande, which is the medium size by Starbucks standards, with a little of sugar. As much as I love the sip of a cup of coffee...

Have the self-appointed Oromo elites, activists and politicians lost their mind? It sure seems
Zekarias Ezra 2-15-19 - Something is seriously wrong with our brothers, the self-appointed Oromo elites, activists and politicians.Of course, it has been wrong for many years now, but we just thought, with the ascendency of one of their...

Isayas Dagnaw is yet again granted bail by the high court! Yet again the police have not released Isayas and others like him following the court order. Meaza Ashenafi ought to consult with Birtukan Midekksa what to do next. We believe right or wrong Birtukan was right how she handled Siye case! Read Summary Report Below from Daniel.

A Wise Mix of Carrot and Stick Solutions to Mekelle's Gang Crime Problem
Dr. Yohannes Aberra Ayele 2-14-19 Rapid urbanization particularly that which involves urban primacy, is a challenge as much as it is an opportunity. Accelerated growth of a capital city at a rate several times higher than those next in the rank order tends to feed itself like a rolling ball of snow with flow of migrants, skills, investment draining...

Ethiopian Road Fund 7 Month Report

Transport Minister 2-14-19

Power shift creates new tensions and Tigrayan fears in Ethiopia
Disagreements over land and resources between the 80 different ethnic groups in Ethiopia have often led to violence and mass displacement, but a fast and unprecedented shift of power led by reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is causing new strains, experts say.During the first half of 2018, Ethiopia's rate of 1.4 million new internally displaced people exceeded Syria's. By the end of last year, the IDP population had mushroomed to nearly 2.4 million

Genocide: why a focus on prevention would produce a better outcome
One hundred and forty nine countries have signed the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide of 1948. These signatories present themselves as the authorities who are committed to and entrusted with preventing genocide. But none of these countries are held accountable when they ignore the duties set out in the convention.
The current political development in Ethiopia is worrisome. Unless the government and political leaders sit down and solve their issues things will not improve. God save our people! (forwarded email!)

U.S. Investing $40 Million to Support Goal of Universal Health Coverage in Ethiopia
Today the United States launched a new, five-year USD $40 million Health Financing Improvement Program to invest in expanding Ethiopia's capacity to provide quality affordable healthcare to citizens across the country.Overall, the United States has provided over $4 billion in development and humanitarian assistance to Ethiopia over the past five years.
If the total sum for five years is correct then Ethiopians ought to be thankful to the USA! We really thought USA donation has always been mainly sterilized wheat!

Request to all going to Tigrai Festival 2019!!

TDA Dallas

ጣና ሃይቅና የትኩረት ችግሩ
ዶር. ዮሃንስ አበራ አየለ2-13-19

Ethiopian singer Dadhi Gelan killed by stray bullet
An Ethiopian singer has died after he was hit by a bullet fired to celebrate the opening of a new hotel.Dadhi Gelan was performing in the hotel in Ashufe, a small town in Ethiopia's Oromia region, when a stray bullet hit him, one of his friends told the BBC. Ultimately, the emperor's rule became unbearable to Tigraians for the following reasons:
What is going on? The other day there was also news about accidental killing in Amhara region when a hand grenade exploded during a wedding ceremony!

Israeli Company To Export Processed Sesame From Ethiopia
KROTAJ, a joint venture company formed between an Israeli company named Genuine and Ethiopian Sesame Export, has opened a new sesame processing factory in Ethiopia. The company aims to export processed sesame known as Tahina and generates $10 million annually by processing 3,700 metric tones of sesame. Speaking at the inauguration, Mr. Yohanes Sintayehu, State Minister of Industry indicated...

Tigrai deserves apology for Great Britain's aerial bombardment of Civilians In Mekelle, Tigrai, Ethiopia.
Following his return in 1941 from a 5-year self-imposed exile in Great Britain, Emperor Haileselassie became unjustly and ungratefully cruel to the people of Tigrai despite the fact that Tigraian patriots played a major role in resisting and weakening the Italian army during invasion, while women on their part took it upon themselves to provide food to the army. Ultimately, the emperor's rule became unbearable to Tigraians for the following reasons:

አዲስ አበባ የማናት?
በደምሴ አዱኛ2-12-19

Ethiopia's industrial parks could boost employment and drive innovation
According to Lelise Neme, CEO of Ethiopia Industrial Park Development Corporation (IPDC), Ethiopia has committed about $1.3 billion to construct about a dozen industrial parks in a bid to achieve Ethiopia's industrial ambitions.So far, Ethiopia has built and commissioned five industrial parks including Hawassa, Bole Lemi, and Eastern Zone, and hopes to open six more industrial parks this year including Mekelle, Kombolcha, Adama, Kilinto, Dire Dawa and Arerti.

