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The war on Tigrai: its sinister mission
Yitbarek Mesfin, UK December 5, 2020 - Nobody in the world believes that you invade with warplanes, artillery, and tanks just "to enforce law and order" and catch a few TPLF "fugitives" hiding among the rocks of Tigrai. The people of Tigrai are resisting a massive co-ordinated attack by three enemies all of whom have one common purpose: the destruction of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) and the people of Tigray.
The need for more effective pressure on Abiy Ahmed and urgent Humanitarian Aid to Tigray.
Befekadu Simegn (5.12.20) - So many are exposing that Colonel Abiy Ahmed Ali is a cheat. It all starts with the fake certificates of completion of his elementary, secondary and college education and acquiring PHD degree all in 15 years. This cannot by any means be academically valid viewed against educational rules and standards.
Sudan: Army regains control of border after 25 years
The Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) have reportedly taken control of the area of Khor Yabis in eastern El Gedaref on the border between Sudan and Ethiopia. The Radi El Fashaga Committee said in a statement on Wednesday that the army recovered Khor Yabis in El Fashaga El Sughra, off Barakat Norein, after 25 years of absence.
Staff at Africa's largest airline are being ethnically profiled and excluded from work because they come from a region embroiled in a civil war with the Ethiopian government
(The Telegraph) Staff at Africa's largest airline are being ethnically profiled and excluded from work because they come from a region embroiled in a civil war with the Ethiopian government, employees have told the Telegraph
This should not be left unchallenged. The Diaspora can make a difference with this blatantly unethical and a violation of international agreement. Ethiopian Airlines flies to many cities in the world where rule of law and international agreements are respected. The Airline should not get away with this act. It should be a target of a concerted campaign in London, Washington DC, and all European Cities!

Why is Ethiopia's Nobel Peace Prize winner bombing his own country?
On this week's episode of The Inquiry - why is Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia's Nobel Peace Prize winning Prime Minister, bombing his own country?
From Shelled Ethiopian City, Doctors Tally Deaths and Plead for Help
Abiy promised a swift, surgical military campaign in the restive province of Tigray. But doctors in the regional capital reported civilian deaths, looting and a looming crisis.
Mesfin Hagos: Eritrea's Role in Ethiopia's Conflict and the Fate of Eritrean Refugees Council meeting on Ethiopia
Abiy hid from the world the Eritrean military's direct involvement in combat along the entire border that Eritrea shares with Tigray regional state as well as inside Tigray. The following information is pieced together from three different sources: first, reliable sources inside the Eritrean ministry of defense; second, Eritrean opposition intelligence sources in Sudan and Ethiopia; and finally, anecdotal pieces communicated from friends and relatives, including some academic researchers.
The sanctity of political boundaries is already violated by Abiy and Esaias; and the TPLF must emulate them. Council meeting on Ethiopia
Melaku Teka 12-3-20 -The roller coaster war that run from Nov 4 to Nov 28 in Tigray, Ethiopia, has been as bloody as it can be. Arguably, we have seen one of the highest causalities in the history of Ethiopian warfare, adjusted for time factor.
Tigray leaders vow guerrilla war against the Federal government as they withdraw to the hills
Abiy Ahmed may have declared success for his 'law and order operation' with the fall of Mekelle, the Tigrayan capital, on 28 November, but it is far from clear that the fighting is over (AC Vol 61 No 23, Hard choices ahead in Addis). There have been thousands of casualties on both sides and among the Eritrean troops committed to the conflict by President Issayas Afewerki,
Turning a Tragedy to a lasting freedom and Opportunity
Gebre Selema 12-3-20 - They say the hardest things which do not kill you makes your only stronger. Diamond in its natural state is not attractive and shinning. When you polish diamond mechanically, it becomes beautiful, and shining and precious. When you put ordinary carbon into high temperature under high pressure...

