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Abiy Ahmed announced a major reshuffle which saw the appointment ten individuals to different positions today. The reshuffle saw the removal of defense Minister Lemma Megerssa and Addis Abeba deputy mayor Takele Uma from their respective positions.
Abiy is naked. He is an inept leader. Many people told him Ethiopia's problem can not be solved by beautifying a palace and Ethiopia is a complex country with a problem that can not be solved by a political machination/confuse and convince/ including an Orommara coalition. Yet, he keeps doing the same thing again and again. In his short-lived pm job, he has appointed more ministers and directors than any of his predecessors for most ministries. Why the rush to appoint a dead on arrival ministers now? His regime will be an illegal government by the end of Septemeber 2020.
Kush Media : With Getachew Reda, TPLF executive Leader on TPLF and OPDO, TPLF and OLF and More! , Aug 16, 2020

Offical Invitation Letter to Observe Tigrai Election
Tigrai has invited more than 70 Countries, international organizations, and regional organizations and scholars, local and international independent media as well as international personalities to observe the election..
Tigrai TV : Tigrai Election date set for Paqumien 4, 2012/Sep 9 2020,

Ethiopia: Opposition Figures Held Without Charge
(Nairobi)- Ethiopian authorities have been detaining dozens of opposition members and journalists without charge since late June 2020, raising serious rights concerns.The authorities detained government critics across the political spectrum, including Lammi Begna of the Oromo Liberation Front, Lidetu Ayalew, and officials from the former ruling Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front, such as Tewelde Gebre Tsadikan and Berihu Tsigie.

Ethiopia: Stop the use of deadly force on protesters
Following the killing of at least 16 people following protests over the arrest of zonal officials, community leaders and activists by Ethiopian security officers in the Wolaita Zone of Southern Nations, Nationalities and People's Regional State (SNNPR) since 9 August, Amnesty International's Director for East and Southern Africa, Deprose Muchena, said
Ethiopia Working Group Statement: Ethiopia's path to a more stable and democratic future is increasingly at risk
The government, citizens, and the international community should act now to prevent the promise of a new Ethiopia from slipping away.We are alarmed that the Ethiopian government has renewed restrictions on individual rights. The government's use of repressive tools in its latest crackdown-including arbitrarily arresting citizens and shutting down the internet

Arena party has to provide a less contradictory reason for its non-participation in the election in Tigray
Yohannes Aberra, PhD 8-14-20 - Every human being, as an individual or as a member or leader of any group, has the inalienable right to reject what it does not like to have or accept what it is interested in. Arena party has the right to decide not to participate in the election in Tigray on its own free will. Problem arises when the rationale for non participation, when participation is most expected, lacks coherence and is contradictory.
Setting the History Straight
Hailemariam Abebe 8-14-20- A few weeks ago, Shalequa Temesgen Tiruneh, not only made territorial claims against the Tigray Nation but he told us too, just like so many Ahdaweeian before him in the last two years, what he planned to do about it. Regarding his territorial claims, we will see what the court of historical justice will say when the time comes to present the historical footprints some eight thousand years long. But we Tegaru must take his threat very seriously..
August 13/2020 - Ethiopia's Defense Minister and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's one time close ally Lemma Megerssa is placed under house arrest, multiple sources confirmed to Addis Standard. The rumors were circulating on social media for most part of yesterday.
It will be a monumental shame if Demeke and Gedu remain part of the Abiy group going forward. After all, it was Demeke and Gedu who conspired along with Lemma to topple Hailemariam government. It will also be a shame to the proud Amhara people who have trusted these people to lead them. If this news is confirmed, TPLF was right not to support Abiy from the get go!.
Unity of Ethiopia in disorder, Chaos, never-ending Squabble, infighting has no meaning
Gebre Selema 08-13-20 - Leave alone unity in uniformity, even unity in diversity is not always good. Reason, unity in diversity without ordered diversity management, transparent check and balance has no benefit due to the fact diversity is very difficult to manage and to administer conflicting interests. Ethiopia is a case in point which is in diversity denial ...
My Statement on Elections in Belarus
Democracies are built on the simple concept that citizens have a right to elect their leaders and have a say in their country's future. ' The people of Belarus are demanding their voices be heard. After a presidential election marred by electoral fraud, citizens peacefully protesting to demand an accurate vote count are now being met with...My administration will never shy away from standing up for democratic principles and human rights
We can only hope Biden will keep his words when he becomes a president come next January! The people of Belarus are no different from the people of Ethiopia who are being killed daily for demanding to elect their leaders.
Mass arrests in Ethiopia raise spectre of repressive past
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopia has detained more than 9,000 people after deadly clashes last month, the state-run human rights commission told Reuters, raising fears that a government is returning to the iron-fisted tactics of past administrations.
OMN: An 'alien' star in Ethiopia's skewed media universe is 'cancelled'
August 12, 2020by Girma Gutema - Oromia Media Network (OMN) is an independent media enterprise established in the U.S. six and a half years ago. Its stated mission is producing original and citizen-driven news and stories on Oromia and Ethiopia. The network is financed and operated by an extensive network of grassroots movements and the wider diaspora.
Dear Grima, sorry to see OMN blocked by the Abiy government. We also condemn the arrest of many Oromo politicians including Obbo Bekele and Jawar. The Oromo people deserve better. It is sad to see such a proud people undermined by one of their own. To be honest you should have known better not to associate with the color revolutionaries of the world that undermines any home growing democratic system. Too bad Jawar did not see this early on. It was obvious the Oromo issue was hijacked the minute Abiy took power brother.
I am what I am not - Qerro! Why Not?
Yared Huluf 08-12-20 - Events in the country are moving fast to keep abreast and chew one’s own cud. The resent audio message and the time of its release suggest that people running the country want the hoi polloi seat on the edge of precipices begging for their lives to be saved. It is time to play brinkmanship and shine. But whoever is playing with fire will soon learn who it is playing with or against to his/her detriment. And whoever is pressure-cooking a plot will be in for a surprise.

