Call for Worldwide Protests Against Abiy, Isaias and UAE - Friday, Jan 8, 2021 and Friday, Jan 22, 2021

My eldest sister and her hometown Mekelle
Solomon Tadele 12-21-20 - My nephew called from Mekelle as soon as the telephone lines resumed working and informed us about our eldest sister, who has now turned 80, that she had a health emergency after sunset, and they were unable to take her to the hospital or buy some first aid drugs from pharmacy. For an entire month we were stressed out by fear that they may die

Eritrea heavily involved in Tigray conflict, say eyewitnesses
In early December, Ethiopian state television broadcast something unexpected: a fiery exchange between civilians in Shire, in the northern Tigray region, and Ethiopian soldiers, who had recently arrived in the area. To the surprise of viewers used to wartime propaganda, the Tigrayan elders spoke in vivid detail of the horrors that had befallen the town since the outbreak of war between

War Forces Thousands of Tigreans/Ethiopians in to Sudan
They took with them with donkeys and beds and motorcycles and colorful cloths that they now drape over pipes to create shelters. Others left their shoes behind as they crossed a river to safety.Tens of thousands of Ethiopians who just weeks ago were contemplating the harvest season now huddle in refugee camps in Sudan.

Dr. David Shinn on the Current Political Crisis in Ethiopia and overall Horn of Africa Geopolitics

G.Amare, December 19, 2020 - To begin with, let me share a narrative of an incident that was aired on Tigrai TV which had caught my attention. It is a single incident but tells a lot about the intrinsic social values and moral principles of the Tigrai people. On 29 November 2020, the Tigrai forces claimed to have shot down Ethiopia’s fighter aircraft, Mi-23.

A gulf of difference: How the UAE and Egypt's close coordination fell apart and what's next
On Wednesday, United Arab Emirates Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed traveled to Cairo to hold direct talks with President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on the shifting dynamics of the blockade of Qatar, which Saudi Arabia has been pushing hard to bring to a resolution after more than three years.

Sudan's PM meets Abiy Ahmed after cross-border attack
Ahmed and Hamdok met at a summit of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development, known as IGAD, where the Tigray fighting would likely top the agenda. Hamdok is the current head of IGAD.

A Heart-felt Gratitude to the Great People of the Sudan!
Hailemariam Abebe 12-19-20 - Dearest Brothers and Sisters, - First, I would like to extend my condolences for the loss in the unprovoked attack by Abiye, Amhara and possibly Isayas's forces on the soldiers of the Sudan guarding their rightful land, so appropriated by the expansionist Amhara Special and militia forces! May those killed rest in peace and the Sudanese people and government, stay strong and determined to bring those who perpetrated this heinous crime to justice!!!

The war on Tigray: A multi-pronged assault driven by genocidal undercurrents
Abiy alleged the cause for the war was Tigray's strike on military bases in the region. Yet his recent "victory speech" to the expired parliament detailed preparations for war that began more than two years ago.In response to his own question of "some people ask, why was the [military] measure not taken earlier, why this late?", he said "one who understands the enemy's capacity and regional alignment of forces does not ask this question,"

Sudan army: 'Border with Ethiopia is defined, we will not give up one inch of our land'
The Sudanese army declared on Friday that the international borders with Ethiopia are clear and indisputable and that they "will not give up one inch" of their country's territory.This came in a statement issued by the Sudanese Armed Forces' (SAF) account on Facebook, two days after confrontations with an Ethiopian armed militia on the borders of the two countries.

Analysis-Spillover from Tigray conflict adds to pressure on Sudan
KHARTOUM/DUBAI (Reuters) - Clashes along Sudan's eastern border and the influx of tens of thousands of refugees from neighbouring Ethiopia have added to the challenges faced by a country already navigating a fraught political transition and protracted economic crisis.

The world is watching.
Libanos Beyene Gebremedhin 12-18-20 - "Never Again," which has been adapted by the UN General Assembly after WWII in 1948, has been violated with the genocides in Cambodia and Rwanda. And here we go again, as the world is witnessing genocide by the fascist Abiy Ahmed and the dictator Isayas Afeworki against ethnic Tigreans in the 21st century with bombardments on innocent civilians, children, women, and elders, which is heartbreaking to see.

Tigray-Tigrigni: Time Long Overdue.
Hailemariam Abebe 12-18-20 - I was either in the 3rd or 4th grade when I first learned about the umbilical cord bonding the great Empire of Axum to Adolis. I remember it clearly, after these so many years, in whose class I first learned about it. It was in the Gibre Guebnet class taught by one of Axum's premier priest and scholar of Saint Yared, Mregeta Fisseha (may he rest in peace). And it is not only with regards to his class of Gibre Guebnet that I remember him so dearly but for the transforming event I had seen him do too.

Tigray: The darkest hour is just before the dawn
Kalayu Abrha 12-17-20 - The proverb, used as a title, may have originated from the Irish song meant to inspire hope under adverse circumstances. What is happening in Tigray has never been dreamt of. It looks like a doomsday scenario: From a tranquil life which was envied by all ethiopians, until a few weeks before, the entire State is overwhelmed by...