World Refugee & Migration Council, officials, urge U.N. Secretary-General to convene Security Council meeting on Ethiopia
World Refugee & Migration Council, officials, urge U.N. Secretary-General to convene Security Council meeting on Ethiopia
UN, Ethiopia sign deal for aid access to embattled Tigray
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - In a breakthrough a month after deadly conflict cut off Ethiopia's Tigray region from the world, the United Nations on Wednesday said it and the Ethiopian government have signed a deal to allow "unimpeded" humanitarian access...
Victory, Death, and the Tigrean Mindset!
Aesop 12/01/2020 - For over two years, Tigrai has called for a peaceful resolution of political differences in Ethiopia. But its relentless cry for peace has fallen on deaf ears. Many ridiculed and continue to mock Tigrai's tireless calls for a peaceful dialogue as a sign of weakness. This motivated them to wage an occupation campaign against these indomitable people and declare a premature victory.
Beloved Tigray: As You Recalibrate for Eternal Peace, Document for Justice!
Hailemariam Abebe 12-2-20 - Those protagonists of the crime against humanity could not have timed it better for their genocide against the people of Tigray! This was the season for the people of Tigray to harvest the crops in the fields. It would not be rocket science to imagine what the deadly and catastrophic consequences would be should the people are prevented from harvesting their crops!
Abiy second assignments by foreigners to eliminate the identity of Tigray
W.Yilma November, 2/2020 - I asked myself what is the cause of the illegal war declared by illegitimate government against the people of Tigray? I discussed with many people who have different opinions about this war. The responses I got from them are compiled in three categories.
Norwegian Parliament takes a stand on the Tigray conflict
The situation in Ethiopia has developed from bad to worse in recent days. Reports from the escalating conflict tell of closed internet and mobile networks in the conflict area, great danger of escalation and imminent danger of ethnic conflict between...
I am including a link to an excerpt from the book "Bullshit" written by Harry Frankfurt of Princeton who is currently retired. This was Dr. Ezkeal's reference when he was talking about Abiye the PM. He felt that the book by Harry Frankfurt described Abiy Ahmed Ali's character very well. How about reading the excerpt to fundamentally understand how the pattern of deceit gets manifested when individuals like Abiye pretend to be leaders. Abiye's pretentious presence is also an exemplary definition of what an Imposter looks like at the helm. The only road to the likes of Abiy is to take the country and people of Ethiopia into chaos. [From our email folder 12-3-20]
Jawar Mohammed's quest for peaceful resolution of the crisis
Jawar Mohammed November 2020 Qaliti Federal Prison, Ethiopia - Ethiopia is back in the global spotlight once again with the outbreak of the war in Tigray. I am saddened but not surprised. For anyone with a cursory understanding of the fragility of Ethiopia's transitional politics, the escalation of tensions between...Finally, if any actor, be it state or non-state, believes they can achieve victory through a war in this country, they are mistaken. Certainly, one can defeat the other on the battlefield, but neither side would be victorious in building a peaceful and sustainable political order.
Ethiopia war may turn into guerrilla insurgency
ADDIS ABABA/NAIROBI (Reuters) - Ethiopia's nearly month-long war against rebellious northern forces may be transforming into a guerrilla conflict, experts said on Tuesday, Asked about ongoing fighting, TPLF head Debretsion Gebremichael said in a text: "Yes. On three directions. Two around Mekelle. One 50km away."
For all the members of Tigrayan Defense Forces (TDF), Tigrayan Militia, Tigrayan mothers, sisters, and brothers who are unfailingly making logistical support to defend Tigray:
(From our email folder) 11-30-20 - On this day and every day, we are eternally very grateful and thankful for your sacrifices and services. While we (Tigrayans outside Tigray) might be complaining about silly things of life, we cannot help but think for example about other nations and nationalities of Ethiopia who have been under a yoke of Abiy Ahmed's reign of terror. These peoples of nations and nationalities are suffering unimaginable pain of humiliation for who they are. What must they be thinking right at this moment when the Tigrayans are well organized in fighting back against Abiy Ahmed's war effort. We have to believe they would gladly and eagerly change positions with every one of us in a heartbeat.
Tigray will prevail! Eternal Glory to Our Martyrs

