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Hakfen Media - On Abiy Ahmed Aug 03, ,2020

Awet Wodaj - Documentary Aug, 2020

DW TV (Amharic) - July 30, 2020
Abiy Ahmed admonishes the likes of Sisay Agena( ESAT) Temesgen(Amhara President), and many others who advocate for War against Tigrai. Wey Mealti!! - July 30, 2020

Tigrai TV (Amharic): On Tigrai Election 2012 Candidate Registration Dates - July 28, 2020

DW TV (Eiyeta): With Dr. Shishay Amare and Berihu Teweldebrhan on Ethiopia's fate, Tigrai election and more - July 25, 2020

Girmai Berhe: Commentary on Current Politics in Ethiopia July 24, 2020

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All indications are pointing to the beginning of the end.
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DW TV (Eiyeta): With Berihu Teweldebrhan and Sekuture Getachew on TPLF and Tigrai bashing, Aug 04, 2020

Why the United States is failing Ethiopia (Part 1)
Elias Dawit 08-04-20 - Ethiopia is on the precipice of becoming yet another failed state in Africa. And while this may seem a predictable event for some observers of the arch of modern African history, Ethiopia's steep and rapid downward spiral towards a spectacular collapse is owed, to a great extent, to the misunderstanding and miscalculation of its American ally. It is puzzling why the U.S. has thrown its support behind the current Ethiopian leadership. The Prime Minister is presiding over a catastrophic downfall of a once-rising success story slated to become a middle-income country by 2030.
New Online Multilingual Media NORTH STAR TRIBUNE Launched
A new integrated online media named
has been launched this week. NTS is run by dedicated professionals and scholars to advance an all-purpose progressive debate, discussion and dialogue based on evidence, reason and public interest journalism principles covering issues, events and actors in all Ethiopia and beyond. While NTS's focus is on promoting multiculturalism and countrywide solution-oriented progressive ideas and aspirations that celebrate consensus in Ethiopia, it will anchor to Tigrai's perspective as a point of departure. NTS will consistently adhere to good conduct and ethics of journalism. NTS speaks and writes multilingual.

Dam collapse destroys 600 houses in Sudan
A sudden collapse of a dam in Sudan's Blue Nile State has destroyed 600 houses, local Sudanese media reported on Friday. "Over 600 houses in the neighborhoods of Bout town in Blue Nile State have been destroyed due to a sudden collapse of Bout dam which is used to store around..."
Tigrai Military Parade

Unfortunately, TPLF has been fighting a super ignorant enemy during its existence. EDU, EPRP, Shaibya, and Derge were so ignorant they all undermined its capability and its hold on truth! They were all defeated squarely because the TPLF struggle was just! Abiy should have learned a thing from all the forces before him that tried to defeat TPLF. Sadly he has not! We are told, the current limited military parade is to remind Abiy not to invade thinking TPLF and Tigreans are not ready for any eventualities. They are!! Western countries that are helping Abiy must heed Tigrai parliament call for a national dialogue to save Ethiopia. We repeat, all indications are the war if it materialized will not be fought in Tigrai.

Tigrai TV (Amharic) Response to the Federation House Letter Regarding Tigrai Election- Aug 01, 2020

Amanuel Assefa undermines the credibility and legality of the letter sent by the federation house demanding Tigrai cancels the 2012 election. Amanuel and many more legal experts have explained the absurdity of the argument 'A Regional government holding an election is unconstitutional'!

Mass arrest of dissidents threatens to derail Nobel Peace Prize-winning PM's reform
He was hailed as Ethiopia's 'saviour' for bringing peace to the Horn of Africa, picking up the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. But Abiy Ahmed, is at risk of losing his shine with a brutal crackdown on dissent. Opposition and critics of the 43-year-old leader have been rounded up and imprisoned.