AWLO TV With Muluwerq Kidanemariam, Tigrai Election Board Commissioner. (Must Watch!), Aug 11, 2020

Tigray-federal tit-for-tat threatens trouble
Under the FDRE Constitution, the power to interpret the constitution is vested in the HoF which is assisted by the CCI. This power evidently pertains to constitutional issues that fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government. The HoF does not have any explicit or implicit power related to regional councils or matters regulated under regional constitutions. It is here that the major fault of the recommendation of the CCI endorsed by the HoF comes out.
A weird neither here nor there analysis! The author in no uncertain term told us the constitution was abridged by the HoF and CCI, yet, recommends the Tigrai government to uphold such violation. Weird. Ethiopian insight the Emporer is naked!! The proud people of Amhara have also a pride as much as the Oromos. They will also realize the evil plan of Abiy in due time! The two brotherly people will not fight!

At least 10 dead in Ethiopia protests over autonomy - health officials
ADDIS ABABA, Aug 10 (Reuters) - At least 10 people died in clashes between protesters and security forces in Ethiopia's southern region on Monday, health officials said, the latest violence as myriad ethnic groups clamour for more autonomy.
We do not know who else to ask except the Tigrai government and TPLF. We beg them to stand with the national and nationalities in Ethiopia who are being slaughtered by the Abiy government. We implore the Tigrai government to demand the Federal forces to stop murdering innocent people. First, it was the Qimant, then the Sidama and the Oromo, today it is the Wolayita people that are being killed by the government of Abiy. Enough is enough! Aigaforum Aug 10, 2020.
To Preserve the Ethiopia We Love, Tigray Must Stay Strong
AweseBrhan. Aug 9, 2020 - Three thousand-year history, own alphabet, Christianity since the 4th Century AD, the cradle of mankind, etc. Sound familiar? This is the history of Tigrayan Ethiopians. The proud people of Tigray don't do shilela or qererto, unless they had to - and by that, I mean unless they are ready to fight anyone who dared to attack their people. Once victory is achieved, they go back to their life.
Extreme poverty rises; a generation sees a future slip away
Decades of progress in one of modern history's greatest achievements, the fight against extreme poverty, are in danger of slipping away because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The world could see its first increase in extreme poverty in 22 years after whittling it down to 10% of the population, further sharpening inequalities.
Just as expected Abiy and his god who wished him to be the 7th king of Ethiopia is taking the country down. Extreme poverty in Ethiopia is on the rise. Amhara elites this is your contribution to modern Ethiopia. The growing metropolis Addis EPRDF left you with is soon to become the shantytown it was when your ancestors were in power. Sad!

London, 07 August 2020
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  • Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2020 All rights reserved.

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