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Tigrai TV: Tigrai Election- Public Debate between political parties in Tigrai
Aug 23, 2020

Lilay: Tigray can't afford to live in the past; it has a bright future to take care of
Yohannes Aberra, PhD 08-23-20 - The biggest problem that is messing up politics in Ethiopia and leaving the Country without a functioning compass is the obsession with excessive glorification of the past and at the same time the unhelpful act of scratching of old wounds that does not solve our current problems, but only aggravate them. Blata Hailemariam made his own glorious history; and Lilay was expected to do better; but he didn't: "የእሳት ልጅ አመድ።"

Gross Human Rights Violations in Ethiopia by the Abiy Ahmed Government - Petition Letter to the UK Government by Mekete Tigray UK
We, concerned British citizens and residents of the UK of Ethiopian Tigrayan origin and who are organised under a broad democratic platform of "Mekete Tigray" (i.e. Defense of Tigray), are writing to bring to our Government's attention to the Abiy Ahmed (PhD) Government's gross human and democratic rights violations in Ethiopia. These include the systemic and widespread repression of citizens, minority groups and nationalities; and the establishment of a dictatorial rule that transgresses the fundamental pillars of the Ethiopian Federal Democratic Republic (EFDR) Constitution

I cannot believe that "TDP" leader is calling for sanctions on Tigray!
Yohannes Aberra, PhD 08-22-20 - I am writing this reaction not because I am TPLF's communication officer but because as an ordinary Tigrean and Ethiopian I couldn't bear the words that are uttered everytime the "TDP" gets talking. None of the words of the leader of "TDP" are as perplexing as what I read today in When you feel that people have stopped hearing your voice, you may speak louder. If still that doesn't work you better take your dignified silence rather than throwing out garbage hoping that people will pay attention
Say His Name--Meles Zenawi
Elias Dawit 08-20-20 - The absence of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's name from national discourse speaks to the power he holds over those who today walk within the palace compound. The silence of the current leadership in acknowledging his predecessor is a tightly held talisman to ward off the threat of comparison - an unwinnable exposition of weakness and confusion in the face of strength and certainty.
A "Noble Way" of Driving a Country to a Ditch
Aynalem Sebhatu 08-20-20 - It is public secret now; Colonel Abiy Ahmed cleverly rode the Oromos and the Amharas' political elites' coattails to the top of the political power. Since his ascent, Abiy Ahmed as the PM of Ethiopia, there has been no shortage of analyses on his personal being and on his leadership capacity. For an evaluation of the PM's personal traits and his psychological profile, it is informative to watch an interview of Colonel Binyam Tewelde by Awol Media.
Crisis Group international (CGI): A Group in Crisis!
Hailemariam Abebe 08-20-20 - I must admit that although I have been a human rights activist and an advocate for democracy in Ethiopia for almost half a century, I have never heard of the organization called Crisis Group International (CGI) until a friend forwarded me their press release of August 14, 2020. As many of you have seen it by now, the press release was entitled "Toward an End to Ethiopia's Federal-Tigray Feud!" After I finished reading it, the sense I got was that this was a news release from a lobbying group hired by the Abiye regime!

DW TV(Eyeta): With Sekuture Getachew and Amb Wondimu on Ethiopia's predicament and more! Aug 21, 2020

Protesters shot, 9 killed in Ethiopia clashes, say doctors
Ethiopian forces fire on demonstrators protesting against the detention of opposition leaders in the Oromia region.At least nine people have died in clashes in the Oromia region between Ethiopian security forces and protesters demanding the release of an opposition politician and a media magnate, health officials said on Thursday. The unrest highlights growing divisions in Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's Oromo power base
Nile dam row: Ethiopia's pop stars hit out
Pop stars in Ethiopia have been belting out tunes marking a victory in what is seen as a battle with Egypt over who has rights to the waters of the River Nile.Ethiopia's biggest pop star Teddy Afro has released a song seen as a warning to Egypt that it should learn to share the waters of the River Nile.
I truly believe now that indeed people have been stealing somebody else history in Ethiopia. I thought Janhoy's claim as a liberator from fascist Italy when many unsung heroes fought tooth to nail against Mussolini soldiers throughout the five years of occupation, and Menelik's stardom unlike Atse Yohannes and Raesi Alula who defended Ethiopia on many occasions was a simple mistake but no more! Teddy, after hiding in plain sight for so many years saying nothing about the Renaissance Dam wants to be part of its history. The Dam is nearly completed and Eng Semegenw and PM Meles are gone and here comes Teddy!! Enee emelew, do these people consider us zombies or what? እኔ እምለው፣ ምን አለበት ዝም ብሎ አበባዬ ዘፈኑ ቢዘፍን እና ታሪክ ለባለ ታሪኮች ቢተወው አስመሳይ ታሪክ ቐማኛ!! Zeru Hagos Aug 22, 2020

