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Tigray Government Weekly Briefing- Sep 06, 2021
Tigray External Affair Office 9-06-21 - Briefing from Tigray government on the military and humanitarian situation in Tigray and Northern Ethiopia. The weekly briefing is prepared in lieu of the total blackout of communication in the region due to the Abiy regime blockade of Tigray and is meant to help the international community to become fully aware of developing issues.

Men are marched out of prison camps. Then corpses float down the river
Wad El Hilou, Sudan (CNN)The ghostly outlines of limbs emerge through the mist along the Setit River in eastern Sudan. As the river's path narrows, the drifting bodies become wedged on the silty clay bank and their forms appear more clearly; men, women, teenagers and even children. The marks of torture are easily visible on some, their arms held tightly behind their backs.

ግመል ሰርቆ አጎንብሦ
ከዐቢይ ኢካቦድ 09-05-21

Memorandum On The war on Tigray: Setting the record straight
The much-celebrated election of Mr. Abiy Ahmed, by the EPRDF in 2018, to lead a political transition was from the start pregnant with seeds of failure. Rather than initiating a constitutional and an all-inclusive process, Dr. Abiy chose to indulge in a personal power consolidation and started to reorganize the country's political system and trajectory in a way that suits his political ambitions.

To Daughters of Ashenda from the Queen Mother
Eyasu Teklu 09-04-21 - Ashenda is exclusively ladies and young women unique traditional colorful yearly celebration and dignified festival. It is a commemoration to remind people of the special prophetic event that reverses the misconception and taboo cast on female and show the world that women are blessings not a curse.

Wrangling while crossing a heavily flooded stream
Kalayu Abrha 09-03-21- The enemies of Tigray have always waited for the magic bullet to effectively defeat Tegaru. That magic bullet is Tegaru turning against each other at a time when it is most fatal for them to do so. Victories have never been sustainable for Tigray because that evil instinct of discord surfaces too soon for the victory to be of any value. The history of Tigray is rife with in fights that almost invariably went in favour of the enemy.

AU urges Ethiopia to ease humanitarian access to Tigray
The African Union on Friday urged Ethiopia's government to step up efforts to ensure humanitarian access to the war-torn Tigray region to prevent starvation, as aid workers struggle to reach desperate populations.
Is AU seriously saying this after a year long silence on the conflict? This conflict has exposed the AU as a camp for a useless clowns of Africa's worst human beings! For the AU body to keep silent while genocide is happening in the host country is simply astonishing. Therefore AU must leave future Ethiopia with or without Tigray. It is an embarrassing union to keep anywhere.

Zeru Hagos Sep 2, 2021 - As it is, the road we all are traveling to reach the promised land is long. It will be even longer if we do not put our acts together. Now is the time to march forward not to sit down and contemplate about tomorrow. There will be no tomorrow for us unless the enemy is buried never to rise again. I believe the last 10 months have taught us what a wounded enemy can do if given enough time. We gave...

Urgent Call to Halt the Repatriation of Migrants of Tigrayan Origin in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Ethiopia
GSTS 9-1-21 - The Global Society of Tigray Scholars and Professionals (GSTS) would like to kindly request Your Excellencies to make all effort to halt the repatriation of Ethiopian migrants of Tigray origin from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to Ethiopia until arrangements are made to fly them directly to Tigray.

Global calls for mediation grow over Ethiopia's conflict
Africans around the world have signed an open letter enjoining the African Union to mediate in the war in Ethiopia. Analysts agree on the need for intervention to end the bloodshed and prevent a major refugee crisis.
It may be too late for Tigrayans but if lives can be saved by any kind of negotiation going forward we support it. However, The AU is a nonstarter. This weak and embarrassing body should be demolished. Glad Tigrayans are teaching the AU and Abiy supporters who Tigrayans are!

Tigray Government Weekly Briefing- Aug 31, 2021
Tigray External Affair Office 8-31-21 - Briefing from Tigray government on the military and humanitarian situation in Tigray and Northern Ethiopia. The weekly briefing is prepared in lieu of the total blackout of communication in the region due to the Abiy regime blockade of Tigray and is meant to help the international community to become fully aware of developing issues.

Ethiopia's economy battered by Tigray war
Ethiopia's 10-month war has come at a huge human cost, with thousands killed, millions displaced and many in desperate need of assistance. But that's not the only damage being done to Africa's second most populous nation - the war has incurred a huge economic cost, too, that could take years to repair. ... Only a 'wutaf neqay' amhara elite economist Wanna-Be will tell you Ethiopia today is passing through "ye kefta zemen". The empire is no more and very happy to see the 95/5% argument failing miserably. Zeru Hagos Aug 31, 2021

TDA and the 8 months old war
TDA 8-30-21 - Tigrai Development Association/TDA is a non-profit, membership-based non-governmental organization independent of any political and religious affiliations and of other diversities. It is a popular organization which has been able to rally millions of Tegaru from inside and outside Tigrai, including over 1.3 subscribed members behind its noble cause.

