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UN suspends humanitarian flights to Ethiopia’s Tigray after air strikes
Ethiopia's latest aerial bombardment of Tigray's capital city on Friday injured 11 civilians and forced a UN flight bound for the famine-threatened region to turn around, humanitarian sources and doctors told AFP Friday. The incident prompted the UN to suspend its twice-weekly passenger flights to Tigray for humanitarian personnel, UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric told reporters at a press conference.

ከትግራይ መንግስት የተሰጠ ወቅታዊ መግለጫ
Tigray Govt 10-22-21 - Tigray Government statement on the current political and military situation in Ethiopia. The government calls on all Ethiopians to rise up and stop the current human suffering and destruction of the country. It calls upon the people to question the fascist junta destroying their livelihood and causing the carnage of thousands of ill-equipped underage and senior civilians in Wello and Afar regions.

Ethiopian airstrikes in Tigray force UN flight to turn back
NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Ethiopian military airstrikes on Friday forced a United Nations humanitarian flight to abandon its landing in the capital of the country’s Tigray region, aid workers said, and a government spokesman confirmed that authorities were aware of the inbound flight. The development appeared to be a sharp escalation in the intimidation tactics that Ethiopian authorities.

Tigray TV(English): Direct Talk with Getachew Reda on Current Issues- Oct 22, 2021

Urgent Call to Condemn and Stop the Indiscriminate Aerial Bombardment of Mekelle City
SJT 10-22-21 - Today, is issuing this urgent press release to call on all world leaders, multilateral organizations such as the UN, European Union, African Union, international organizations, human rights advocates, and prominent personalities to immediately condemn and act to stop the Ethiopian government's desperate and indiscriminate aerial airstrike of the civilian population in Mekelle...

Air strike hits capital of Ethiopia's Tigray for second time this week
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopia launched its third air strike this week on the capital of the northern Tigray region on Wednesday, Tigrai Television, said the attack targeted the centre of the city of Mekelle but gave no details of casualties or damage.
The marauding Army of Abiy and Isaias knows well they did not leave any factory in working order in Mekelle when they were there a few months ago. They have destroyed all working factories in Tigray. The current bombing target is civilians. The aggressors want to terrorize civilians. Tigrayan's resolve to defeat Derge 2.0 will not be weakened by the current bombings. The bombings can only cement their determination to finish the job. Diaspora Tegaru and supporters should take the Shet Meanta slogan seriously. The enemy is uncivilized and cruel. Unless we all rise and fight the enemy head-on, more agony is yet to come on our people. Forget the International Community, if you must, lobby the US to declare no-fly-zone for all Tigray! Otherwise, just tighten your belt - Shet Meanta indeed!!
Zeru Hagos Oct 21, 2021

Mekelle is not intimidated nor is Tigray Army provoked by cowardly air raids
Kalayu Abrha 10-21-21 - History has been repeating itself several times in Tigray that after every major defeat of Ethiopian forces it is the air force that remains alive to fight in places where there is no battle. The air force is like a boxer outside the ring kicking and striking the air where there is no one in front of him to strike back. Seventy years ago, Weyenti of Tigray defeated Ethiopian forces at Emba Alaje and there was nothing that could prevent them from marching to Addis Ababa to dismantle the brutal monarchy

Tigray External Affairs Office: Weekly Briefing Oct 20, 2021
TEAO 10-20-21 - As part of its overall strategy of bringing the people of Tigray to their knees, the federal government denies the entry of medical supplies into Tigray. In our previous briefing (October 5), we had noted that 12 trucks carrying critical medical supplies were stranded in Semera, Afar, and that the government forced 9 of the trucks that attempted to leave for Mekelle to turn back from Serdo. Nothing has changed since then, except for the fact that the government has become even more adamant....

TPLF Spokesperson confirms 'carnage' on Amhara frontline
TPLF spokesperson Getachew Reda confirms 'carnage' on the Amhara frontline, as Ethiopia's federal forces clash with Tigray Army near Kombolcha and Desie.

Foreign Affairs Council: Remarks by the High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell
The third issue was Ethiopia. We are marking a sad anniversary, the "first anniversary" of the conflict in Tigray. Since then, Tigray has been shattered by systematic violations of human rights by armed groups that use war crimes and crimes against humanity as a weapon. Humanitarian aid has been prevented to arrive, and we will prepare the ground in view of the upcoming United Nations report by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on Human Rights expected on 1 November, to give an adequate response, that can start by preparing sanctions..
We may be wrong to conclude as such but we have given up hope on the international community to be of any help in this conflict. The way we see it Tigray Army and its partner the OLA may reach Addis before the AU or the USA issues a new sanction on Abiy and Isaias regimes. If it was not for the resilient Tigrayans Abiy and Isaias would have managed to control the whole of East Africa while the international community is snail walking with its diplomacy. Can't tell you how much we are so proud to be of Tigrayan Origin!!

Not Intuitive as Ruthless as the Alliance in the War against Tigrai in the 21st Century
B. Tewelde 10-17-21 - Fighting continues. Abiy Ahmad & Isaias Afwerki, the architects of the Tigrai war, planning the 2nd part of the complete genocide in Tigrai. The war proved that under Isaias Afwerki's leadership, regardless of any peace deals and diplomatic openings, the future will be shaped by atrocities, war crimes, and endless suffering. It is having gradually unembellished magnitudes, Tigrai Genocide is looming a year mark the notorious Rwandan genocide in 1994.

Aerial bombardment of Mekelle Oct 18, 2021
The Ethiopian government conducted two airstrikes on Mekelle today injuring dozens of civilians and killing three.Two rounds of airstrikes on the city of Mekelle today has killed three innocent civilians and injured dozens.