Addis Abeba, August 19/2020 - A staggering number of civilian protesters were killed and injured by security forces in several cities and towns across the Oromia regional state in the last two days alone. Based on several eyewitnesses who spoke to Addis Standard over the last two days, we were able to confirm that some of the most affected areas where security forces have either violently...
Western governments are failing to help the Ethiopian people. The Oromo people deserve peace. Wolayita people deserve peace. No doubt the U.S. government has blood in its hand since it is the worst sponsor of the Abiy government.
Inclusive national dialogue is a priority for Ethiopia
An all-inclusive genuine national dialogue should start urgently. This could help bring consensus on some critical and controversial political issues. These include: governing a post-September Ethiopia; ensuring free, fair and peaceful elections and fixing their timing; cultivating trust in public institutions; incorporating the visions of all stakeholders into a new constitution; and shaping an accommodative political destiny for Ethiopia.
Even Abiy foreign sponsors are realizing the need for a post-Septemeber inclusive government in Ethiopia to determine the country's future. With an elected regional government at hand, Tigrai will be in a much better position to negotiate from strength with all political organizations in Ethiopia that represent the Nation and Nationalities.
The Ashenda Nostalgia
Yohannes Aberra, PhD 8-19-20 - It is moving; you feel your eyes bulging filled with blinding tears. In your tears you see the beautiful girls jumping and running with joy. Three days free from household drudgery; three days of liberation. The girls are celebrating St. Mary the symbol of womanhood and motherhood. At the same time they are celebrating long endured culture of beauty and arts.

Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia resist camp closure amid COVID-19 fears
A plan by the Ethiopian government to relocate around 27,000 Eritrean refugees to two already overcrowded camps is yet to be shelved, despite concerns by aid organisations over both the risk of spreading COVID-19 and the confusion the stated policy has caused.
DW TV: Tigrai Regional Security Officials and Officials from the Northern Command Federal forces discussed on security matters around the coming Tigrai regional election, Aug 18, 2020

Abiy Ahmed announced a major reshuffle which saw the appointment ten individuals to different positions today. The reshuffle saw the removal of defense Minister Lemma Megerssa and Addis Abeba deputy mayor Takele Uma from their respective positions.
Abiy is naked. He is an inept leader. Many people told him Ethiopia's problem can not be solved by beautifying a palace and Ethiopia is a complex country with a problem that can not be solved by a political machination/confuse and convince/ including an Orommara coalition. Yet, he keeps doing the same thing again and again. In his short-lived pm job, he has appointed more ministers and directors than any of his predecessors for most ministries. Why the rush to appoint a dead on arrival ministers now? His regime will be an illegal government by the end of Septemeber 2020.
Offical Invitation Letter to Observe Tigrai Election
Tigrai has invited more than 70 Countries, international organizations, and regional organizations and scholars, local and international independent media as well as international personalities to observe the election..
Tigrai TV : Tigrai Election date set for Paqumien 4, 2012/Sep 9 2020,

Ethiopia: Opposition Figures Held Without Charge
(Nairobi)- Ethiopian authorities have been detaining dozens of opposition members and journalists without charge since late June 2020, raising serious rights concerns.The authorities detained government critics across the political spectrum, including Lammi Begna of the Oromo Liberation Front, Lidetu Ayalew, and officials from the former ruling Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front, such as Tewelde Gebre Tsadikan and Berihu Tsigie.

Ethiopia: Stop the use of deadly force on protesters
Following the killing of at least 16 people following protests over the arrest of zonal officials, community leaders and activists by Ethiopian security officers in the Wolaita Zone of Southern Nations, Nationalities and People's Regional State (SNNPR) since 9 August, Amnesty International's Director for East and Southern Africa, Deprose Muchena, said
Ethiopia Working Group Statement: Ethiopia's path to a more stable and democratic future is increasingly at risk
The government, citizens, and the international community should act now to prevent the promise of a new Ethiopia from slipping away.We are alarmed that the Ethiopian government has renewed restrictions on individual rights. The government's use of repressive tools in its latest crackdown-including arbitrarily arresting citizens and shutting down the internet
Arena party has to provide a less contradictory reason for its non-participation in the election in Tigray
Yohannes Aberra, PhD 8-14-20 - Every human being, as an individual or as a member or leader of any group, has the inalienable right to reject what it does not like to have or accept what it is interested in. Arena party has the right to decide not to participate in the election in Tigray on its own free will. Problem arises when the rationale for non participation, when participation is most expected, lacks coherence and is contradictory.

Gebre Selema 08-13-20
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