SJT condemns any deliberate attacks of civilians or civilian infrastructure
SJT 8-30-21 - The Security and Justice for Tigrayans (SJT) is a 501(c(3)) non-profit organization that advocates for the security and justice of Tigrayans wherever they live around the world. This press release is in response to the recent Telegraph investigative report titled "They are out for revenge': Evidence of war crimes as rebels roar out of Ethiopia's Tigray region" by Zacharias Zelalem (Aug 17, 2021)

The Footsteps of a Lion: In Memory of Meles Zenawi
Elias Dawit 08-25-21 - "Our dam." Every time an Ethiopian says these words, whether they like it or not, they are paying tribute to the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and his party. This is gravely important to acknowledge in the context of the attempted genocide of the Tigrayan people. Nine years ago this month, Ethiopia tragically lost Meles Zenawi, and along with its prime minister, the idea of Ethiopia’s potential for greatness.

Mighty Tigrayans Rebuild Tekeze Bridge in the Middle of the Rainy Season!!
What is really amazing is: why Derge2.0 and Amhara expansionist thought they can defeat Tigrayans today if their ancestors could not defeat them then. Tigrayans were less educated and destitute then than now! Ebdan! Glad I am born Tigraway!

ዓሰርተ ትእዛዛት ዳግመ ህንፀት ትግራይ
ሙሉጌታ ወልደገብርኤል08-31-21

Tigray Govt accuse AU of bias as mediation efforts grow
Forces from Ethiopia's war-torn region of Tigray on Sunday accused the African Union (AU) of bias, days after the bloc appointed former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo as a mediator in the months-long conflict. The spokesman for the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), Getachew Reda, accused the AU of "partiality" towards the Ethiopian government and said it would be "naive to expect this mission to work".

Ethiopia's Civil War, With Michelle Gavin
Michelle Gavin, senior fellow for Africa Studies at CFR, sits down with James M. Lindsay to discuss the fighting in northern Ethiopia between federal government forces and regional Tigrayan forces.
Indeed, the US should get ready to feed and manage not only a failed Ethiopia but a failed Horn of Africa! We have said it before but it won't hurt to repeat...Tigrayans are fed up waiting for the international community to play its role in helping resolve this conflict. Tigray has suffered enough. As the expert said, the only option left to resolve the conflict seems to be through the barrel of the gun.
ሓዝ ኽ ሕዝ!!

Sun Rise Operation may be coming to an end while Sunset is starting. Abiy's sun is setting indeed.

Opinion: U.S. sanctions against Eritrea are overdue, but incomplete
Washington Post Opinion by the Editorial Board August 27, 2021 - "They raped me one after the other. ... I don't know if they realized I was pregnant. I don't know if they realized I was a person." This is how one woman described to Amnesty International her assault by troops aligned with Ethiopia's government, who have committed widespread, targeted rape against women and girls in Tigray, a state in the north of the country.

America trapped between its national interest and its core values in the Tigray war
Kalayu Abrha 08-24-21 - The key to the conduct of international relations is national interest. America puts this diplomatic formula as bluntly as: "There is no permanent friendship but national interest". All world states have their own national interests that they solicit from others, impose on others, and/or protect from others. World states also have core national values that may or may not be antagonistic or impediments to national interest.

ይብፃሕ ናብ ህዝቢ ትግራይ
ጌታቸው ኣረጋዊ እየ ካብ ግንባር ጋሸና ዋድላ-ደላንታ-ደሴ 08-26-21

Tigray Government Weekly Briefing- Aug 23, 2021
Tigray External Affair Office 8-23-21 - Briefing from Tigray government on the military and humanitarian situation in Tigray and Northern Ethiopia. The weekly briefing is prepared in lieu of the total blackout of communication in the region due to the Abiy regime blockade of Tigray and is meant to help the international community to become fully aware of developing issues.

U.S. says war in Ethiopia's north could affect trade benefits
NAIROBI (Reuters) - The ongoing war and humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia's north could affect the country's trade benefits under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), the U.S. Trade Representative's Office said.

U.S. blacklists Eritrean individual linked to Ethiopia's Tigray -Treasury website
WASHINGTON, Aug 23 (Reuters) - The United States on Monday imposed human rights-related sanctions on an Eritrean individual it linked to Ethiopia's Tigray region, where conflict has killed thousands of people, according to the U.S. Treasury Department said on its website. The United States has repeatedly called for Eritrean troops to pull out from Tigray. Monday's action blacklisted Eritrean Filipos Woldeyohannes, according to the Treasury website. [If this sanction is simply on an individual it is nothing. Our hope is this sanction significance and effect is more than Flipos.]

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