One bad day demonstrates how Trump is reaping what he's sown
WASHINGTON - Yesterday, July 30, 2020, will likely prove to be a significant and consequential day in Donald Trump's presidency. It was a day when we learned the U.S. economy suffered a historic decline during the second quarter.
We heard Fanabc and the other Abiy controlled media outlets were having a field day with Trump's tweet about 'delaying U.S Election'. By the way, the minute we saw the tweet we predicted they were going to spin it to justify Abiy's indefinite postponement of the election, and they did! The brilliant minds at NBC have done a wonderful job in exposing Trump on this issue. They have cleverly summarized what he can and can't do, and what he should do if he was worried about the effect of COVID-19 on the upcoming election. We wish there were Ethiopians who can tell Abiy the way the NBC folks are telling Trump. Our Amhara elites should know Ethiopia is disintegrating because they are supporting Abiy while the Oromos are abandoning him!
Tigrai TV (Amharic) Interview with Getachew Reda, TPLF Executive Leader- July 30, 2020

Getachew on Abiy latest charade - Hedase Dam and War Mongering stance. Must Watch!!

All Eyes Are on Tigray
Mulu A 7-31-20 - Under Prime Minister Abiy, Ethiopia's federal government has threatened the TPLF after the party's declaration that the region would continue holding elections. This type of baleful speech is not only unconstitutional, but can also be perceived as a declaration of war against all Tigrians in particular, and the entire nation of Ethiopia in general.
Election in Tigrai: A Step towards Democratization but a Bitter Pill to Election Haters.
G. Amare, July 31, 2020 - Sadly, Ethiopia is speedily changing from a little peace to no peace; from a few to mass imprisonments and killings; from economic growth to economic meltdown; from mega vision to no vision; and from construction to destruction. Animosity, fear, and frustrations among ethnic groups are growing more than ever before. The people have lost their confidence and trust in the government.
The North Remembers!
Aesop 07/28/2020 - The Derg 2.0 CEO Tigrigna interview reminded me of a phrase from the Game of Thrones: "the North Remembers!" Tigreans remember what followed when Derg 2.0's CEO spoke in Mekelle back in 2018. Tigreans also remember the threat against mothers and children he made few weeks ago. Tigreans do not suffer from the political amnesia that seems to have afflicted many these days.
Addis Abeba, July 30/2020 - Jawar Mohammed, of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) has appeared in Federal First Instance Court at Lideta division for the third time since his first arrest on June 30. Tulli Bayissa, member of Jawar's defense team told Addis Standard that the investigating police have brought to the court new allegation accusing Jawar...
I can only wonder what the US Ambassador and those color revolutionary gurus in Europe are telling Abiy Ahmed these days. Can you imagine the silence of Andargachew Tsige and Berhanu Nega today? What a shame! How did I spend my precious years fighting along with these characters in the field?(የሞታችሁ ጛዶች እንኩዋን ተሰዋቹህ ይብላኝ በቁማቸው ለሞቱ ) Zeru Hagos July 30, 2020
Beadledom Child on Birth Labor to a Mother!
Yared Huluf 7-30-20 - Mankind and so other living things are born exposed to challenges and difficulties and endurance and perseverance are some ways means of mitigating the forbearance faced. The history of living things is a history of ephemeral Pyrrhic victories. Ethiopians remember April 1979 when the military dictator ransacked the city of Addis Ababa searching house to house what he labeled Anarchists hideouts.
African Union Communique on Ethiopia GERD dam
His Excellency President Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, President of the Republic of South Africa, in his capacity as the Chairperson of the African Union (AU), convened an Extraordinary Meeting of the African Union (AU) Bureau of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government, on 21 July 2020, to review progress pertaining to the Trilateral Negotiations on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.
The statement indicates the negotiation has gone beyond the filling of the dam. It has included the management of the dam and on the future use of the Nile waters. The Egyptians have got all they demanded.

Tigrai TV (Amharic News) On Election Tigrai and OLF chairman Obbo Dawd Home Arrest update and more - July 30, 2020

Does the Chicken or the Egg Comes First
Mahetot Assemelash July 30, 2020 - This is a response to the speech given by the Ethiopian Prime Minster; Abiy Ahmed about the Tigrian people (July 27, 2020). The prime minister seems worried about Tigray people and development. If he has such feeling he should answer the following whys?

