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The Ethiopian General Election, the PM's Stratagem and Democratic Federalists' Counter-Strategy
Makonnen Tesfaye; November 13, 2019 - The General Election, the PM’s stratagem and democratic federalist alliances and responses are the most immediate and critical challenges facing the country, the outcome of which will determine the trajectory of politics, peace and democratic discourse, and the prospect of the Ethiopian State at least in the short and medium terms.

EPRDF is Done and TPLF is Looking Ahead for a New Begining.
According to a reliable source, the dying EPRDF is planning to hold an executive meeting within days. A reliable source has confirmed to us PM Abiy is trying to salvage the dying front without TPLF. As you all know EPRDF as a front has been near death for a while! Abiy has been trying to form a new unitary/prosperity party without success until now.
According to our source, TPLF is ready to move on and forge a new partnership with federalist parties that respect the constitution and the rights of nations and nationalities. The road ahead is full of uncertainty but TPLF is ready to play its role in clearing the road for a new beginning in Ethiopian politics.
Our source told us the new proposed party and TPLF have two opposed political programs and there is no plan to join any sham meetings going forward. The only meeting it will attend is to finalize the breakup! Aigaforum Nov 13, 2019

Book Review: "Medemer",A Book by Dr. Abiy Ahmed
Assefa A. Lemu 11-12-19 - The book titled "Medemer" and written by Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy was launched on October 19, 2019, at a Millennium Hall in Addis Ababa (Finfinne). At a launching ceremony, the Author and Prime Minister of Ethiopia Dr. Abiy Ahmed cut a cake baked by the Government-owned Hotel and Tourism Training Institute under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Two pastors beheaded as violence against Christians flares in Ethiopia
Two Ethiopian pastors have been beheaded in Sebeta, near the capital Addis Ababa, in an outburst of violence against Christians at the end of October, reported a Barnabas Fund contact. The contact said that the situation on the ground has become "quite challenging for Christians" and many churches have been burnt this year.
Can some of you check the above story? The news source is not familiar to us and wants to make sure this is not an implanted story to trigger mass killing. Ethiopia is at its most vulnerable time and her enemies from far would not miss this chance to do more harm.

The Knowledge Revolution And Its Consequences
It is said there are "no atheists in foxholes". When things get desperate we all like to imagine a better outcome on the other side of whatever nightmare is being endured. It is also the case that when facing challenges, a natural reflex is to cling to beliefs installed in us at a young age.

Dethrone the 'Activists'
Samuel Estefanous 11 November 2019 - We are openly courting mayhem-worse still-we are courting bloody disintegration lest we take heed of the unerring lessons of history. You will be surprised to learn how blood curling carnages have been induced by a bunch of irresponsible half-baked losers craving the limelight foolishly and vainly.

Yohannes Gebresellasie (Ph.d) Addis Ababa 11-11-19 - The mass movement of people is arguably the biggest story of our time. Migration is by nature unpredictable. There are various causes of migration. Some of them are economic, social and political. For example, the reason behind voluntary migration may be of an economic nature while that of forced migration may be political.

Some Ignorant and Clueless EPRDF Leaders are destroying the Ethiopian Fabric Built over the Years!
Aigaforum Nov 8, 2019 - The problem with the current EPRDF leadership is very troublesome! We are starting to question our support over the years to this organization. We never imagined EPRDF had leaders like BuaYalew Yohannes! Neither did we presume the proud people of Amhara have such an incompetent leader in their midst. Wow, it is extremely heartbreaking!... ( +Audio)
Ato Yohannes BuaYalew in his own words

In defense of Jawar
On October 22, around midnight, an audio posted on Facebook reported a crisis unfolding in the Bole district of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital. In the audio, a commander in the Ethiopian Federal Police was heard instructing the protective detail assigned to Jawar Mohammed, the Executive Director of the Oromia Media Network (OMN), to vacate their post at their assigned subject’' residence.The security detail who first answered the call refused to accept an order that came at midnight as unlawful...

Oromo Studies Association Open Letter to PM Abiy Ahmed
Please accept my congratulations on winning the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. I believe the award is not only for what you have done in the past, but it is also an encouragement for what you can do in the future. You now have the global and local support to transform Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa region and make democracy and regard for human rights the new norm.

Concerned Diaspora Tegaru in Qatar donated over 78 thousand to support the prevention efforts of the spread of locusts in Tigrai
Mekelle: 26 October 2012 E.C Being very anxious about the spread of locusts in some parts of Tigrai diaspora Tegaru living in Qatar donated over 78 thousand to support the prevention and eradication efforts of the spread of locusts. Combined efforts of prevention and eradication of locusts, which involved...

Doing Business 2020: Comparing Business Regulation in 190 Economies
The Doing Business 2020 study shows that developing economies are catching up with developed economies in ease of doing business. Still, the gap remains wide. An entrepreneur in a low-income economy typically spends around 50 percent of the country’s per-capita income to launch a company, compared with just 4.2 percent for an entrepreneur in a highincome economy. Ethiopia is ranked 159 out of 190 countries!

The End of Neoliberalism and the Rebirth of History
Even though Prof. Stigliz is writing in the context of the US debate about economic growth, development and democracy, it might be instructive to what is going on in our country today. In fact, it has a huge implication to a "philosophy" of Medemer. It is stunning to me how people easily fall for a charlatan philosopher who thinks the country is in crisis because of our poverty of philosophy. (from our email folder).

The Politics of the Protests in Oromia
Makonnen Tesfaye, 5 November 2019 - The tragic death of 86 Ethiopians in the Regional State of Oromia following the protests of Oromo youth (Qeerroos) -sparked bythe Government's attempt to remove security cover from Jawar Mohammed (possibly endangering his life) -has beenhighly politicised both by theOne-Nation politicians and the PM following the latter's video message to the Country on 3 November 2019.

TPLF is repeating the Same Fatal Mistakes (Part Three)
Yene Gasha 11-5-19 - Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me! Two years ago, TPLF was betrayed by Team Lemma, the self-proclaimed Team Oro-Amhara, when it pretended it had reached an understanding with TPLF regarding EPRDF's collective guilt and mismanagement of the country. Unfortunately, this group ended up using TPLF and "Tigrigna-speakers" in general as scapegoats in its rise to power.

Liberal democracy is no liberator
Emmanuel Yirdaw 11-4-19 - Under the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, the EPRDF ruling coalition diagnosed two existential threats: a perpetuation of poverty and a lack of accommodation of ethnic diversity. To survive state collapse and prosper, EPRDF ideologues argued, Ethiopia needed a system that respected ethnic diversity and delivered rapid economic growth. Revolutionary democracy was the vanguard party ideology designed to achieve this. To address poverty, revolutionary democratic state-building justified the rapid expansion of the party-state into all ...

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