EU considers aid cut to Ethiopia amid violence
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - Widespread conflict in Ethiopia that has driven tens of thousands of refugees from their homes, killed hundreds - possibly thousands - and dragged in neighbouring countries is prompting questions in Europe about whether to hold back tens of millions of euros in aid to the country.
"No chance for compromise"
This is the English original of the interview with Tsedale Lemma published in German in the TAZ print edition of Monday 30 November 2020. .How did we get to this point? When Abiy came to power in April 2018 there was ... It was true; even us critical journalists were happy and showed optimism to a certain extent; but at the same time, we were also expressing reservations at the early signs of a turn toward a one-man authoritarianism.
Who can declare the end of a war?
Kalayu Abrha 11-30-20 - The great journalist Martin Plaut, who keeps himself strictly within the perimeters of professional ethics, twitted a couple of days ago: "The next few weeks will show who miscalculated. Difficult for 6% of the population of Ethiopia to face the Federal army, the Amhara militia, and the Eritrean military all at the same time. Clearly the Tigrayans have..."
" Only Tigrai People can say the war is over, Not Ethiopia."

'Stop the madness,' Tigray leader urges Ethiopia’s PM
Debretsion Gebremichael, in a phone interview with The Associated Press, said he remains near the Tigray capital, Mekele, which the Ethiopian army on Saturday said it now controlled. Far from accepting Abiy's declaration of victory, the Tigray leader asserted that "we are sure we'll win."
Situation Report EEPA HORN No. 12 - 30 November 2020
Europe External Programme with Africa is a Belgium-based Centre of Expertise with in-depth knowledge, publications, and networks, specialised in issues of peace building, refugee protection and resilience in the Horn of Africa. EEPA has published extensively on issues related to movement and/or human trafficking of refugees in the Horn of Africa and on the Central Mediterranean Route.
Tigray's Hidden Holocaust: Multinationals Committing Genocide on the Faithful, War on Peace and Tyranny on Democracy!
Hailemariam Abebe 11-29-20 - It has now been about a month since Tigray has been invaded by a regional, national and a multinational army the likes never seen in the history of this home to the great Axumite Empire. But if one reads what the major news outlets (Reuters, BBC, DW, France 24, Aljazeera, The Guardian, Bloomberg, Fox News, The World, NYTimes, Washington Post, CNN, AP, VOA etc.,) report, what he or she is bound to read is about a war between...
U.S. diplomacy is failing in Ethiopia, in new ways and old
The conflict in Ethiopia emerges from a long and complex political history and could easily spiral further out of control. U.S. diplomacy today is under-resourced and uncoordinated, with its leadership asleep at the wheel, leaving Washington poorly positioned to help avert the emerging disaster. America's blunt diplomatic approach to Ethiopia historically, however, would struggle to play a constructive role, too.
11-28-20 - Destruction in Mekelle and Eritrean Refugee abduction Report...
Reports coming from the front line - The Abiy and Isaias group have started bombing Mekelle City. The city is being bombed indiscriminately. The aggressors are destroying all Tigrai infrastructures. Multiple eyewitnesses reported also the Eritrean regime has rounded up over 6000 Eritrean refugees from Shimeleba and Hendade camp in western Tigrai and taken them to Eritrea. The international community has blood in its hand for remaining silent on this issue.
ተፅሓፈ ካብ ገዲም ተጋዳላይ መፍትሄ ስራይ
ተፅሓፈ ካብ ገዲም ተጋዳላይ መፍትሄ ስራይ11-28-20

