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Chinese Business Delegation blocked in Addis Ababa
(Aigaforum) Addis Ababa Dec 21, 2019 - The Abiy Ahmed government has continued its destabilizing act against the regional government of Tigray. With the knowledge of the Ethiopian Embassy in China, the Foreign Ministry in Ethiopia and the Business and Investment Bureau of the Tigray regional government a working rapport was established with Chinese Business delegation from Shanxi province of China. The delegation was headed by the Deputy Governor of Shanxi province of China.

የሕዳሴው ግድብ ድርድር እየተመራበት ያለው መንገድ የኢትዮጵያን ጥቅም እየጎዳ በመሆኑሊቆም ይገባል ተባለ
wazemaradion dec 2019

Tigray being forced to sail into uncharted waters
Yohannes Aberra, PhD 12-21-19 - The predicament of the people of the ancient land looks like it is endless. No one seems to be interested to reduce the burden on the People. Most are carelessly bent to add fuel to the fire as if they will be free from the consequences. By pushing Tigray onto the brink they are sure that it will be only Tigray that goes off the cliff to their relief...

መልሲ ዘይብድሆ በርቃዊ ሕቶ
ብተስፋ ስላሴ ገብረኣናንያ 12-21-19

Where is Home for Ethiopia's "Homegrown" Economic Reform Program?
Assefa A. Lemu 12-20-19 - In the 1980s, Derg came up with the idea of reducing dependency on foreign countries and being self-sufficient. One of the components of that self-sufficiency was wearing domestically manufactured kaki dresses. Wearing and consuming domestic products were the order of the day. In fact, some of the top Derg/WPE officials used to wear European shoes to set their standard higher than the ordinary kaki wearers

Abiy Blocked Chinese Delegation from traveling to Tigrai
The main reason the Abiy government blocked the Chinese delegation from flying to Tigrai on 12/19/19 is probably to show his diminishing power over TPLF. However, it is also likely, it may be because the government was afraid of the powerful image the Chinese delegation appearing in Tigrai while the first Ethiopian satellite built by the Chinese is launched would have projected! As you all know the satellite was part of the EPRDF led government transformation plan. The Abiy government has nothing to show so far when it comes to development!
The Tigrai government must not leave this act unchallenged. It will embolden the Abiy government to do more if left unchallenged. The world community and Ethiopians must know the red line has been crossed by the Abiy government. Zeru Hagos Dec 19, 2019

ብምኽንያት መበል 45 ዓመት ዓመት ምጅማር ብረታዊ ቃልሲ ህዝቢ ትግራይ በዓል 11 ለካቲት ኣመልኪቱ ካብ ማሕበር ማሕበር ተጋሩ ሰሜን ኣሜሪካ ዝተውሃበ መግለፂ
UTNA 12-20-19

Ethiopian Airlines CEO: A year of tragedy and accomplishment
Ethiopian Airlines' inaugural flight to Houston, landing Monday night with a water cannon salute, has revived an important distinction for the city. Houston is once again connected to every continent but Antarctica, an accolade lost in 2018 with the cancellation of SonAir's charter flight to Luanda, Angola. This new flight, Ethiopian Airlines' fifth nonstop destination in North America, operates three times a week...
We believe CEO Tewolde should pass the torch while he has his respect and dignity. Ethiopian Airlines' future will not be any better than the fate of the country as a whole.

Yes' Ethiopia 'the fastest growing economy globally'- but it's all in the details
Dr Peter Kagwanja of Kenya's Africa Policy Institute said Ethiopia, a country in the Horn of Africa, had the world's fastest growing economy. IMF and World Bank data shows that over the most recent 10 year period, Ethiopia's economy grew by between 9.5% and 9.8%. But experts say that this growth needs to be put into context, including what was driving it.
The revolutionary democrats have delivered spectacular growth over the last 10 or so years. No matter how you slice it the growth was there to be seen. The question now is will the neoliberals continue the growth rate going forward! If last year is any indication the country is on a downward economic trajectory. Imagine what is in store for the country with a slow economy and bulging unemployed youth!

ምርጫ ቦርድ ለቀጣዩ ሀገር አቀፍ ምርጫ የመራጮች ምዝገባ ሰነዶች ህትመትና የቁሳቁሶች ግዥ ጀመረ
fanabc 12-19-19
Does this mean the next election will be held on time? Is Dubai of all countries the best country with democratic credentials when it comes to an election? Also, knowing most of our people live in the countryside and illiterate why is Birtukan spending lots of money on print materials? Why not use SIGNS which can be understood by anyone. In any case, it is good the government is taking the next election seriously. Without an election, there is no Ethiopia for the neoliberals or the new rulers!

Understanding International "Post-colonial" Financial Capital
Prof Micheal Witter explains some of the constraints that the IMF implements. The first is the devaluation of currency, an instant gateway to poverty. Pay attention to the inverse (lies) told by the Ex vice chairman of the Federal Reserve. Notice his grin when questioned about it.

Adios Commonsense Welcome Washington Consensus
Haile Kebret (PhD) 12-17-2019 - The usual dominant IMF prescription for all macroeconomic ills in the 1970a and 1980a was a package of policies encapsulated in what was referred to as the Washington Consensus. The Hall Marks of this policy goes as follows.

Keeping Ethiopia's Transition on the Rails
Ethiopia's political opening under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has won well-deserved accolades but also uncorked dangerous centrifugal forces, among them ethnic strife. With international partners' diplomatic and financial support, the government should proceed more cautiously - and consultatively - with reforms that could exacerbate tensions.
Is it true that when a lie is repeatedly told it becomes true? How can the Crisisgroup say Abiy and his reform is popular when he can not move an inch in Oromia freely and when his effigy is burned live in Bahirdar and Gondar and is despised in Tigrai as 'Meshrefet"? Who except the neo-liberals and few from the converted Christians love this guy? I mean let us be honest here, the reform he is credited is not his! It was EPRDF that decided to reform itself. Even the much talked about Ethio-Eritrea's relationship is at a standstill although, he was rewarded with a Nobel Peace Prize! So it is the West, not the vast majority of Ethiopians that love and adore this man! [Zeru Hagos 12-16-19]

'ምድር ተናገሪ ብሶትሽን አውሪ!'
ፀጋዝአብ ለምለም ተስፋይ12-17-19

Who decides who is wrong in Ethiopia?
Yohannes Aberra, PhD 12-16-19 - Exactly 14 years ago I posted a commentary entitled "the wrong sense of wrong" on the then Deki I never thought that the article would provoke so much anger among the EPRDF opposition.Although that has never been my intention I was branded as anti-Menilik; and by extension anti-Ethiopia

No matter of choice: Displacement in a changing climate
IDMC embarked on a new research programme in December 2018 to investigate internal displacement associated with slow-onset environmental change.1 Based on two hundred and nineteen interviews and qualitative methodologies conducted in July 2019 in the Somali region of Ethiopia, this study examines the drivers of displacement in pastoralist communities....

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