Damage Assessment Project: A commendable jump-start towards sustainable postwar restoration and development
Kalayu Abrha 10-16-21 - In the middle of a decisive final engagement of the TDF, in all fronts against the evil force, the Government of Tigray has launched a Project of great value, with the characteristic courage and optimism inherent in the Tigrayan psyche. Diagnosis is the key first step for successful treatment or cure. It is dangerous to make the slightest error in diagnosis because wrong treatment on the basis of wrong diagnosis could lead to death or permanent physical and psychological damage.

እዋናዊ መግለፂ መንግስቲ ትግራይ:መማረፂ ስኢናን፣ ተገዲድናን እንወስዶ ስጉምቲ ተሓተቲ፣ ጉጅለ ፋሽሽት ኣብይ ኣሕመድን መሻርኽቱን እዮም
Tigray Govt 10-17-21 - Tigray Government Statement on current issues. The government is calling on Ethiopians and Eritreans to say enough is enough and raise arms against the tyrannical regimes ruining their life. The government also is telling the international community in no uncertain terms, their effort so far has yet to bear fruits and the Tigray people are suffering from the siege they are living in. The statement says, Tigrayans are more than ever ready to remove the siege using force. The statement also says Abiy and Isaias' regimes are responsible for any further damages the war may result.

Ethiopia's expanding civil war: 'We see a very worrying trajectory'
William Davison, Senior Analyst at the International Crisis Group, joins Francois Picard for in-depth analysis on the escalating clashes in the brutal year-long civil war in Ethiopia.There are even reports of weaponized hunger and ethnic cleansing, among other war crimes. Further exacerbating this incredibly complex and volatile situation, Mr. Davison explains that as Ethiopia's economic situation continues to worsen
Mr. Davison may be a good man but we wish if he could also be an honest man and admit he has made a mistake before when it comes to his political analysis of Ethiopia. Most western experts, except a few of them, narrative and opinion of Ethiopia and Abiy were completely wrong. Most of them were convinced that TPLF was despised by Ethiopians and that it was finished. Willaim was one of them! Even after the Oromo Elites realized Abiy was a conman and the Qerro movement was systematically being destroyed by Amhara Elites and Abiy, William Davidson and other experts who blamed TPLF for being undemocratic said nothing. They remained convinced by the Amhara Elites narrative of Ethiopia. until a few months ago. . William, say I was wrong and move on. Otherwise,...TPLF is back, KemaA Eya Zela!!

Request for the Protection of Tigrayan Scholars, Professionals, Students, and Civil Society Actors

We, the Global Society of Tigray Scholars and Professionals (GSTS) , are deeply appreciative of the work that your organization and stakeholders have been doing across the world to ensure the protection of scholars at risk and for the promotion of academic freedom. In the last 11 months, GSTS has been actively engaged in drawing attention to the unprecedented humanitarian crisis triggered by the brutal war on Tigray...

Turkey expands armed drone sales to Ethiopia and Morocco - sources
ANKARA, Oct 14 (Reuters) - Turkey has expanded its exports of armed drones by negotiating sales deals with Morocco and Ethiopia after their successful use in international conflicts, according to four sources familiar with the agreements.! Drone shipments to Ethiopia could upset Egypt and worsen the relation between Egypt and Turkey which is already strained.

Open letter to the UN: The Forced Return of Tigrayans on Peacekeeping Mission
Security & Justice for Tigrayans (SJT), a U.S. registered 501(c(3)) advocacy organization for the security and justice of Tigrayans around the world, is writing about a very urgent and alarming matter regarding Tigrayan members of the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) who have been on a UN peacekeeping mission in Baidoa, Somalia. SJT has learned that the government of Ethiopia has started to forcefully and unwillingly kidnap, return, and torture these Tigrayan peacekeepers without the knowledge of AMISOM.

Tigray External Affairs Office: Weekly Briefing Oct 12, 2021
TEAO 10-12-21 - The humanitarian situation in Tigray remains dire. It has been 341 days since the start of the genocidal war on Tigray, and 114 days since the Abiy Ahmed government imposed a brutal siege on the region. Millions of Tigrayans are subject to man-made famine, as the Abiy Ahmed government remains committed to its policy of weaponizing starvation.

Re-imagining the Ethiopia Crisis: What the U.S. Can Do
Elias Dawit 10-04-21 - The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is in a tough spot. Every day the U.S. issues another warning about the humanitarian crisis in Tigray while its food aid sits in warehouses-unable to move because the Ethiopian government is hell-bent on starving the people of Tigray. Not even USAID's administrator, Samantha Power, has been able to move this food despite an official visit to Ethiopia where she was ignored by Abiy Ahmed. Ms. Power had accused Abiy Ahmed....
Very well articulated and reasoned suggestion on how to end the conflict between Abiy's Ethiopia and Tigray. We wish if friends and supporters in Diaspora can save their energy spent elsewhere and concentrate on the United States. Pressuring the White House to use its limitless power will go a long way than pressuring an inept international community. Way to Go Elias!!!

Today, Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman, U.S. Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa, and I convened an urgent High-Level Ministerial on northern Ethiopia - where millions of civilians are currently experiencing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. This High-Level Ministerial of G7 nations and other major donor countries to the humanitarian response included senior representatives from Canada, Denmark, the European Union, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, as well as the United States. Participants underscored their deep concern over deteriorating humanitarian conditions on the ground and their commitment to the welfare of the Ethiopian people. .
Tigrayans are thankful for the US-led initiative but let there be no illusion - Hezi Ewin Besferina!!! .

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