The Third Woyane: The Third Time's The Charm
Aynalem Sebhatu 11-28-20 - As conflicts spike in every corner of the country, the war against Tigray ravages the northern part of Ethiopia, the urgent call for ceasefire and the urgent need to find a political solution is revibrating in the international corridors of power. From the UN Security Council to the African Union, every effort of negotiated settlement has been rebuffed by the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed. The 44 years old Prime Minister is a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019. .
Capital of Ethiopia's Tigray region under intense bombardment
(CNN)The capital of Ethiopia's Tigray region, Mekelle, is under fierce bombardment, a humanitarian source on the ground and eyewitnesses who have fled the city told CNN on Saturday. Fierce fighting has broken out in Mekelle, the eyewitness said
Humanitarian Task force of Canadians against the Ongoing Genocide in Ethiopia
11-27-20 - As Canadians of Ethiopian origin, we are horrified by the ongoing genocide in Ethiopia. As you have undoubtedly read in the media and perhaps been provided further information through private briefings, we would like to provide you the facts from the battlefields. Military forces of an unelected, caretaker, Ethiopian government, supported by foreign countries that have vested geopolitical and economic interest in the East Africa Region, are committing genocide against the citizens of the National Regional State of Tigray.
Report of heavy Eritrean casualties in Tigray war
(London 26/22/2020) Arbi Harnet (Freedom Friday) has been receiving confirmation that several Eritrean families are getting news of their wounded family members from the fighting in Tigray.
Insanity! Political Laundry in Ethiopia?
Aesop 11-26-20 - The current violence in Ethiopia is largely a manifestation of what Isaias christened: "political laundry project in Ethiopia!". Derg 2.0 (2018-2020) is, in my view, a junior partner in this project. Otherwise, we would not have witnessed Eritrean military commanders deploying Ethiopian troops into Tigrai.

Mathza 11-26-20 - We have been hearing and reading about the Amhara Regional State claim of ownership of the Welqayit, Tsegede, Qafta-Humera and Tselemti weredas (hereafter refereed to Welqayit Group) and Raya, and Amhara Regional State threats of war against TPLF/Tigray. One of the threats states "some of the Amhara elite politicians continue to beat drums, as summons to war"
Biden's NSA pick Jake Sullivan warns of 'war crimes' risk in Ethiopia
President-elect Joe Biden's pick for national security adviser warned Wednesday about the risk of war crimes in Ethiopia, where government forces are surrounding a city governed by rebellious regional leaders in what's threatening to spiral into civil war.
Ethiopia's other conflicts
Analysts fear the conflict in Tigray could fuel violence in other parts of the country. The conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region has cost hundreds of lives and sent tens of thousands of people fleeing to Sudan over the past three weeks. But the region is just one of several in the country experiencing violent unrest amid a fraught political transition.
EPDP-24-20- Statement on the current war of aggression against Tigrai

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    Y. Yon Nov 25, 2020
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    YHT 11-25-20
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    W. Yilma November 24, 2020
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    Hibir Ethiopian Multinational Federalists Support Force 11-24-20
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    Hailemariam Abebe -24-20.
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    Tigray-Ethiopian Elders' Council of Colorado 11-24-20
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    Ethiopian Canadians for Peace
  • Ethiopia on GENOCIDEWATCH List
    Addis Abeba, November 22/2020
  • Open Letter To: His Excellency and Highness Khalifa Al Nahyan; President of the UAE and Emir of Abu Dhabi; and His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum; Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE
    We, concerned British citizens and residents of the UK of Ethiopian origin
  • The Western Powers & Press, Think Tanks, You have not only Endangered the UNESCO World Heritages but also You have Genocide in your Hands!
    Hailemariam Abebe 11-20-20
  • COVID-19 in Ethiopia: Too Dangerous for National Elections, but Effective for Fracturing an Autonomous Regional State
    Professor Desta, Asayehgn 11-21-20
  • Open Letter to Sec of State Pompeo
    Nov 2020
  • De-escalation and negotiation must win in Ethiopia to protect civilians and world heritage sites
    Andinet Belay 11-19-20
  • Situation Update # 13 on Developments in Tigray - Ethiopia
    As of 1710hrs (ELT) on 17 November, credible reporting indicated fighting in the vicinity of Shire and UN agencies had not been able to contact staff since November 16 in the evening.
  • Pinocchio's Kingdom in Ethiopia
    Aesop 11/18/2020
  • Abiy Ahmed Ali's war on Tigrai: a guide to its genesis
    Yitbarek Mesfin UK November 16, 2020
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    Nov 2020.
  • Background to the war in Ethiopia for the international media
    Committee for Voice of Reason Nov 17, 2020

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