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TMH: TPLF/EPRDF Executive Leader Asemelash Woldeselassie(Abay Nefso) on Current Politics
Beware Ethiopian Federalists!!

In an extended interview, Ato Asmelash acknowledges the problem with EPRDF and the schism between TPLF and ADP. He also exposed Deputy PM Demeke's attempt to eat the cake and have it at the same time! Demeke tried to run for EPRDF chairmanship and demanded his deputy chairman position is guaranteed in case he loses the chairmanship! Ato Asmelash highlighted the key changes to the current election law that are the works of Berhanu Nega Ezema and unitary politicians! It is in Amharic and it is a must watch/listen!!!

TMH: Getachew Reda on EPRDF Politics and Abiy Nobel Peace Prize - Oct 2019

TMH: Getachew Reda on EPRDF and Abiy Nobel Prize win. Oct 2019 Getachew explained why TPLF is not supporting Abyi's push to form the Ahadawi party and his take on Abiy's recent Nobel Prize win.

LTV: With Kibrom from Baytona - Sep 2019

Part 2
Seteyowa! we are impressed the lady allowed Kibrom to finish his thoughts. Kibrom, thank you for becoming the voice for the voiceless Tigreans! What a convincing argument you made brother!

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