Frozen in the past, losing the present as the future approaches
Dr. Yohannes Aberra Ayele 2-11-19 - In our school years it was embarrassing to say: "I am eating my lunch yesterday" in a classroom full of students and an English teacher. These days it seems to be ok to talk about the past as if it is happening now and will continue to happen in the future. We in Ethiopia seem to have been frozen...

Ethiopian GCEO Receives "Most Influential People of African Descent" Award
Addis Ababa, 11 February 2018 Ethiopian Airlines Group, Africa’s Largest Airline Group and SKYTRAX Certified Four Star Global Airline, is pleased and extends its congratulations to the entire Ethiopian family and the country at large, on the recognition of Mr. Tewolde GebreMariam, Group CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, as one of the most influential people of African descent ...

ስርቅን ክትረትን ኣብ ከተማታት ትግራይ
ዳኒኤል ግርማይ ካብ አዉሮፓ2-10-19

Tigrai Deputy President Debretsion Geberemichale(Ph.D.) said those who want to harm Tigrai and its people have been given notice! During a public event in Western Tigrai, Debretsion said, he has told both regional and federal officials the people of Tigrai are preparing for any eventuality not because of their choice but because of the many wrongdoings against their interest. Debretsion said Tigrai and it's people have faith in their own capability to defend and do not put much faith on others to protect them. Such a strong statement fromTigrai government is what many were demanding since most of the warmongerers from far and near do not understand the wisdom behind backdoor diplomacy to avoid catastrophe. Calling a spade a spade in broad daylight is what the characters demonizing and undermining the Woyane revolution understand and fear! Many expect these characters will think twice going forward before attacking and belittling our people - if they want to sleep well! Zeru Hagos Feb 10, 2019

The Natures of Oromo Democratic Party's(ODP's) Political Reform in Ethiopia: The Trasformative Approach
Dr. Teshome Adugna(February 8, 2019) - The social empowerment of a given nations based on the political system implemented in the country. The political system mainly affected by the nature or characteristics of political reform. Political reform means improving the laws and constitutions in accordance with expectations of the public.It aim at opening the democratic space of civic participation and involve comprehensive reforms...

African leaders unveil statue of Ethiopia's last emperor
ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA - A statue of Ethiopia's Emperor Haileselassie has been unveiled at the headquarters of the African Union on Sunday. The statue is the second to be erected inside the continental body's offices in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa, after one of Ghana's first leader, Kwame Nkrumah, who championed pan-Africanism.

"መረዳት እና ጊዜ"
ፀጋዝአብለምለም ተስፋይ 2-9-19

How Ethiopia got its grain back
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — For any first-time visitor to an Ethiopian restaurant, the signature experience is tearing off a piece of injera, a pancake-like bread, and using it to scoop up spicy meat or vegetable curries.The spongy, almost sourdough-like taste of injera comes from a grain called teff, a tiny seed found throughout the Ethiopian and Eritrean countryside ...

With more than a hundred million inhabitants and a mosaic of ethnic groups, Ethiopia is Africa's second-most populous country. Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy, who came to power in April 2018, has launched a campaign of political reforms after decades of autocratic rule. But not all Ethiopians are happy with the move. Although a member of the ruling coalition in Ethiopia, the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front appears to be a rival to the central authority in Addis-Abeba. Getachew Reda-- a senior official of the TPLF-spoke to Newsday's Alan Kasujja in the regional capital Mekelle . -

Is the Honeymoon over for the New PM of Ethiopia?
Dereje Gizaw 2-7-19 - Having started from within and learned the ropes of EPRDF politics, the new popular Prime Minister of Ethiopia, PM Abiy Ahmed, has had a spectacular rise to power...But the exercise of canonizing a living person to such a degree barely a month after coming to power by raising expectations too high and potentially unattainable could be setting the PM up for failure.

Ethiopian Recognized for 2nd Year in a Row as Top Performing Cargo Airline by Guangzhou Airport
Addis Ababa: February 07, 2019 Ethiopian Airlines, the Largest Aviation Group in Africa and SKYTRAX Certified Four Star Global Airline, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded gold prize as the top performing cargo transportation airline...

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MIT-MU Job Vacancy
Mekelle Institute of Technology-Mekelle University (MIT-MU) is preparing to open two postgraduate programs on Cybersecurity and Cybersecurity Management under the Department of Information. Technology in the incoming semester.

RUWA FELEG, Ethiopia, Feb 6 (Thomson Reuters
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