Rotary Ethiopia Donated Six Million Birr Worth of Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, and Medical Supplies to The Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia
25 July 2020, Addis Ababa: Rotary Ethiopia in collaboration with the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, TRF, William Grant and Sons Brands Ltd, Swiss Club Addis Ababa and its global networks donated six million Birr worth of Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, and medical supplies to the Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia, as part of its continued support to combat COVID-19 pandemic.

DW TV (Eiyeta): With Dr. Shishay Amare and Sekuture Getachew on Abiy Tigirgna interview with Fanabc and more - July 28, 2020

Tweedledum Tweedledee!
Temsgn Kebede 7-28-20 - Just because the PM speaks Tigrigna does not mean he has the heart and mind of the Tirigrian mass in as much as he speakers Afan Oromo sweet words but impels the spears and daggers through the Oromo hearts and livers as we speak. He has forgotten at a time of crisis action speaks louder than words but...
An Open Letter All Amhara Elites and Scholars
Gebre Selema 7-28-20 - I left Ethiopia in 1991. Thus I have been living outside Ethiopia for the past 29 years. Almost there are nothings I have not seen under the sun both good and bad. I have buried many young Ethiopians including Eritreans in that process. I am lucky I am alive today. Three of the big problems I have struggled to live with outside Ethiopia are not related to my new home country, but heavy backward baggage...
The Emergence and Transformation of Tigrayan Nationalism
Lema Lema (PhD )07-28-20 - Since the new federal government came to power in 2018, it is pursuing a more centralized policy that undermines self-government, isolates some states like Tigray in what appears to be a federation without Tigray. Tigray, a state that was at the forefront of the struggle for self-government is challenging this trend and asking if this is a new reality, why staying in a union? There is ongoing tension between the two governments.... The Emergence and Transformation of Tigrayan Nationalism (pdf)
UN Socio-economic Assessment of COVID-19 in Ethiopia
Ethiopia faced the onset of the crisis with clear strengths. It had an excellent long-term track record of economic growth, major improvements in infrastructure, poverty reduction and social development.Ethiopia, however, also faced some major vulnerabilities.Social unrest, triggered by longstanding issues that could now be aired in a more open civic and political environment, had led to conflict, the loss of lives and property and, at the last count, 1.7 million internally displaced persons
Human Cabrito Prehistoric Chinese Style!
Yared Huluf 7-26-20 - You do not have to be anybody or anything but yourself to understand this basic fact, it comes with life as a child would not need any schooling to understand that s/he needs milk to survive at the initial stage of his or her life. Most if not all Tigrains understand the shortfalls of TPLF but all also know that at this point in time the TPLF is not a threat they have to be worried let alone rise against it, far from it. The people understand and know well who poses an existential threat.

Tibebe Abera 07-22-20
  • GERD Filling Up: Ethiopia must celebrate the late PM Meles Zenawi
    Yohannes Aberra, PhD 07-23-20 .
  • The International Community[1] Remains Indifferent to Gross Human Right Violations, Suppressions, Killings, and Imprisonments.
    G. Amare, July 22, 2020.
  • Proportional Representation Electoral System: Pathway to participatory democracy in Tigray
    Asayehgn Desta, July 21, 2020
  • Tigray's Election: One major step for Tigray & one giant leap for Ethiopia
    Hailemariam Abebe 07-21-20
  • The Political Economy of the Emerging Neo-Neftegna State in Ethiopia
    Makonnen Tesfaye; July 17, 2020
  • Injudicious Politics, Ethnic Conflicts, and the Breakdown of Law and Order in Ethiopia
    Teum Mezgebo 17 July 2020 .
  • What now?
    Aesop 07/16/2020
  • Now, a Time to restore Axumite Kingdom using the Magic Article 39
    Gebre Selema 07-14-20
  • Rethinking the violence in Ethiopia
    Minga Negash 07-14-20
  • Tigray must invoke article 39
    Senay Tewolde 7-12-20 .
  • Defining PM Abiy Using DSM-5
    G. Amare, July 12, 2020.

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