Run, Walk, or Move out!
Aesop 12/16/2020 - Lekatit 11 is on the horizon. It is time for Tegaru all over the world, including our people in Sudan, to make preparations and commemorate their awakening in front of the world. Tigreans will demonstrate, twice again, who they are:

ICRC: We can't wait for the guns to fall silent in Ethiopia to start acting
The ICRC was the first international humanitarian agency to gain access to Ethiopia's Tigray region since fighting began. The Director of the ICRC in Africa, Patrick Youssef, tells Becky Anderson that the situation is fluid and very concerning

Tigray crisis: How Ethiopian doctors fled militia attacks
An Ethiopian doctor has given the BBC a horrific account of how hospital patients were evacuated on a tractor and trailer, and how he hid in the woods, after conflict broke out in the northern Tigray region last month. Dr Tewedros Tefera fled the agricultural hub of Humera and later the nearby town of Adebay, telling the BBC it became too dangerous to remain in either place.

In a recent meeting with senior members of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Parliamentarians were briefed on recent developments in Tigray
Following concerns expressed in the House of Lords about the plight of people being caught up in the horrors of war, Parliamentarians who have been following events in Tigray and Ethiopia have been asking some searching questions of the UK Government and the international community. .

Sudan says officers ambushed by Ethiopian 'forces' during patrol
Sudan's armed forces has said that a number of its officers were ambushed by "Ethiopian forces and militias" during a security patrol of the border region. "During the return of our forces from combing the area around Jabal Abutiour inside our territory, they were ambushed by Ethiopian forces and militias inside Sudanese territory..."

EU delays 90 million euros in aid to Ethiopia over Tigray crisis, document shows
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - The European Union has postponed nearly 90 million euros in budget support payments to Ethiopia due to the bloc’s concerns over the crisis in the northern Tigray region, according to an internal EU document seen by Reuters on Wednesday.

More than two million children in Ethiopia's Tigray region cut off from humanitarian aid, UN says
(CNN)The United Nations has warned that millions of children are still cut off from aid in Ethiopia's conflict-riven Tigray region, despite promises made by the federal government earlier this month to allow humanitarian agencies access.

Drones Are Destabilizing Global Politics
Simple Vehicles Make Conflict Tempting and Cheap. The world has entered an era of drone wars. In four major interstate wars in the last five years-those in Libya, Nagorno-Karabakh, Syria, and Ukraine-armed drones played a dominant, perhaps decisive, role. And yet the debates about drones still center on their use against nonstate actors

Ethiopia: Bloody Burden of Tigrai
Mogos Abraham, PhD Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, Canada 15 December 2020 We had enough everyone! Enough is enough! Although its origin is traced to Tigrai, now, this ancient land called Ethiopia, populated by a majority of uncivilized entities, is outdated. It has outlived its relevance for the 21st century as a nation state. Those backward entities have made Ethiopia irrelevant in all aspects of life.

Ethiopia Sinks Deeper into Sectarian Conflict
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed promised democracy and a new beginning for his country -- and received the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize for his initial efforts. It has been all downhill from there, however, and he is increasingly turning to authoritarian methods.... Ethiopia Sinks Deeper into Sectarian Conflict

Role of the U.S. in the Ethiopia-Tigray Civil War
Mulu Getaw, Dec 15, 2020 - I have recently come to appreciate the meaning of the statement "elections have consequences". The election of D.J. Trump has changed the balance of powers in the world so hugely that its consequences have reached even the very far region of Tigray in Ethiopia.

Five Reasons Why the UN Security Council Needs to Deal with the Humanitarian Crisis in Ethiopia
ALEX DE WAAL - First, it's an internationalized crisis: there are over 45,000 refugees in Sudan and within weeks there could be three times that number. There are over 100,000 Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia, and the Eritrean army has overrun their camps and is reportedly forcing conscripting youth, while the Federal Government is proposing to send over 100 Eritreans who made it as far as Addis Ababa back to Tigray,

Urgent Call for UN Security Council Resolution to Stop Genocide in Tigray, Ethiopia.
Your Excellencies, Security and Justice for Tigrayan in Ethiopia (SJTE) is a world-wide non-profit humanitarian organization that advocates for the Ethiopians of Tigrayan origin. Three weeks ago, we advised your esteemed body that ethnic Tigrayans in Ethiopia were facing targeted killings and imprisonment unleashed upon them by the unelected government of Prime Minster (PM) of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed Ali.

Ethiopia (Tigray): Discussion of the humanitarian situation under "any other business"
Security Council members are expected to discuss the humanitarian situation in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia under "any other business", a standing item in consultations. The meeting was initiated at the request of Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, the US, and the UK. An OCHA representative is expected to brief.

Civilians in Ethiopia's Tigray speak of horror as blackout lifts
Ethiopia said Monday that power and phone connections had been partly restored in Tigray, where civilians spoke of deprivation, fear and violence in the troubled region after six weeks of silence.

Humanitarian workers must be allowed to help in Ethiopia without fear of attack
As I write, the conflict in and around Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region is well into its fifth week, with hundreds of people reportedly killed, tens of thousands displaced and millions enduring day after day without food, water and power.

As War Goes On in Ethiopia, Ethnic Harassment Is on the Rise
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - On a bright day in mid-November, about a dozen police officers with machine guns barged into the home of Lisanewerk Desta, a theologian who is the head of the library and museum department at the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and got to work.

CNN uncovers reality for refugees on the Ethiopia-Sudan border
CNN hears testimony from refugees at the Sudan-Ethiopia border, all of whom say they were targeted because of their Tigray ethnicity. CNN also heard from a member of the Tigray People's Liberation Front that the majority of the forces operating in Ethiopia's Tigray region are from Eritrea...

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